Sunday, July 24, 2022

From Smash and Grab to Hit and Run Then Return 2 Rob and Be Released On Cashless Bail


We have seen too many videos of a crowd of  looters in a frenzy of smash and grab
Security guards watching idly by with too many looters to safely nab
Total breakdown of law and order when even if arrested in New York City
Where the criminal is coddled and the victims without a shred of pity
Before the ink on the police reports is even dry
Released on cashless bail to similar crimes again try
But in the Big Apple we witnessed the hit and then grab not by a violent mob
A driver hit  a walker in the street and then ran but quickly came back to the victim to rob
New York’s system of justice for it law abiding residents totally fails
Clear case of assault with a deadly weapon and manslaughter that should not lead to cashless bail
Don’t hold your breath and hope justice prevails
The accused before the Sun sets will be out on OR from jail
Unless the victim to life trying to life trying to cling
 From internal bleeding from being thrown into the air, death brings

© July 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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