Saturday, July 16, 2022

In a Move of Outrageous Wokeness Penn Nominates Lia Thomas as NCAA Woman of the Year


Lia Thomas as a male was a mediocre Penn swimmer at best
Who found a way to from other male swimmers first finishes wrest
Identified himself as herself and as female to then compete
To no surprise this transgender male would female swimmers quickly defeat
50 years ago Title IX was passed
To insure that women’s sports would in funding always be dead last
No longer would girls’ and women’s participation in sports be curtailed
No longer would the joys and benefits of athletic competition be confined to males
Penn in a frenzy of wokeness nominated her as NCAA Woman of the Year
Though she may be the one who caused the progress of Title IX to disappear
Under the false banner of inclusion the left is pushing that identity trumps biological facts
Since males have more muscle, larger hearts and larger lungs women’s sports are under attack
Being a transgender male competing against females is like Armstrong using steroids in the Tour de France
Against nonusers to the Yellow Jersey he will wear more often as to another win he will advance
This is a pathetic war on women act of wokeThe nomination by Penn should be revoked

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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