Saturday, July 30, 2022

Will Pelosi's Trip Embolden President XI to Wag the Dog or Will Biden Cave and Cancel Her Taiwan Stop


Pelosi with her Botox has no face that would launch a thousand ships
But China is ranting that if she is on a plane heading to Taiwan it will be her last on Earth trip
As Xi prepares to come before the CCP and be named dictator for life
Nothing like a confrontation with the U.S. to distract from economic strife
He believes the people will rally to his support
If Chinese threats Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan he is able to thwart
In Xi’s mind Taiwan is a breakaway province that by force if necessary be brought to heel
If the world and Taiwanese are dumb enough to believe their freedoms would be protected look only at the Hong Kong deal
Even though shooting down a U.S. plane carrying our number three in line
Would under any definition a declaration of war define
He must believe after almost two years of Biden as president
That he is too weak to other than feeble protests not accompanied by lethal weapons to Taiwan sent
We dilly dallied on bolstering Ukraine’s defenses and a Putin invasion did not prevent
Weapons that when the Russian convoys were stalled for miles outside of Kviv would on them inflicted deadly torment
Also must believe with Hunter’s nefarious business dealing with the CCP he holds a blackmail hand
If unleashed this frail president could not the outrage withstand
We must not before tyrants even nuclear armed bend over in fear
If we do far worse threatening problems will soon appear

© July 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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