Wednesday, July 20, 2022

250 Bristol Starbucks, Costa Mesa


In a changing world few things remain over time the same
Restaurants open and become the new culinary flame
But the tastes of patrons for new and different plates is never tamed
And sure as the Sun rises in the East, too often on the site there will be a new name
Save at Starbucks great coffee, great small bites and great service is not the exception but the rule
At the Starbucks at 250 Bristol in Costa Mesa blogging with the help of my Rhyme Zone tool
Watching the baristas in constant motion to orders quickly fill
Customers in a steady stream that as to slowing down never will
Parking lot at times looks like an In -And-Out in Costa Mesa on 19th street
Line of cars moving slowly to the drive in for their coffee treat and eats
Today one of the three brews in the urns is Sumatra, the coffee I like the most
But if not there I can enjoy a pour over of Komodo Dragon or French or Italian Roast
A goodly number of baristas to cut down on the waiting time
Always in motion, never slowing down back and forth left and right on a dime
One barista stands out more like an Olympic 20 kilometer walker event
In addition to coffee she is the chosen one to the heated small bites to the customers present
Lacks only the drum  to with the Energizer Rabbit compete
Hope she has some Dr. Scholl’s foot pads for her feet
Internet here is fast and so easy to connect|
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© July 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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