Sunday, July 31, 2022

Lia Thomas Fails to Become Woman Athlete of the Year and a Transgender Was Kicked Out of Girls' Cheerleading Camp For Putting an Objecting Girl Into a Chokeholdwas is


On the transgender athletics front finally a shred of sanity has been earned
Lia Thomas a Penn transgender in her quest for Women’s Athlete of the year has been spurned
And at female cheerleaders camp a male transgender was upset
That a girl objected to a girl with a penis was competing that she could not accept
The transgender was insulted and put the girl in a choke hold
The transgender was summoned and “out of camp and go home” was told
Shame on the Biden Administration for pushing the idea that “chicks with dicks”
Are allowed to compete against and shower with biological females—an idea so sick
Most Americans especially fathers of young girls are outraged that transgenders can compete
No different than banning use of steroids by athletes that give them an unfair advantage to their opponents defeat
What is amazing in the uproar of transgenders trying to compete against females
Is the silence of feminists over the fact that progress of women in sports under Title IX will be doomed to fail
The idea of female Amazon tribes conquering men en masse
Is a discredited and discarded imyth from our early past
© July 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

Protonitazene Is Fentanyl on Steroids and a Gift From China Making the American Overdose Scene


The U.S. with its open border thanks to Joe Biden and his lackey heading the DHS
Still reeling with each day more fentanyl with its deadly ability to life suppress
Is now being faced with drug number two in deadlier one two punch
A new synthetic opioid from China protonitazene
Is now appearing on the U.S. overdose scene
Three times more deadly than fentanyl
In its ability to the unsuspecting user kill
Narcan the first line of defense against fentanyl over dose deaths
May with a protonitazene unconscious state need three times the dose to bring back breaths
China since fentanyl is not used there and neither protonitazene to stop the export will do squat
And unless the prison sentences are truly draconian our law enforcement efforts will go for naught
Increased funding for the CBP and ICE is needed along with a fully completed wall
Since the Blues will oppose and dismiss the drug fatal overdose problems they must be swept out this fall

© July 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise Hits a Cyclist and Drives Away But Refuses To Resign


New Jersey City Council Women Amy DeGise is caught on camera hitting cyclist Andrew Black
Sending him flying from his bike to the pavement but driving on and not coming back
Black at first thought he had a green light and right of way
Then admitted he was mistaken but happy to be still alive today
Not sure what the DeGise’s defense will be to a charge of hit and run
But she has dug in her heels and refused to resign which should us stun
At a time when government is pedal to metal to force us to be more green
Clearly the policy not enhanced when a politician hits a cyclist and leaves the accident scene
Since by the grace of God and inches he was not hit full on
And got up to away to the sidewalk limp
Probably with a growing bruise but not becoming a permanent gimp
If the facts merit criminal charges, they should be filed
If not she should still resign as her office she has defiled
© July 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Bill Russel Dead At 88 RIP As One of the Greatest Defensive and Shot Blockers of All Times


Bill Russel and Wilt Chamberlain were probably the greatest shot blockers to play the B-ball game
Time and time again hot shooters trying to extend their shooting streak would be tame
While Wilt tried to block every shot
Russel at critical times his blocks sought
Sadly the NBA did not make blocked shots a stat to record
Until 1973 the year after Wilt received his retirement award
The title most block shots is derived from columns in sports
About the number of shots either one would often swat short
And memories of refs and players who on 6-7 blocked shots would agree
Both made shooters try the impossible of shooting over or through a tree
Despite his ability to rebound and block shots Russel meta player against which he could not defend
This NBA player and coach all-star and MVP  death’s drive to the basket of life he could not end
He as just died peacefully surrounded by family and friends
Honored and remembered in basketball and the Civil Rights Movement trend
Medal of Freedom winner for his efforts to end discrimination off the court
Farewell to a star whose long and worthy life was thankfully not short

© July 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Has Biden Caved to Xi On Pelosi's Stop in Taiwan As Taiwan Omitted From Her Asian Trip Itinerary


Supposedly the White House leaked the story that Pelosi in her Asian trip
Would also visit Taiwan causing vile threats from China if that stop she didn’t skip
China adheres to the fallacy that Taiwan is a province of China that has broken away
And is now emboldened before Taiwan is brought back into the fold even by force is counting the days
After seeing the freedom supposedly granted by the turnover treaty to Hong Kong
Not to be observed by China and becoming the former colony’s freedom swan song
Only a small minority of Taiwanese want to toss their freedoms to the CCP
Knowing that adherences of freedom promises would have a very short history
 President XI looking for the CCP to affirm him as president for life
Is wagging the dog on Taiwan and against the U.S. promoting a unifying war-like strife
Looks like Biden has once again caved as Pelosi’s itinerary Taiwan as a stop omits
Accounts of his 2 hour speech with Xi claiming he raised slave labor and Uighur rights they did not admit
$6 billion of sales of 66 new advanced F-16’s approved by Trump in 2020 are not even being built
While China is an arms buildup that would make Taiwan’s defenses under assault quickly wilt
Stuck with a president without mental fitness or acts as opposed to words for a spine
On Taiwan like on Ukraine on preventing an invasion we are running out of time
© July 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, July 30, 2022

The American Public Cannot Be Crucified on the Tiffany Cross of Bias


Tiffany Cross by her parents was clearly misnamed
Her behavior ridicules and merits only shame
Tiffany is not the purveyor of fine jewels that their beauty and value keep
No she is the purveyor of bias and fake news that put viewers to sleep
A Pinocchio news puppet that distorts the truth by omitting opposing news
Too often in lock step with the DNC and the slanted zealots of The View
Like the vampires who when exposed to sunlight burst into flame
The idea that a conservative would join The View makes her insane
Alyssa Griffin formerly of the Trump Administration will become a permanent co-host
In Cross’ slanted and biased mind, the co-host deserved only be become toast
Only if TV follows the edicts of the DNC can they qualification as a news outlet boast
Even though they are watched by the few and Fox across prime time is watched by most
The NTY’s masthead proclaims “Democracy in Darkness Dies”
When it should read “Democracy in the Shadows of One Party News Dies”

© 7/30/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sanchez Mocked on Social Media For Flipping the Bird Excuses Her Act That It Was in Response to a Fan


Linda Sanchez waddling back to her dugout flipped what we all thought was to the Reds the bird
Unleashed a firestorm of social media condemning her for such an obscene gesture so absurd
From this obese Rep stung by criticism not an apology
But a lame excuse it was a response to a fan that reeks of garbology
The taunt that was heard by no one other than her thin skinned mind
In a charity nonpartisan game when will the voters reject zealots of her kind?
If sadly this zealot keeps her seat and wants to play again next year
Condition it on losing weight to avoid cardiac arrest and her vow F-bomb gestures won’t appear
© July 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Will Pelosi's Trip Embolden President XI to Wag the Dog or Will Biden Cave and Cancel Her Taiwan Stop


Pelosi with her Botox has no face that would launch a thousand ships
But China is ranting that if she is on a plane heading to Taiwan it will be her last on Earth trip
As Xi prepares to come before the CCP and be named dictator for life
Nothing like a confrontation with the U.S. to distract from economic strife
He believes the people will rally to his support
If Chinese threats Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan he is able to thwart
In Xi’s mind Taiwan is a breakaway province that by force if necessary be brought to heel
If the world and Taiwanese are dumb enough to believe their freedoms would be protected look only at the Hong Kong deal
Even though shooting down a U.S. plane carrying our number three in line
Would under any definition a declaration of war define
He must believe after almost two years of Biden as president
That he is too weak to other than feeble protests not accompanied by lethal weapons to Taiwan sent
We dilly dallied on bolstering Ukraine’s defenses and a Putin invasion did not prevent
Weapons that when the Russian convoys were stalled for miles outside of Kviv would on them inflicted deadly torment
Also must believe with Hunter’s nefarious business dealing with the CCP he holds a blackmail hand
If unleashed this frail president could not the outrage withstand
We must not before tyrants even nuclear armed bend over in fear
If we do far worse threatening problems will soon appear

© July 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, July 29, 2022

More and More Blue Leaders Are Joining Blue Rank and File To Not Want Biden To Run


