Sunday, July 31, 2022

Lia Thomas Fails to Become Woman Athlete of the Year and a Transgender Was Kicked Out of Girls' Cheerleading Camp For Putting an Objecting Girl Into a Chokeholdwas is


On the transgender athletics front finally a shred of sanity has been earned
Lia Thomas a Penn transgender in her quest for Women’s Athlete of the year has been spurned
And at female cheerleaders camp a male transgender was upset
That a girl objected to a girl with a penis was competing that she could not accept
The transgender was insulted and put the girl in a choke hold
The transgender was summoned and “out of camp and go home” was told
Shame on the Biden Administration for pushing the idea that “chicks with dicks”
Are allowed to compete against and shower with biological females—an idea so sick
Most Americans especially fathers of young girls are outraged that transgenders can compete
No different than banning use of steroids by athletes that give them an unfair advantage to their opponents defeat
What is amazing in the uproar of transgenders trying to compete against females
Is the silence of feminists over the fact that progress of women in sports under Title IX will be doomed to fail
The idea of female Amazon tribes conquering men en masse
Is a discredited and discarded imyth from our early past
© July 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

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