Friday, July 22, 2022

Another Matters Company With a Better Idea On Gun Violence


Black Lives Matter is an organization that is raking if the dough
Pushing the idea of white guilt many corporations it  has snowed
Raised millions of dollars to advance ideas of justice, equity and to racism end
Now being hit with revelations of nepotism and conflicts of interest trend
Still effective to create the demonstrations when due to police a black life is lost
But in the black on black shooting galleries of the urban cities any BLM outrage is tossed
As the sound of gunfire at night fills the air
No one in BLM seems in the slightest to care
Too many cities in a wave of shooting sprees
Enough is enough and those who can increasingly flee
There is now a new matter movement in town
Whose approach to the raging gun violence is much more sound
Black Guns Matter founded by Mel Touré believes the answer is more safe and responsible gun owners of guns
Who instead if waiting for a 911 response call can stop the threat to human life before it has begun
We can never have enough police to man every public building, school, theater, park, restaurant or store
But if more and more trained law abiding concealed carry are on the streets is a risk a thug could not ignore

© July 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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