The leaks in the Biden Reelection dam are beginning to spring
Concerned Blues in Congress up for reelection are sweating what the Red Wave  will bring
What once was when asked if they would support him in 2024
They dodged the question by stating they had to focus on their race more
Now watching his approval numbers slide drop
More are worried their opponents will their election floor with a landslide mop
Their opponents will run on the claim the only way to block Biden’s mistakes
Is to a vote for House or Senate candidates forsake
Dean Phillips running for reelection in Minnesota is firm that Biden should not run
The party needs new blood and due to his age in 2024 voters will him shun
In Oregon Andrea Salinas, worried that Biden’s approval rating is driving her chances down is a snit
Still on the fence indicating she would support him but wanting him to run she would not commit
Once a dam has sprung a leak at its base if not plugged it will grow
Growing  stream of water will the seeds of a dam collapse sow
To save Blue seats having him announce he will not run will not do the trick
With two years left of his term his failed policies and growing dementia will make the nation sick
Unlike Wilson felled by a stroke but without TV shielded by Edith Wilson from public eyes
Was able to conceal his disability but Jill due to TV and memory lapses even on teleprompters will not be able to it deny
Biden’s cognitive failings make him for the job unfit
To reach any remaining years to enjoy he will have to quit
Effective after the midterm
Or the Blues will crash and burn

7/29/2022 The Alaskanpoet

On China's If Pelosi Visits Taiwan Biden Must Tell China to Pound Rice


Pelosi is a tyrant when it comes to disciplining wayward Blues
Stray from her approved Blue voting bloc and your power in the House is through
Other than at times AOC and Squad off on a voting stray
Nancy usually gets her way
If she wins reelection which is a reasonably safe bet
But if the Red Wave drowns enough Blues to her Speakership forget
Any thoughts she might still be Minority Leader should disappear
Her ego of being replaced will not let her join the leadership second tier
Her Swan Song may be her Asian nation visiting tour that so far includes Taiwan
Rattling sabers China is warning that if she visits it she will never see another dawn
A spineless weak president with a son compromised by Chinese dealings is coming home to roost
Emboldening our foes like China and giving their world hegemony goals a deadly boos
Taiwan is a democracy in action and in name and bowing to China would not in any way the quest for world hegemony tame
Would strip us of the label of leader of the free world and send our standing and prestige down in flames
Biden needs to get some spine and tell the Chinese firmly on Taiwan invasion threats to pound rice
And approve the sale of requested aircraft such that to invade China would think more than twice
We are running out of time to from China our supply chain shift
New mantra of build and buy in America to our GNP lift

© July 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Finally Biden Showing Some Sense on Open Border By Filling Gaps in Wall Near Yuma


“Not another foot” was Biden’s campaign cry
As Majorakas’ “the border is secure” blatant lie
Finally is being drowned out by the sound of thousands of shuffling illegals’ feet
Forcing Biden to finally admit he was wrong to Trump’s Wall construction defeat
There are 4 gaps in the wall in the Yuma sector that will be completed
Those illegals seeking to ape the 160,000 in Yuma through June will no longer by 4 wide open gaps be greeted
Biden delusionally claimed a wall was “racist” and “xenophobic” and “wouldn’t work”
Ignoring the obvious that open gaps are a welcome sign and believing otherwise is a strange quirk
As the 160,000 illegals who crossed the border at Yuma represented a 4 fold increase
Like all other sectors without sections of the wall the tidal wave of illegals has not ceased
The announcement was made without any fanfare
Not wanting to alarm the rabid Progressive wing of the Blues that insist no security should be there
Before we start with high fives
Thinking the wall construction will be revived
An 86 mile section in the Rio Grande Valley is on hold pending an “environmental review”
Probably being slow walked and ignorant of the increase in carbon emissions from over 2,000,000 illegals coming through

© July 29,2022 The Alaskanpoet

Linda Sanchez in a Disgraceful Classless Act Flips Red Dugout the Bird


The Annual Congressional Baseball Game is a tradition that dates back to 1909
When members of Congress not their staff set aside partisan views and put their athletic skills on the line
After an exciting slugfest eked out by the Reds in a pandemic delayed game in 2021 13-12 the Reds looked to repeat
Going into the game aping the division in the nation Reds led with 43 wins to Blues 42 defeats
Maybe in an omen of the upcoming midterm Red incoming tide
The Blues were crushed after Red first inning 3-0 start and thoughts of comeback swept aside
!0-0 to end the game in a rout
But the score was not what social media was tweeting about
Not that the game raised $1.7 million for charities in D.C.
Or that heavily armed police were there to easily see
To prevent climate change zealots’ threats to shut the game down
The link to a charity baseball game and climate change known only to these clowns
No the social media focus was on Linda Sanchez drew a walk and waddled to first base
To be replaced by a runner who not burdened by obesity could to the other bases race
Huffing and puffing her obese body back to the dugout
Maybe peeved by being pulled or the rout
Performed the classless act lousy taste so absurd
She observed by the millions watching flipped the Reds the bird
So typical of the death of compromise
And from the Blues civility’s  demise
© 7/29/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Don't Move the Goalposts Just Change the Definition of a Recession Americans Feel We Are In


Instead of moving the goal posts which is a favorite political trick
So often used when the facts don’t support the narrative or worse make sick
In the case of whether we are in a recession or not
Biden ignores reality and tries to a new definition sought
Instead of two quarters of successive GNP contraction which we just achieved
He is touting a basket of figures like job growth or unemployment rate to us deceive
He could have suggested consumer confidence which is at a low
Or the labor work force participation rate which keeps going below
Naturally avoided any discussion of the inflation rate at an all-time high
As he touted his massive spending plan which all economic rules on fighting inflation deny
Which when added to his plan to impose a minimum corporate tax rate of 15 %
Which will cause quickly to wonder where capital spending and wage increases just went
In a time when market forces have led us to reduce carbon emissions but energy production increase
His tax proposal also includes taxes on the cleanest fuel natural gas which is why our carbon footprint decreased
Manchin who many thought was Horatio on the bridge to fight massive amounts spend more
Abandoned his anti-spending sword and shied along with his coal producing state and the wishes of its voters to ignore

© 7/28/2022 The Alaskanpoet

LA County Not To Enforce Planned Mask Mandates


Omicron is still with us and giving rise to new variants to us infect
Raising concern our vaccines even with boosters will not us from the disease protect
Latest high profile case to be infected was Biden who was fully vaccinated and subject to double boost
Yet on July 20, 2022 his COVID-19 tests showed that in his body the virus had come to roost
Biden who when the cameras are running even outdoors a mask he wore
Either was for moments maskless or worse their protection is hyped and mandates we should ignore
Slight symptoms like sore throat, slight cough and fever and some languor
Very little difference in terms of briefings, work schedule or public appearance than he had before
His 79 year old body aided by drugs like Paxlovid and after a week a negative test
His bout with COVID-19 showed his body so helped did the virus best
If someone so protected by people wearing masks and vaccines
No wonder that more revolts against mask mandates are now being seen
More and more the data in terms of protecting against infections show masks don’t work
Explains why from mask mandates proponents are starting to delay or compliance enforcement shirk
Masks for elementary schools have been an educational disaster
Setting back progress in educational and social skills the young must master
Blues may like masks and closures to aid in their ability to the population control
But we must learn to accept COVID-19 like the common cold and flu as our goal

7/7/2022 The Alaskanpoet

NIMBY Mayor Bowser of the Swamp Wants National Guard Armories To Used To Housed Illegals


When it comes to the open border disaster that border states and communities face
Liberal Blue cities and states become blind and tone deaf wanting illegals to go other places
And when the surge continues bringing with it drugs, crime, newly overcrowded and burdened social services and schools
They become the most vocal, rabid MIMBYS ranting illegals coming to their cities have been fooled
Illegals are welcomed by the elite if they and their problems are nowhere near
Protected by walled communities and private armed security they and their kids are safe and sound
No so their unwalled distant neighbors dealing with failing schools, homeless, drug abuse and 24/7 gunfire sounds
The left is quick to chant the mantra that corporations must in taxes pay their fair share
But the misery endured by record illegal immigration in their neighborhood they will not bear
Under Biden, the federal government has refused to enforce our laws banning illegal immigration
Instead with food and shelter and bogus amnesty it encourages illegals to come here without hesitation
Mayor Bowser seeing the homeless shelters swamped by bussed illegals wants the National Guard to come to the city’s aid
Remove the weapons from its armories and open them up to illegals bussed up from Texas in a steady parade
If the states are suffering an invasion which clearly, they are
And the feds refuse to stop. the states have to right to the other side of their entrance bar

© July 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The View Caves on the Air, Eating Crow and Apologizing to TPUSA


