Sunday, July 10, 2022

Arizona Now Bans Recording Police Activity Within 8 Feet---Conceal Excessive Use of Force or Prevent Interference With Arrests? feet


The Arizona Governor has just signed a law that makes it a crime to record
Police activity within 8 feet raising fear misconduct could be concealed if a cop moved toward
With smart phones and dashboard and body cams police citizen interaction is harder to conceal
Civil rights groups are fearful with an 8 foot barrier that excessive force may not be revealed
Cops can cite that on many occasions while trying to make an arrest by friends or family members they have been attack
No officer wants to be in a position while trying to arrest he or she is struck from the back
Doubt anyone is going to attack with one hand holding a cell phone and only the other in play
The quality of cell phone cameras is such further than 8 feet a lot of clarity will be on display
Not how much of the vocal interaction is lost  if you are not within 8 feet
About the fear of a cop walking toward the recorder to the purpose of the law defeat
Approaching a recorder while his partners are engaging in police activity more than 8 feet behind
Is probably not police activity and not what the legislature had in mind
Another chance sadly for police citizen interaction to go awry
When cooperation and support the police more than ever from citizens need to rely
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