Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Biden Implies Living Near a Refinery Caused His Cancer (Skin) in Delaware That Ranked Number One in Cancer Deaths


Announcing his climate change executive orders in Massachusetts today
We got another example of the Biden fossil fuels war on display
Announced he had cancer because an oil refinery in his state
Claimed Delaware had the highest cancer death rate
Not sure the death rate when he was growing up in the 40’s and 50’s in Delaware
But a number ranking  number 1 in death rate today is not there
Its rank is high but only comes in at 17
The cancer Biden has had was melanoma caused by lack of sunscreen
Biden was a lifeguard during the summer months to the Sun’s harmful rays
Sun tan lotions and sun blockers screened poorly to melanoma prevent
Baby oil and iodine for the golden tan from time in the Sun spent
Another example of a purposeful distortion of the truth on display
Biden announced executive actions to allocate $2.3 billion to FEMA and proposed electricity by offshore wind
With a hyped 3 million homes to be powered by clean energy and sea birds flying through blade gauntlets to their nests may not win

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