After the ladies of the Clueless View defamed TPUSA with allegations that Neo-Nazis had by the group been let in
The show was hit with a cease and desist letter demanding retraction  or face a law suit ABC must have known TPUSA would win
The View did the right thing and delivered its on air apology for its false claims they knew to be not true
Sara Raines not Whoopi Goldberg drew the straw to deliver the apology Whoopi Goldberg must truly rue
Hopefully Whoopi has learned a lesson and will such nonsense in the future not repeat
And other conservative will if they are slandered on The View   also quickly file or with them another cease and desist greet
Too often the MSM has been allowed to their base pander
Stirring them up with false claims that conservatives slander
If Whoopi manages to curtail her slanderous rants viewers could be treated to
Rational discussion on issues instead of rants prompting damaged targets to sue
Might even increase their viewing base
Viewers might even get some needed moderation in place

© July 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Mega Millions Jackpot Now Stands At $1.92 Billion For This Friday's Drawing


The Mega Millions Jackpot has increased to $1.02 billion for Friday night’s drawing
The odds of the 5 numbers and the Mega 300 million to 1 to from the sub billionaire class withdrawing
The U.S. leads the world with 735 billionaires of whom 50 are new to the list
Despite the Blue wave that seeks to be more Progressive each day massive wealth transfer we still resist
Most of the billionaires did not through divorce or inheritance achieve that status overnight
But after years of hard work and vision with doses of good fortune before they could board the billionaire flights
But the winner of the Mega Millions time to that status will be measured in hours
From the time the ticket was purchased to the moment the numbers were drawn to into billionaire ranks be powered
Without years of sacrifice and hard work to enjoy the fruits of such effort will the winner be prepared
For the massive changes on lifestyle one will face along with the demands of many to new wealth share?
Will we be looking at a sequel to The Beverly Hillbillies or a Warren Buffet or Sam Walton lifestyle repeat?
Where the urge to lavish personal consumption expenditures one is able to defeat
Society will be better off along with winner’s wellbeing and self-esteem
If the winner joins the philanthropy winning team
We relish those who splurge a few dollars to seek by luck the American dream
Cheap entertainment for a few dollars if lost to the odds will not your welfare cream

© July 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Is jn Deep Trouble When NYT Opinion Demands He Immediately Announce He Will Not Run in 2024


Through thick and thin
The MSM has been an arm of the DNC to help Blues win
In darkness democracy dies
On the NYT the DNC could always rely
Finally as the Biden ship of state is wallowing in the failure seas
The NYT publishes an opinion that’s refreshing to see
Based on a litany of failures due to his being way too weak
The opinion demands that Biden announce another term he will not seek
We all owe the author Bret Stephens for his candor a great debt
But not running for reelection is only the first step lest we forget
His term still has 2 more years before it mercifully is done
With his dementia growing like a sprinter’s run
He should admit to the nation he is not mentally up to the task to continue to serve
For the good of the nation he should resign before two more years of increasing decline we will observe
Harris sadly may not be up to the job and should probably vow to serve only until 2025
With a competent replacement VP like a Gerald Ford we might have a chance to from the Biden disasters survive

© 7/27/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Blue Solution On Recession Is Not To Address Causes But Change the Definition


The Blue Rule is that if you don’t like the results on the economy in the U.S.
It is far better to change definitions than trying to the issues causing the problems address
Economists have for some time defined a “recession” as two consecutive quarters of negative growth of the GNP
The first quarter tanked at 1.6 % and the second quarter results this week we will see
The Biden Administration fears the results will confirm what most Americans already feel
We are in a recession going into the midterms which no amount of spin can conceal
You have to hand it to the Biden Blues as the masters of spin
Change the definition so the anticipated Red Wave does not come in
Biden wants us to look at a whole parameter list
To prove that a recession does not exist
We must look at the growth in jobs and the unemployment rate
Which he claims mean recession has not been served on the American plate
Biden’s policies not Putin’s War have sent us into energy dependence and inflation Hell
Convincing us otherwise we are not in a recession will be a very tough sell

© 7/27/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wide Open Border Turns All States into Border Sates


Mayorkas is a total idiot deaf, dumb and blind
As head of DHS you have to question how did we ever this idiot find?
Lying with a straight face, he intones “The border is secure.”
If he went to the border the absurdity of his claim would be revealed in a less than  a couple minutes tour
Like a loyal foot soldier sadly he is carrying out Biden’s open border to a T
If he believes in border security in reality not delusion resignation only way to save his integrity
Because of his crippling the ability of the CBP to the border in reality to secure
There is no border but all states now are like border states as the geographical distinction is blurred
Cartel deadly drugs make all our cities and towns
Deadly fentanyl overdose killing grounds
Illegal girls as sex slaves being trafficked across the nation
Violent acts to preserve the sale of illegal drugs without hesitation
No one crosses the border without the cartels having to pay
A new class of indentured servants slaving away
The misguided creation of sanctuary cities may protect illegals from ICE deportation
But not from any much worse cartel deprivation

© 7/27/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Believe Pelosi's Claim That She Never Gave Husband Insider Information To Trade on and You Believe In the Tooth Fairy


Three great lies that still persist
Ensuring that truth has ceased to exist
“We’re from the government and here to help,” “The check’s in the mail”
“My husband Paul never traded off my information” as the third to the truth assail
Paul Pelosi has made millions in his timing of buys or sells
Hard to believe his knack for timing is not due in part to what Nancy to him tells
The federal government has grown so large its impact on the economy is huge
If pending legislation imposes adverse taxes or regulations on an industry, it can unleash a selling deluge
Or if pending legislation will grant subsidies or favorable tax treatment to a sector it will add dollars to that sectors’ tills
The trick to making money is to have insight of where the votes  are on passage or rejection of the bill
Pelosi as Speaker probably knows within a vote or two a bill’s chances
Unless Nancy and Paul have separate bedrooms and wealth accumulation is not their major romance
Hard to believe insider information tips
Not shared at coffee table or while heads on pillow slips
Holding office has become a career
Influence of lobbyists’ and PACs’ cash is something we should fear
If Lord Acton were alive today
He would solemnly say
“All power corrupts
As does lobbyist cash but corruption is not abrupt”

© 7/27/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

No Numbers Came To My Mega Millions Field Of Dreams


Tonight millions of dreams went down in flames
For those lured by $830 million who played the Mega Million game
How many players thought if they would promise millions to charitable causes
Bettering the human condition they could overcome the probability odds laws?
Many thought they could their chances of winning enhance
If welfare for their fellow humans their new millions would advance
This poet dreamed of adding to his scholarship fund by increasing the number of schools that funds could receive
And the number of high schools whose students could a loan free education achieve
And to insure the foundation formed had a chance to grow
Ear marking $100 million to venture capital funds to start-ups sow
Only a $2 dream that was easy come easy go
There are no probability gods favoring great causes I for sure now know
Of the six numbers I picked with links to birthdays, class years and wedding days
Not a single number selected came my way
If no one wins the pot will be over a billion bucks
I will dream again for $2 and relying solely on not how to spend the winnings but on Irish luck

© July 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


On False Claims of Neo-Nazi Involvement At Turning Point USA The View and Its Co-host Hit With a Cease and Desist Demandaw


When everyone is called a racist who is not a rabid Blue zealot
It’s shaming power quickly dwindles to squat
A person called a racist when he or she knows she is not
Shuts down and completely dismisses all of the caller’s thoughts
But call a person a Nazi with images of the holocaust still alive
Images of Holocaust survivors skin and bone from starvation revived
If an entertainer demands to have a “Nazi’s” show taken off the air
If an author, social media pundit or speaker demands he or she not have a forum for his or her thoughts to share
Parade  permits cancelled and Antifa with clubs soon on the scene
The ideology of Nazis so vile that when they appear in public people do more than just demean
They too often cross the line and appearances they violently resist
Explain why Turning Point USA was so quick to demand The View cease and desist
From falsely claiming the group let Neo-Nazis into the convention
Ignoring the group’s rejection and condemnation
Goldberg and Behar on false Neo- Nazis’ involvement could not refrain
They and their slanderous behavior should be flushed down the drain

© 7/26/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Mayor Lightweight Now Mayor Leadfoot and a Scofflaw To Boot


When it comes to creativity in solving Chicago’s problems Mayor Lightfoot is a Lightweight
Violent crime in her city continues to increase it shows no sign of beginning to abate
Now we learn Mayor Lightweight a lead foot possesses
Her SUV detail caught on camera speeding to excess
Like a good citizen does she pay or instruct her office to pay
The fine or like a scofflaw ignore it and hope it will go away
When she has slammed her City Council for voting measures to around schools increase speeding
Hectoring them on the dangers to the children yet her hectors her drivers must not be heeding
When someone through incompetence has lost the public trust
Avoiding hypocrisy of this law is for you but not for me is an absolute must
Mayor Lightfoot’s term ends in May of 2023 and for the safety and prosperity of the residents
One should hope that to the lines of the unemployed she is sent
© July 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thieves Rob With Impunity Knowing Even If Rarely Caught Won't Be Prosecuted

