Sunday, July 17, 2022

Minneapolis Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Plaintiffs Demanding City Obey City Charter and Have 731 Police Officer


The Defund the Police chicken spawned by Black Lives Matter
Are coming home to roost as safety in Minneapolis has been shattered
After the riots caused by Floyd’s death while in custody of Minneapolis cops
Some 300 have resigned or retired and that exodus will not stop
Minneapolis’s City Charter requires a police force of 731  
Instead of seeking ways to hire enough cops to the vacancies fill
The council passed and sent to the voters a “reform” the police bill
Not to hire more cops but more public safety officers to somehow violent gun incidents with residents reduce
Even though defeated by the voters the rise of murders in Minneapolis with reduced number of cops has been profuse
Only 621 cops are on the payroll and 31 of those are on for more than 2 weeks continuous leave
Overworked and undermanned this reduced Blue Line is finding safety for the city impossible to achieve
The Minneapolis Supreme Court has ruled for the plaintiffs who had sought to require the city to have a force of at least 731
Back to the district court for the City to justify the efforts of the city to hire more cops the city has done
Problem facing Minneapolis is that the D.A. Freeman’s record to prosecuting and jailing violent criminals is not five star
What cop wants to be a police officer and risk his life arresting felons only to see them not prosecuted and put behind bars.
Freeman is not running and any candidate funded by Soros or his ilk, voters must shun
Whoever is the most law and order victim first is the candidate who on election night deserves to have won
© July 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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