Monday, July 25, 2022

Joe Manchin Joins the List of Swamp Dwellers That Have Tested Positive For COVID


It is more and more looking like the nation has suffered a massive bait and switch
The “vaccines” developed by Pfizer and Moderna at warp speed their bottom line did enrich
It is beginning to look like on the mutating virus immunity by vaccinations was not put in place
“Breakthrough” infections more and more became the norm not the exception to the hopes of barriers erase
During the campaign to get everyone vaccinated natural immunity was discounted and thrown under the rug
Despite all the hype the vaccines are acting less and less like vaccines and more and more like therapeutic drugs
As infections of the latest sub variant of Omicron are on the rise
It’s not just the mere mortals but our leaders that receive the testing positive surprise
Pelosi, Susan Collins, Mayor Bowser, President Biden and today the Blues’ main Build Back Better foil
Joe Manchin who tested positive to join the growing list of vaccinated who the vaccination label have spoiled
How can the feds, the states and private employers continue to vaccine mandates impose
As the “vaccines” are merely therapeutic drug which more and more Americans to be the case know?

© July 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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