 When someone out of work and out of money steals food to survive

Many of us would find compassion and a desire to help within us thrive

But in today’s rising crime wave with consequences for theft nil

Brazen head for the luxury goods after emptying the till

Strolling slowly down  the store aisles stealing fine wines without an ounce of guile

Security guards with cell phone cameras following behind

Almost pointing out more expensive libations for the thief to find

Value of goods stolen less than $900 bucks

Robbed store owner is out of luck

Not a felony only a misdemeanor that will not make the prosecution cut

Released back onto the streets quickly after the jail doors shut

Sure as the Sun rises in the East the thief will steal again and again

Only is question on further stealing is not if but when

© 7/26/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, July 25, 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell To Spend Next 20 Years At the Tallahassee Club Fed


When most people think of federal prisons they think of the Super Max Hell
Maximum security prisons where the most dangerous violent felons dwell
For all but one hour a day they are confined in their cell

Any chance of an escape, riot or attack on a guard forever quelled
A one way ticket to insanity of solitary confinement
Fortunately only the most violent and dangerous to themselves or others are sent
Ghislaine Maxwell, the pimp for Epstein, who was sentenced to 20 years
Has been moved to a federal prison where she will have none of those fears

Tallahassee Federal Corrections Institute offers its inmates Yoga and Pilate
Perfect distractions for her memories of pimping for Epstein to fade away
This low security paradise behind bars offers artwork, hobby crafts and talent show for her talent to display
If from the gourmet commissary with its $350 limit she starts adding weight,  flag football she can play

Unlike many prisons where the cons who are sexual child predators don’t survive long

Tallahassee cons treat predators and informers as if here they belong
The male reptilian brains knowing that she may safety feel
Will not in order to be moved the identities of the abusers at Epstein’s island reveal

© July 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Joe Manchin Joins the List of Swamp Dwellers That Have Tested Positive For COVID


It is more and more looking like the nation has suffered a massive bait and switch
The “vaccines” developed by Pfizer and Moderna at warp speed their bottom line did enrich
It is beginning to look like on the mutating virus immunity by vaccinations was not put in place
“Breakthrough” infections more and more became the norm not the exception to the hopes of barriers erase
During the campaign to get everyone vaccinated natural immunity was discounted and thrown under the rug
Despite all the hype the vaccines are acting less and less like vaccines and more and more like therapeutic drugs
As infections of the latest sub variant of Omicron are on the rise
It’s not just the mere mortals but our leaders that receive the testing positive surprise
Pelosi, Susan Collins, Mayor Bowser, President Biden and today the Blues’ main Build Back Better foil
Joe Manchin who tested positive to join the growing list of vaccinated who the vaccination label have spoiled
How can the feds, the states and private employers continue to vaccine mandates impose
As the “vaccines” are merely therapeutic drug which more and more Americans to be the case know?

© July 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Pelosi Is Visiting Taiwan and the Chinese Are Rattled


Pelosi with her hands moving like lips
And on the issues of the day like inflation or open borders on the solutions has no grip
Unlike Helen of ancient Troy has a face that would sink not launch a thousand ships
Her visit has rattled the Chinese warning of adverse consequences as its economy is in a downward slip
Why China should be rattled by Pelosi who is bringing no promise of weapons systems to Taiwan equip
As Biden on Taiwan’s request to buy more advanced weapons would the balance of Taiwan’s defense favor tip
Like in Ukraine where before Putin invaded but had sabers rattled
Where Biden threatened sanctions as opposed to armaments that might have deterred battle
Are still on hold and pending
Still all weak talk from Biden trending
We all hope that China does not call on the defense of Taiwan Biden’s bluff
The troops and material committed would never be enough
Even if we did not strike targets in China and restricted our attacks planes and ships bringing reinforcements after from China they had departed
The conflict could not be confined to conventional forces and to the use of nuclear weapons from bases in China and the U,S soon to have departed

© 7/25/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Sergery Brin Divorcing Wife of 4 Years After Elon Musk Affair With His Wife.


Elon Musk with his legal plate full with Twitter’s law suit for breach of his contract to Twitter buy
Now is the topic of the scandal sheets with a brief affair with Sergery Brin’s wife he could not deny
Brin and his wife had just separated but were sharing the same home
His reptilian brain always on the prowl for targets as it roamed
A brief affair which leaked and caused Brin to divorce papers file
Another example of the reptilian brain that knows no boundaries even involving a friend erstwhile
When Tesla was financially struggling in 2008
Brin gave Musk 500 grand to financial issues abate
A grateful Musk gifted one of the first of Tesla’s SUV’s
When in Silicon Valley Musk was often a guest of Brin at his home rent free
Nothing like an affair with one’s wife even if separated to bring a friendship to an end
Divorce papers filed shortly after affair discovery to add to the wealthy couples dissolution trend
First Jeff Bezos engaged in an affair with former newscaster Lauren Sanchez and lost to divorce his wife of 25 years
Second Melinda Gates appalled at rumors of Bill’s trips on the Lolita Express that began to appear
Called their long marriage quits adding another casualty to the reptilian brain’s grip
Freedom from the reptilian brain if learned is too soon forgot to into divorce court Hell slip
© July 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

From Smash and Grab to Hit and Run Then Return 2 Rob and Be Released On Cashless Bail


We have seen too many videos of a crowd of  looters in a frenzy of smash and grab
Security guards watching idly by with too many looters to safely nab
Total breakdown of law and order when even if arrested in New York City
Where the criminal is coddled and the victims without a shred of pity
Before the ink on the police reports is even dry
Released on cashless bail to similar crimes again try
But in the Big Apple we witnessed the hit and then grab not by a violent mob
A driver hit  a walker in the street and then ran but quickly came back to the victim to rob
New York’s system of justice for it law abiding residents totally fails
Clear case of assault with a deadly weapon and manslaughter that should not lead to cashless bail
Don’t hold your breath and hope justice prevails
The accused before the Sun sets will be out on OR from jail
Unless the victim to life trying to life trying to cling
 From internal bleeding from being thrown into the air, death brings

© July 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Slight Lead to Trump Over De Santis But With January 6 Baggage, Trump Should Not Run In 2024


In 2020 with the help of COVID and the MSM Biden was able to hunker down in his basement
Avoided the campaign trail so exposure of his failing cognitive abilities to prevent
Despite vaccines and booster shots he has come down with COVID once more
With better drugs a great chance to complete recovery he will be restored
Assuming he runs again in 2024 he will be left with a dwindling MSM band to cover his growing mental miscues
Like schools of piranha lured by the scent of fresh blood he will be set upon by a number of covetous Blues
Without COVID to shelter him in his bunker basement
A parade of Blues will be running to be his replacement
His insurance policy for the 25th his identity policy VP
Like 2016 will once again exposed to the public drop out very quickly
Saner Blues in the party know an 82 year old growing on 95
Will not a campaign against the Red nominee survive
With the January 6th Show Trial still plodding along
For the good of the party many hope for a rerun attempt Trump does not belong
If he announces he will run before the midterms
A good chance the Red Wave will be only a trickle or worse crash and burn

© 7/24/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, July 23, 2022

WHO Warns Us on the Spreading Monkey Pox


The generals of the virus armies attacking the world must be leaping with glee
As the new subvariant of Omicron has been spreading on an infection spree
The bold assertions by Biden that he would wipeout COVID are but a distant faded memory
Lulled into false security that vaccinations would stop the spread by pronouncements by the CDC
Sadly the new subvariant is overwhelming our immune system and vaccinations do not block
Now we are forced to prepare for the Monkey Pox spreading shock
Almost 2000 cases and spreading like wildfire
No firm handle on how many infected can expect to expire
Hideous large pimples erupting on the skin including arms and hands
At least those infected will not detection efforts visually withstand
Like AIDS many of the early cases are male to male sexual transmission
But to think it will not spread to heterosexual activity would be a grievous omission
The good news is that there is a monkey pox vaccine
The bad news is that there are not enough doses to arrive on the virus fighting scene
Maybe time to fall back on the tried and true of washing hands, zinc and vitamin C
Until more vaccine  doses and anti-pox drugs are there for you and me

© July 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Rise in Infections and Hospitalizations For New Omicron Variant Mean Mask Mandates Soon On Their Way?


