Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Musk Reveals Who Controls President Biden--Not Jill But The Person Who Controls The Teleprompter


The man who created Tesla and SpaceX is without doubt a brilliant man
In addition to creating the fear of God in the algorithm Wokes in social media land
Elon Musk also has the dubious distinction of being the largest individual taxpayer in the USA
More importantly it is so illuminating and refreshing to hear what he has to say
Observing that one party rule in California should sound the alarms
Causing its residents a lot of pain and fiscal harm
Or revealing that the person who is really president is not his wife Jill
But rather the person who controls the teleprompter from which enables his swill
With his teleprompter he can try to advancing dementia conceal
But even with it moving slowly, lapses, gaffes and confusion reveals
Protected by the MSM sycophants on social media in the past
If free speech advocate Musk acquires Twitter such shield not long last
November will soon be upon us as will inflation, open borders, and memories of babies crying in the night
Since their parents frantically scouring stores for baby food formula could find nothing in sight
The leaked Alioto draft has energized the Blue’s progressive base
But not enough to block the Red Wave that will Blue majorities in Congress erase
© May 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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