Friday, July 15, 2022

Tiger Misses the Cut on the Second Day, 9 Over Par and Cumulative 153 Could He Use the ADA Like Casey Martin to Continue to Play


At the British Open at St. Andrews Tiger Woods comeback from his almost deadly crash?
Despite the hope and prayers of his fans he failed to survive the cut and those hopes were dashed
!49th place and 9 over par at the end of the second day
A few birdie putts by bogeys and double bogeys erased away
Still playing in a great deal of pain
Great difficulty in squatting down to read the slope or grain
Still hits into the fairways the long ball off the tee
But second shots near the hole rarely came in sprees
It is so tragic to see a golfing career shut short by a speeding traffic disaster
We would overjoyed if on the senior tour he could continue to play and the other legends on the links master
Or perhaps instead of the senior tour he could ape Casey Martin and use the ADA
claiming disability by the accident and needing a cart to cover the course and continue to play
Not sure why the PGA has the no cart rule
If disabled walking the course could be accomplished only by fools
He would still have to hit all his balls in the rough and on the fairway
If into the sand traps the cart would have a detachable ramp to enter the sand to play
Tiger was a great driver of new fans to the course, the game and to watching it on TV
Tiger Think of how many more middle aged players would pick up clubs if in a cart a pro like Tiger they would see

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