With the new Omicron variant spawning new cases by the thousands and hospitalizations by the scores
The numbers have risen to the point the disease health authorities can no longer ignore
Time for the vaccinated and unvaccinated to fear
That soon very soon in Blue states mask mandates will be again here
For certain in indoor dining and bars but the list will get worse
Soon elementary schools will be facing the dreaded mask mandate curse
In San Diego the school board president has intoned
If a child does not wear a mask don’t come here stay at home
Academic progress of early grade elementary school kids
With masks have seen their learning skills hit the skids
Kids are rarely infected and the jury is still out of how effective masks are to infection prevent
But if schools are hit with mask mandates at least one parent will be back to the unemployment lines sent
COVID and its variants have become a fact of life and those not infected become rarer each day
Daily we learn that our leaders and the CDC the science does not follow or the lessons obey
We have more and mores tools to the fight against infections aid
Watch for parents and mere morals rise up to demand an end to the mask and vaccination charade

© 7/23/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, July 22, 2022

Senator Sinema and Senator Kelly Help Needed to Block Roopalai Desaii Nomination to 9th Circuit


Biden may be thwarted in Congress with his progressive agenda to this country destroy
But thanks to Chucky Schumer his judicial nominations are moving at flank speed to on the bench be deployed
The 9th Circuit of Appeals is infamous for leftist leanings off the charts
Leads the Circuits for SCOTUS overruling decisions that from the Constitution depart
Comes as no surprise that Biden’s latest nomination for the 9th Roopali Desaii
As this nation is struggling to endure titanic waves of violent crime
Is so far to the left that either Senators Sinema or Kelly should her nomination deny
She’s on the board of the JCA which advocates defund the police and end prison time
Cities unsafe now rising crime and cashless bail for felons to awaiting bail
More criminal activity while out will entail
69 judges the Blue Senate has put in place, the curse that will keep on giving
More and more Americans each day a different result in 2020 will be wishing
In November the damage must come to an end
Red control in the first days of January so no more progressive nominees to the Senate will Biden send

© July 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Another Matters Company With a Better Idea On Gun Violence


Black Lives Matter is an organization that is raking if the dough
Pushing the idea of white guilt many corporations it  has snowed
Raised millions of dollars to advance ideas of justice, equity and to racism end
Now being hit with revelations of nepotism and conflicts of interest trend
Still effective to create the demonstrations when due to police a black life is lost
But in the black on black shooting galleries of the urban cities any BLM outrage is tossed
As the sound of gunfire at night fills the air
No one in BLM seems in the slightest to care
Too many cities in a wave of shooting sprees
Enough is enough and those who can increasingly flee
There is now a new matter movement in town
Whose approach to the raging gun violence is much more sound
Black Guns Matter founded by Mel Touré believes the answer is more safe and responsible gun owners of guns
Who instead if waiting for a 911 response call can stop the threat to human life before it has begun
We can never have enough police to man every public building, school, theater, park, restaurant or store
But if more and more trained law abiding concealed carry are on the streets is a risk a thug could not ignore

© July 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Is Biden's COVID For Real or Only a Sympathy Ploy


During the pandemic people were urged to frequently wash their hands
And when greeting someone, urge need for a handshake to withstand
To send the COVID-19 the dump
People were urged to use the fist bump
Before the pandemic a fist bump was akin to a high five
A sign of respect and acknowledgement of common goals to strive
Biden having called Saudi Arabia a pariah nation
His fist bump of its Crown Prince was met with condemnation
Biden’s fist bump if meant as a COVID-19 shield it failed
He has tested positive raising concerns for a victim so old and frail
With a White House desperate to grasp straws halt his approval ratings falling like a rock
With the announcement of COVID-19 infections, will infection sympathy further drops block?
Reds may be leery due to Reagan’s upward tick in approval after by Hinckley was shot
But there on TV we saw the shooting and the reports from the OR that the farm Reagan almost bought
In politics the Blue mantra is “the end justifies the means” so Biden’s infection we take with a grain of salt?
His mild symptoms of a cough a sign of a true infection or bogus designed to drop in approval halt?

© July 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Picketing and Protesting in Front of Kavanaugh Has Spread to His Neighborhood


The seeds of “Get in their face” and “You are not wanted here” hate
Planted by Maxine Waters have come to germinate
With Roe v. Wade having gone down to overturning defeat
Leftist zealots and fanatics their hatred of Trump appointees ready to reap|
Kavanaugh home was picketed by angry protestors trying to his ruling intimidate
After a leftist probably a SCOTUS clerk leaked a draft opinion of Roe’s likely fate
Intimidating federal judges near their homes is a federal crime but Garland refused to prosecute
The stage was set for an attempted assassination to take root
Fortunately the assassin after traveling from Simi Valley to Kavanaugh’s home knew he needed mental illness aid
Called his sister who advised him to call 911 on himself and end to his assassinate Kavanaugh crusade
The protests against Kavanaugh continue unabated to expand to his neighbors include
Nightly to on their and their children’s peace and quiet and sense of person safety intrude
Maxine Waters if she had a single thread of class
Would appear before the protestors to urge them that this night of protest should be their last
Sadly any chance of unseating her is a long shot pipe dream
Too safe a district but if House flips, we dilute the power of her rants and screams

© July 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Growing Trend In the Surge of Violent Crime Thugs Killed By Those Who Conceal and Carry?


As violent crime increases and the number of cops decrease
And Soros backed D.A.’s too quickly repeat felons release
While response times for 911 calls increase
And urban cities morgues fill up with deceased
More and more citizens realize your safety is in their hands
And they when out of their house need a weapon to an assault withstand
Fortunately the 2nd and SCOTUS has made it easier to legally conceal and carry
The violent thugs bent on assault or robbery run into an armed citizen who will them bury
In Missouri at a Quick Trip service station Lance Bush having stolen a SUV was inside with the cashier
A man with a concealed carry thought he witnessed and sensed a lot of fear
Bush had just put a knife to her throat when asked her if everything was all right
Bush released her and came around the counter with a knife to a gun fight
If to a gun fight you bring only a knife
Great chance you will be shot and lose your life
For the man not a great amount of joy
But to save his life and the clerk’s his gun he had to employ
For thugs a lot to now be wary
Not a just a rare chance your victim is conceal and carry

© July 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet



Unbelievable As Ordered By Father, 4 year Old Son Shoots At Cops in Midvale, Utah


The sins of the father at McDonald’s in Midvale, Utah are alive and well
Indications our social fabric is going to Hell
Sadaat Johnson angered by a mistake in his order pulled a gun
Starting a chain of shocking events to have begun
Police called to the drive-in pulled him from the car when he refused to leave
A 3 and 4 year old in the back seat terrified and beginning to grieve
Somehow the gun made it to the 4 year old hands
What happened next is almost impossible to understand
Johnson is alleged to have ordered his kid to shoot at the cops
As he was pointing the gun one officer swatted it aside as the gun was shot
Fortunately no one was hit and on reflex the cops did not return fire
What a tragedy if one of the kids or one of the officers had expired
The 4 year old shot because he wanted his daddy back
The authorities are faced with the issue of should Johnson’s paternal rights be sacked
Any father with two small children in the car
Whose actions allowed a gun to get in their hands and shoot belongs behind bars

© July 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Sunny Hostin Falsely Claimed Dicken Broke the Law By Killing the Mall Shooter


Sunny Hostin, a co-host of The View, supposedly was a lawyer with the DOJ
Her bias against the 2nd trumping the Indianapolis was on display
Outraged that Eli Dicken was called a Good Samaritan and a hero saving lives
Ranted he broke the law with his gun to the shooter’s life deprive
News flash to this biased co-host a mall owner’s rule on guns is not a law
Not sure what you learned in law school but your claim is totally flawed
In 15 seconds Spireman killed three innocents
And by Dicken was to the morgue sent
Probably before the first 911 call
Had Dicken not shot, how many dozens not fleeing fast enough would have died in that mall?
Hostin’s leftist bias stinks and reeks
If alive she would have cheered Kitty Genovese’s neighbors failure to 911 operators speak
Unlike Robb Elementary or Parkland where trained officers stood down
While 19 school kids and 2 teachers were shot falling to the ground
He moved quickly toward the gunman firing with step
A human shield spewing lead protecting those behind him choosing danger to himself

© July 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Implies Living Near a Refinery Caused His Cancer (Skin) in Delaware That Ranked Number One in Cancer Deaths


