Saturday, July 23, 2022

Rise in Infections and Hospitalizations For New Omicron Variant Mean Mask Mandates Soon On Their Way?


With the new Omicron variant spawning new cases by the thousands and hospitalizations by the scores
The numbers have risen to the point the disease health authorities can no longer ignore
Time for the vaccinated and unvaccinated to fear
That soon very soon in Blue states mask mandates will be again here
For certain in indoor dining and bars but the list will get worse
Soon elementary schools will be facing the dreaded mask mandate curse
In San Diego the school board president has intoned
If a child does not wear a mask don’t come here stay at home
Academic progress of early grade elementary school kids
With masks have seen their learning skills hit the skids
Kids are rarely infected and the jury is still out of how effective masks are to infection prevent
But if schools are hit with mask mandates at least one parent will be back to the unemployment lines sent
COVID and its variants have become a fact of life and those not infected become rarer each day
Daily we learn that our leaders and the CDC the science does not follow or the lessons obey
We have more and mores tools to the fight against infections aid
Watch for parents and mere morals rise up to demand an end to the mask and vaccination charade

© 7/23/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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