Thursday, May 19, 2022

Too Little Too Late Biden Finally Invokes Defense Production Act to Realize Baby Formula Shortage Is Real Problem


Biden when VP with Obama was best remembered as one of the team members that led from behind
Now as president the phrase to describe him “Too little too late” immediately comes to mind
On the Afghanistan cut and run stranding Americans and our Afghan allies images of Saigon déjà vu
Not the tidal wave at the embassy gates of the conga line up the roof to the choppers await
But Afghans fearing for their lives jumping on planes taking off and then as they lifted falling to a deadly fate
Troops finally sent to protect the evacuation but not enough
13 soldiers from a suicide bomber into coffins stuffed
Inflation picking up before Putin’s  invasion of Ukraine
But Biden like a stuck record spouting it’s transitory refrain
Clear warnings that Russia would invade prompting replies that sanctions would be imposed
Sanctions that would not and were not designed to deter Russian invasion into Ukraine go
For months only threats of what he would do as opposed to Stingers, Javelins and Iron Domes
And when the Poles wanted to send Ukraine Mig 22’s Biden demanded they stay home
Finally arms were sent but had they been in abundance when Russian convoys were single file miles long
The Russians stuck on roads to KVIV would be been slaughtered to realize their invasion was wrong
His latest too little too late is the baby formula shortage disaster
Abbott Lab shut down its baby formula plant in February that should have sounded the alarm to the shortage master
Biden’s administration ignored the coming shortage with their heads buried in the ground
Trump would have acted immediately with Defense Production Act which yesterday Biden finally came around
Too Little Too Late
Red Wave will be Blues’ November fate
© 5/19/22 The Alaskanpoet

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