Announcing his climate change executive orders in Massachusetts today
We got another example of the Biden fossil fuels war on display
Announced he had cancer because an oil refinery in his state
Claimed Delaware had the highest cancer death rate
Not sure the death rate when he was growing up in the 40’s and 50’s in Delaware
But a number ranking  number 1 in death rate today is not there
Its rank is high but only comes in at 17
The cancer Biden has had was melanoma caused by lack of sunscreen
Biden was a lifeguard during the summer months to the Sun’s harmful rays
Sun tan lotions and sun blockers screened poorly to melanoma prevent
Baby oil and iodine for the golden tan from time in the Sun spent
Another example of a purposeful distortion of the truth on display
Biden announced executive actions to allocate $2.3 billion to FEMA and proposed electricity by offshore wind
With a hyped 3 million homes to be powered by clean energy and sea birds flying through blade gauntlets to their nests may not win

© July 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

How Low Can You Go Joe?--The New Political Limbo Player in Town


Another Quinnipiac Poll came out today and Biden’s approval rating hit another all-time low
Politics for Biden is the new limbo game to see how low Biden can go
Biden’s approval rating among all voters at only 31 percent
That means that 69 percent think he as disaster their vote for him they repent
The drivers of his disapproval are only getting worse
Illegal immigration, crime, rising gas prices and the inflation curse
As Clinton once intoned “It’s the economy stupid” as voters are driven by their purse
With midyear election prospects for Blues are becoming more adverse
And Biden trapped by his progressive wing helpless to the trend to reverse
Yet on common sense approaches to energy costs Biden is so adverse
Biden needs a new nickname to capture his plight
So fitting to mirror the results on November’s election night
He is stuck playing the political game
“Limbo Joe,” how low can you go to flush Blues down the drain?
The quacking sounds from the Oval Office that now loudly appear
Are the sounds of a lame duck whose reelection chances have disappeared

© July 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

250 Bristol Starbucks, Costa Mesa


In a changing world few things remain over time the same
Restaurants open and become the new culinary flame
But the tastes of patrons for new and different plates is never tamed
And sure as the Sun rises in the East, too often on the site there will be a new name
Save at Starbucks great coffee, great small bites and great service is not the exception but the rule
At the Starbucks at 250 Bristol in Costa Mesa blogging with the help of my Rhyme Zone tool
Watching the baristas in constant motion to orders quickly fill
Customers in a steady stream that as to slowing down never will
Parking lot at times looks like an In -And-Out in Costa Mesa on 19th street
Line of cars moving slowly to the drive in for their coffee treat and eats
Today one of the three brews in the urns is Sumatra, the coffee I like the most
But if not there I can enjoy a pour over of Komodo Dragon or French or Italian Roast
A goodly number of baristas to cut down on the waiting time
Always in motion, never slowing down back and forth left and right on a dime
One barista stands out more like an Olympic 20 kilometer walker event
In addition to coffee she is the chosen one to the heated small bites to the customers present
Lacks only the drum  to with the Energizer Rabbit compete
Hope she has some Dr. Scholl’s foot pads for her feet
Internet here is fast and so easy to connect|
To write poetic commentary readers out there will select

© July 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

In Addition to Being a Good Samaritan Elis Dicken Is an Incredible Shot


Jonathan Sapirman must have thought as he exited the restroom at the mall to begin his shooting spree
With no security guards in sight he was home
As soon as he started shooting Eli Dicken moved toward the sounds
In 15 seconds at the gunman he fired ten rounds
Not from a shooters’ stance but while quickly moving toward the gunshot sounds
8 of 10 shots taken hit home
Sapirman’s chances for further fatal harm were blown
It takes a brave man with a pistol to go toe to toe with a semi-automatic rifle
To risk his life to save others and to his fears of being shot dead stifle
Dicken was praised by the Mayor and Police Chief as a hero and Good Samaritan
Labels gun control advocates have a hard time swallowing and wanted to dismiss out of hand
Like the debate over pro-choice and pro-life on gun control neither side is willing to an inch concede
Which are attitudes in the debate that this nation absolutely does not need

© 7/20/22 The Alaskanpoet

AOC and 16 Other Members of Congress Likely Blues Arrested Protesting Dobbs With Hands Behind Their Backs As If Cuffed


During the Vietnam War protests being arrested, twist tied and led away
Was a badge of honor for those trying to sentiment against the war sway
Ironically charged with disturbing the peace
When the protests were to have the Vietnam War cease
The most divisive war since the Civil War some 100 years ago
Now replaced by the pro-life and pro-choice warriors ready to come to blows
After the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v Wade
We are seeing from both sides angry, vocal pickets and parades17 members of Congress left their responsibilities as lawmakers to in front of the Supreme Court Dobbs protest
Since the demonstration was blocking traffic and they refused to disband they were put under arrest
Not cuffed with Capitol Police on their arms they were led away
AOC always a publicity magnet for herself while her constituents she ignores wanted a better photo op display
Put her hands behind her back as if cuffs were there
A narrative of peaceful protest stifled by police she could share
Dressed in stylish finery doubt she and the others spent any time in a holding cell waiting to be booked
To bring them into contact with the Swamp’s more unsavory characters and crooks
In hypers speed, booked, photographed and released without bail on OR
Really doubt they spent any time before leaving behind bars

© July 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Senator Manchin's Anti Build Back Better Stance Praised by Joe Scarboroough


The White House is seething that Manchin kyboshed Biden’s grandiose Build Back Better deal
To his rational mind with inflation raging and the debt soaring spending trillions more had no appeal

The progressives in the Democratic Party when it comes to economics are total fools
With little private sector experience and either didn’t take or slept through econ in school
They felt that the trillions already spent was not enough
Trillions more were needed on non-COVID related fighting stuff
Biden is keeping his anger against Manchin under control
Oblivious to the fact by not spending trillions the Fed nay achieve its inflation goal
Important to reduce the size of the Red Wave
But not enough to Blue majorities in Congress save

Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe some vestigial traits of a former Red to show
Blues pushing Build Back Better lost in lure of more federal dollars into social spending go
Manchin’s fiscal restraint will weaken the recession we are sure to face
With Biden not running in 2024 more of a true presidential much closer horse race
Not sure who will be the standard bearer for Blues will be
Other than it will not be Chuckles who will have long since jumped into the sea.
© July 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Kerry Fails as Climate Czar But As Carbon Emissions He Is a Star


Demanding that we mere mortals our carbon footprint lower and reductions in our energy usage arrange
If there was an award for hypocrite of the year
No one close to him in terms of votes could come near
Kerry’s family has a Gulfstream GIV-SP on which he has made 48 trips since becoming climate change czar
60 hours in the air spewing 315 metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere so far
Kerry avoids commercial air like the plague even first class
A man of his stature and power can’t endure the agony of waiting in line for a boarding pass
With average flight time of 1.25 hours excuse of need a private jet to get work done is lame
Kerry’s hectoring us while emitting massive carbon merits only shame
Our power grid is near its capacity and heat waves will trigger AC usage blackouts
Yet Kerry wants us to close power plants not build new ones he sanctimoniously spouts
Demanding we all buy or lease EV cars oblivious to the fact we will be hard pressed to meet charging demand
As he wants to close power pants across this great land                                                                               © 7/19/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Policy and Retirement Leaving Chicago with Increasing Crime and Decreasing Arrests


The Windy City of Chicago is being buffeted by the perfect storm
On one hand violent crime increasing has become the norm
And on the flip side arrests have dropped to record lows
The Thin Blue Line gets thinner each day as into safer cities or retirement officers go
Fewer cops mean fewer arrests and more thugs emboldened by the idea they won’t get caught
The only silver lining in the violent crime wave is a slight drop in the number of victims shot
Cops are now restrained from chases by vehicle or racing feet
Greater chance for a thug to a potential pursuit defeat
Traffic stops by policy are becoming rarer each day
Reducing the chances of finding a thug with guns or drugs along the way
Fewer arrests mean victims less likely to report a crime
Who wants to file a complaint with little likelihood of arrest for a waste of time?
Statistics can be manipulated to advance one’s cause
But when it comes to safety and livability this statistic is without flaws
Illinois leads the nation in net out migration from the state
And Chicago is the leading metropolitan area experiencing the same fate

© 7/19/2022 The Alaskanpoet



Seniors Will Get Large Social Security COLA Which May Push Them Out Of Tax Free Category


