Monday, July 25, 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell To Spend Next 20 Years At the Tallahassee Club Fed


When most people think of federal prisons they think of the Super Max Hell
Maximum security prisons where the most dangerous violent felons dwell
For all but one hour a day they are confined in their cell

Any chance of an escape, riot or attack on a guard forever quelled
A one way ticket to insanity of solitary confinement
Fortunately only the most violent and dangerous to themselves or others are sent
Ghislaine Maxwell, the pimp for Epstein, who was sentenced to 20 years
Has been moved to a federal prison where she will have none of those fears

Tallahassee Federal Corrections Institute offers its inmates Yoga and Pilate
Perfect distractions for her memories of pimping for Epstein to fade away
This low security paradise behind bars offers artwork, hobby crafts and talent show for her talent to display
If from the gourmet commissary with its $350 limit she starts adding weight,  flag football she can play

Unlike many prisons where the cons who are sexual child predators don’t survive long

Tallahassee cons treat predators and informers as if here they belong
The male reptilian brains knowing that she may safety feel
Will not in order to be moved the identities of the abusers at Epstein’s island reveal

© July 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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