Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Wide Open Border Turns All States into Border Sates


Mayorkas is a total idiot deaf, dumb and blind
As head of DHS you have to question how did we ever this idiot find?
Lying with a straight face, he intones “The border is secure.”
If he went to the border the absurdity of his claim would be revealed in a less than  a couple minutes tour
Like a loyal foot soldier sadly he is carrying out Biden’s open border to a T
If he believes in border security in reality not delusion resignation only way to save his integrity
Because of his crippling the ability of the CBP to the border in reality to secure
There is no border but all states now are like border states as the geographical distinction is blurred
Cartel deadly drugs make all our cities and towns
Deadly fentanyl overdose killing grounds
Illegal girls as sex slaves being trafficked across the nation
Violent acts to preserve the sale of illegal drugs without hesitation
No one crosses the border without the cartels having to pay
A new class of indentured servants slaving away
The misguided creation of sanctuary cities may protect illegals from ICE deportation
But not from any much worse cartel deprivation

© 7/27/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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