Inflation is outpacing wage increases and shows no sign of relief
For seniors on Social Security even with COLA benefits a double dose of grief
The CPI increases exceed the COLA increases but there is a hidden curse
Most Social Security benefits are tax free and have no claim on a senior’s purse
But the anticipated COLA increases will for some result in income in excess of the tax free ceiling
Come tax time a goodly number of seniors will owe the IRS and will be squealing
Already seniors are bombarded with warnings that Medicare will run out of dollars
Now that fateful projected day will come sooner if on inflation we do not collar
Too many federal checks to the population chasing too few goods
Basic Economics 101 that Biden and his Blue minions have  never understood
Rising energy costs are a major inflation driver which would be reduced
If Biden would get off his fossil fuels war and let our domestic production capabilities loose
He would rather go hat to his once labeled “pariah state” in hand
To beg for more oil from beneath Saudi sands

© 7/19/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, July 18, 2022

With More Concealed Carry Permits Robbing Victims Runs a Greater Risk of Being Shot


If more and more law abiding citizens are getting conceal and carry permits
Home invasions and armed robbery are going to entail more risk to commit
If your victim is unarmed your chances of getting shot are nil
The only risk to the robber is that the victim is not carrying enough currency bills
 Armed thugs looking to rob can thank SCOTUS for making their crimes have greater risk
More and more their victims in a pocket or quick draw holster a gun may exist
Approaching a victim may mean approaching with a gun drawn
If armed with only a knife good chance to end up in Forest Lawn
After grabbing the cash turning then sprinting away
Could mean a bullet in the back on its way
Backing up with the gun pointed at the victim’s chest until 20 or 30 yards away
Visible any motorist, security cam, or pedestrian with a risk of 911 call to ruin your day
The threat now to criminals is now very real
If the victim has an easily reachable gun he has concealed
In Houston a thug was trying to rob his victim at an ATM taking out cash
Who pulled a gun and both fired but the thug with a slug to the ground crashed
To avoid the risk a thug will first fire
And move to rob after the victim has expired
© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Reich May Not Be the First But For Sure Will Not Be the Last To Claim Biden Too Old To Run For a Second Term


The leaks in the Biden campaign dam are starting to appear
The growing claims that Biden is too old will increase as 2024 nears
Old is a euphemism for cognitive mental decline
More and more on his gaffes and lapses will be viewed as proof positive that he has lost his mind
Robert Reich, Labor Secretary under Clinton, does not mince words
To him the idea that a 79 year old  Biden can run at age 81 and take office at age 82 is absurd
And the idea that he could endure the stress of office until it ending at age 86 is a forlorn hope
When today simple mental tasks seem to defy his ability with them to be able to cope
Most likely we will not have COVID scourging the land in 1984
So he will not be able to isolate from the people and campaign from the basement bunker once more
Every public appearance will reveal him to be frail with a brain like an empty shell
Promising to be president for a full term will be to the public an impossible sell
If the Red Wave is as strong as people are predicting it to be look for a parade of remaining Blues to on the Oval Office descend
Telling in no uncertain terms it is time for his presidency to come to an end
If on January 20, 2025 a Blue has any chance to put his hand on a Bible on the Inauguration stand
And you can spend the rest of your days hand in hand with Jill walk along the Delaware beach sands
© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Mayor Bowser Claims Illegals Tricked into getting on buses going to D.C. Where they are taking over homeless shelters


The border remains wide open but finally locales other than the swamped border states are feeling the pain
Even the misguided sanctuary cities about the flood of illegals are beginning to complain
Mayor Bowser of the Swamp is ranting that illegals are being tricked to buses board
Instead of being sent from Texas to the interior as part of the bogus “asylum” seekers horde
They are being sent to her city to swamp the homeless shelter to force Americans to remain in the streets
Raising the question of what will it take to this inane open border policy of the Blues defeat
Asylum should be limited to those fleeing political repression and wars
Not economic hardship which causes the numbers of “asylum” seekers to soar
If economic hardship is the test billions of world’s population would be allowed to be here
Our safety and standard of living along with our culture would simply disappear
Like the Titanic whose life boats rowed past the soon to die passengers in the seas
Without being swamped and killing all aboard all those in the water into the lifeboats they could not squeeze
The only place an asylum seeker should be allowed to a claim file is in the seeker’s home nation
If and only if the claim is granted may the seeker begin to commence his migration
Not filed or not granted and the seeker on crossing the border is immediately sent back
And any cayote who is caught trying to smuggle the seeker in is arrested, tried and if convicted a ten year prison track

Couple the apply in home nation with an examination of the skills we desperately must fill
And add those skills to any legal immigration bill
© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

On Use of "Good Samaritan" to Describe the Armed Citizen Who Kiled the Greenwood Park Mall Shooter The Left Should Be MockedA


The Greenwood Park Mall’s policy on guns is that in the mall they are banned
Fortunately for shoppers this Sunday Elisjsha Dicken dismissed the policy out of hand
This 22 year old Indianan had a conceal carry permit
And with his girlfriend carrying his pistol to the mall he was admitted
When Jonathan Spireman exited from a mall bathroom with his Sig Sauer M400 and into a food court began to fire
Dicken drew his pistol and before Spireman had fired more than 15 shots Dicken was shooting back with an aim to admire
Range was more than a few yards and against a rifle a pistol shooter has long odds
But his shooting was on target not in any way flawed
!4 shots fired by Spireman which hit 5 in the food court, 2 of whom dead at the scene, 1 at the ER and 2 with wounds slight
Before the police  responding to the 911 calls even arrived, Spireman had died ending the gunfight
Dicken was hailed by the police and mayor as a heroic Good Samaritan which among the left caused an uproar
Since Christ opposed killed for any reason including self-defense, wrong to imply Dicken’s killing we should not adore
In the cause of their perceived proper use of a PC name
These warriors would rather the act of saving lives disclaim
The gun control left’s rants on this make them look like fools
With them idiocy as opposed to reason and common rules
© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong Rants Due to Dobbs He'll Renounce His Citizenship--Be My Guest!


In 2016 after Trump was elected a score or more celebrities swore the U.S. they would leave
Must have thought people marching in the streets protesting the election they would achieve
And their fans would beg them to reconsider and stay
Did the mere mortal mope and express their dismay?
No instead many could care less or they cheered
In 2020 the same celebrities to the mortals’ disappointment were still here
In a déjà vu moment after the Dobbs decision the stuck record started again
Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong ranted he was renouncing his citizenship but didn’t say when
Safe bet is this fool is crying wolf and we will have to put up with his rants
Too bad a public announcement does not enable us to his wish grant
Unless another country was dumb enough to let him in and stay
Like a man without a country he would move on after each gig he played

© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

If You Believe That Nancy Does Not Share House Agenda Information With Spouse You Believe Bidden Never Discussed With Hunter His Business Dealings

 Pelosi and her DUI husband Paul are an incredibly wealthy couple from stock investments made by Paul

He just exercised on semiconductor company Nvidia 20,000 calls
Days before Congress will vote on a $52 billion subsidy and tax incentive program for makers of chips
Wonder if he bought the calls based on information on the House’s agenda that Nancy let slip
Pelosi when the appearance of insider information with her husband was raised
She bristled at the question and inference and seemed amazed
Responded that she on Paul’s securities purchases is not aware
But on the issue of insider information the concern is what House agenda business with him she shares
Anyone can read the Federal Register and the status of legislation track
Pelosi would most likely know whether passage of a bill would move forward lacking votes fall back
To believe that she and her husband do not discuss the status of legislation Paul choses to follow
Like Biden intoning he never discussed with Hunter his business dealings is very hard to swallow
The fact there is an app that tracks Paul’s transactions belies the likely fact
That based on knowledge of pending government funding or regulatory legislation Paul is on the insider track 

© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Good Samaritan With a Pistol Shoots and Kills a Mall Shooter Before He Killed More Than Three

 The best way to stop evil armed with a gun on a shooting spree

Who is gunning down shoppers until magazines are empty and then tries to flee
Is a good man with a gun also shopping in the mall
Who shoots the shooter while victims are waiting for response to 911 calls

That fact was proved in spades when in a Greenwood Park Mall
A man with a rifle started shooting and the dead and wounded were starting to fall
Another shopper with a handgun and a permit to conceal and carry
Opened fire to kill the shooter and limit to three the number of innocents their families would have to bury
The police arrived after the gunshots came to an end
Not sure if the response was quick or delayed because of the defund the police trend
The police have not identified the Good Samaritan shooter
Nor the adult male gunman hell bent on becoming an executer
One thing looks to be certain is that the Good Sam
Unlike the idiocy of Bragg and the bodega worker will not with a murder charge be slammed

© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Brooke Jenkins Fired by Recalled Chesa Boudin Two Years Ago Is Back As Feces City D.A.


