Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Musk Concerned About Fake User Numbers Puts Twitter Buy On Hold

 It is hard to trust or believe any company that bans conservative thought

Musk is justified to believe that Twitter's numbers may be rot

He is the White Knight to dethrone the ban on conservative speech

One hopes he and Twitter can an agreement on a lower price reach

I used to tweet many times daily until Rasputin's PC warriors shadow banned

Thank God Elon Musk may bring back Hyde Park to Twitter Land

The Twitter left that contributed to the left almost every cent of their donations

Must be searching for much stronger libations

If Musk can lower the price because of user numbers cooked books

A silver lining for the advertisers paying millions for cable where few look

Viewers at CNN and MSNBC are endangered species

Compared to Fox so few are clicking to them their TVs

Ad rates will fall

Salaries for leftist "journalists" stall

An MSM that becomes a real 4 Estate

Where accountability and Investigation is strong not to abate

© 5/16/22 The Alaskanpoet

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