Residents of Feces City can breathe some fresh air as a new sheriff is in town
Thanks to the voters who voted to recall a Soros backed pro criminal clown
Brooke Jenkins was appointed the new District Attorney by Mayor London Breed
Who unlike Chesa Boudin will the need for public safety in the city heed
Jenkins is the office’s highest appointed Latina and LBGTQ member who was fired two years ago without cause
Who now must be relishing with the voters’ help, Breed’s reversing Boudin’s act so flawed
With broom in hand she has fired 15 from top positions in the department and their position’s filled
With deputies more attuned to public safety than Boudin whose acts showed his concern was nil
Residents hope her appointment will mean a wave of arrests to halt the crime wave
The first step along with prosecutions to a once beautiful City 0n the Bay begin to save
As for the recalled D.A. Chesa Boudin who is reportedly thinking of running again to get his office back
Evidence that the man is totally delusional or heavily using drugs like crack

© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Minneapolis Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Plaintiffs Demanding City Obey City Charter and Have 731 Police Officer


The Defund the Police chicken spawned by Black Lives Matter
Are coming home to roost as safety in Minneapolis has been shattered
After the riots caused by Floyd’s death while in custody of Minneapolis cops
Some 300 have resigned or retired and that exodus will not stop
Minneapolis’s City Charter requires a police force of 731  
Instead of seeking ways to hire enough cops to the vacancies fill
The council passed and sent to the voters a “reform” the police bill
Not to hire more cops but more public safety officers to somehow violent gun incidents with residents reduce
Even though defeated by the voters the rise of murders in Minneapolis with reduced number of cops has been profuse
Only 621 cops are on the payroll and 31 of those are on for more than 2 weeks continuous leave
Overworked and undermanned this reduced Blue Line is finding safety for the city impossible to achieve
The Minneapolis Supreme Court has ruled for the plaintiffs who had sought to require the city to have a force of at least 731
Back to the district court for the City to justify the efforts of the city to hire more cops the city has done
Problem facing Minneapolis is that the D.A. Freeman’s record to prosecuting and jailing violent criminals is not five star
What cop wants to be a police officer and risk his life arresting felons only to see them not prosecuted and put behind bars.
Freeman is not running and any candidate funded by Soros or his ilk, voters must shun
Whoever is the most law and order victim first is the candidate who on election night deserves to have won
© July 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, July 16, 2022

AOC Rightfully Concerned She May Be Out of Touch With Her Constituents


AOC in a moment of self-reflection in an interview said “being out of touch with her constituents was a concern”
Could it be that she might be a feeling that being further left than her voters she is starting to discern
An observer watching numerous appearances on TV and on social media posts tweets
Would easily come to the conclusion that by pushing a national progressive agenda her constituent needs take the backseat
If you are a progressive Blue worthy of being on the Squad
She is quick to endorse and campaign that your opponent is flawed
Totally ignorant of the issues like crime, inflation, and border that are moving voters to the right
The country will be a better place if she is ousted on primary election night
Her dog whistle tweets about Kavanaugh may appeal to her left fanatics online
But most Americans probably feel that those praising assassination attempts should be confined
But her opponent Edgardo Marrero seems to be unknown with no social media posts
So like many Congressional seats AOC to an easy primary will coast
Tina Forte is one of the 4 Red  primary candidates whom AOC might be wise to debate avoid
She’s on the issues center right and will point out how the American Dream by AOC’s policies will be destroyed

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Lawsuit To Ban Skittles Because of Titanium Oxide Used To Color


In the Northern District of California in the class action case of Thames v. Mars
The sale of Skittles to the public is sought to be barred
Not because of too much sugar but because they are coated with titanium oxide
The health risk to humans its consumption we can no longer abide
Mars announced in 2016 that titanium oxide used to color coat Skittles
Was to be discontinued for use in the popular candy vittles
The chemical in other products causes damage to brain, organ and DNA
The European Union next month will it ban more restrictive than our FDA
Who have ruled its use is still OK as long as its weight is less than one percent
When other levels of toxicity are measure in milligrams time to eating Skittles relent
If the class action lawsuit prevails watch for the soon to air ads on TV
“If you or your loved one have consumed Skittles we may win dollars for thee”
Whether the plaintiff wins or not eating less candy would be a good thing
Too much sugar consumed a whole host of problems starting from obesity to diabetes to one’s body bring

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Hunter Biden Is the Latest of Scandals by Relatives While in Office


Ever since John Adams son and future president John Quincy Adams was kicked out of Harvard for drinking
Presidents have had to cope with relatives’ scandals causing them to moan “what were they thinking?”
FDR’s son ran afoul for trying to offices in the administration sell
Jimmy Carter’s brother Jimmy had many drunkenness events Jimmy could not quell
Became a lobbyist for Libya and received a $200,000 fee
Investigated by a young Joe Biden on a Senate Judiciary Committee
For Joe priceless lesson learned
On how quid pro quo dollars could be earned
Aped by Hunter Biden takes the cake
For as a relative quid pro quo being able to take
Money from Ukraine, Russia and China while Biden was VP
Later with hookers and crack on a long excessive spending spree
His misdeeds documented on his abandoned PC
Which during the election and after we have not been able to see
Tax evasion under investigation by the FBI
While Biden continues to any knowledge of or involvement in his shady dealings deny
MSM still protecting Biden though not as rabid as his ratings fallOn Hunter’s corruption ignores on the slender hope investigation of his wrong doings will stall

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Newsom In Snit Fit That He Was Not Notified of UCLA's Move to the Big Ten From the Pac 12


UCLA and USC in football will move from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten in 2024
Newsom is in a snit fit as advance notice to the Board of Regents he was ignored
As the head of the Board of Regents he was thorough peeved
Not sure what if anything he can in terms of blocking the move achieve
California has had companies and residents leaving the state in droves
To escape the high taxes and prosperity now more than ever hard to achieve troves
Here the business headquarters or facilities are not fleeing the state
Only to no longer confined to lower prestige and revenue games on the Pac-12 slate
Could this be an omen that Stanford might open a branch in Austin to add to the replication of Silicon Valley there
Incubating growing new technology based companies that will prosper with revenues through taxes California will not share
Would be a blessing if our aloof and egotistical governor who to the Oval Office in 2024 wishes aspires
Might move to border security, lower taxes and regulation, energy production and crime and homelessness that is dire

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

In a Move of Outrageous Wokeness Penn Nominates Lia Thomas as NCAA Woman of the Year


Lia Thomas as a male was a mediocre Penn swimmer at best
Who found a way to from other male swimmers first finishes wrest
Identified himself as herself and as female to then compete
To no surprise this transgender male would female swimmers quickly defeat
50 years ago Title IX was passed
To insure that women’s sports would in funding always be dead last
No longer would girls’ and women’s participation in sports be curtailed
No longer would the joys and benefits of athletic competition be confined to males
Penn in a frenzy of wokeness nominated her as NCAA Woman of the Year
Though she may be the one who caused the progress of Title IX to disappear
Under the false banner of inclusion the left is pushing that identity trumps biological facts
Since males have more muscle, larger hearts and larger lungs women’s sports are under attack
Being a transgender male competing against females is like Armstrong using steroids in the Tour de France
Against nonusers to the Yellow Jersey he will wear more often as to another win he will advance
This is a pathetic war on women act of wokeThe nomination by Penn should be revoked

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Let Them Drive EV's Instead of Eating Cake Is Mayor "Marie Antoinette" Pete's Solution to Gas Prices

 When it comes to transportation Mayor Pete's only skill

Was to insure the on Mayor Pete's South Bend street the pot holes were first to fill

When it comes to incompetence in the Biden Administration look no further than Mayor Peter

The aloof poster child of why Blues in Congress in 2022 we must in a landslide defeat

A loyal foot soldier to Biden’s Fossil Fuels War

At home while Biden begs for oil as prices soar

Pete’s suggestion for oil prices is that we must buy more EV’s

Even though today most Americans cannot afford this luxury

Intones that the feds are trying to reduce the EV’s cost

Another massive spending bill to insure the war on inflation is lost

Ignores that fact that range and charging time is not up to par

Compared to gas they take too much time and won’t go very far

Batteries need a quantum jump forward in range, charging station availability and time

Until that is achieved the percentage of new EV’s bought will only slowly climb

Lost in the push to create an EV purchasing surge

Is the increasing demand on our power grid and the threat of black outs and brown outs to emerge

Demand for more electricity to charge EV’s will exceed the growth of wind and solar generated electricity

Both of which in calm winds or rain and darkness have much lessened reliability

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet