Sunday, July 24, 2022

Sergery Brin Divorcing Wife of 4 Years After Elon Musk Affair With His Wife.


Elon Musk with his legal plate full with Twitter’s law suit for breach of his contract to Twitter buy
Now is the topic of the scandal sheets with a brief affair with Sergery Brin’s wife he could not deny
Brin and his wife had just separated but were sharing the same home
His reptilian brain always on the prowl for targets as it roamed
A brief affair which leaked and caused Brin to divorce papers file
Another example of the reptilian brain that knows no boundaries even involving a friend erstwhile
When Tesla was financially struggling in 2008
Brin gave Musk 500 grand to financial issues abate
A grateful Musk gifted one of the first of Tesla’s SUV’s
When in Silicon Valley Musk was often a guest of Brin at his home rent free
Nothing like an affair with one’s wife even if separated to bring a friendship to an end
Divorce papers filed shortly after affair discovery to add to the wealthy couples dissolution trend
First Jeff Bezos engaged in an affair with former newscaster Lauren Sanchez and lost to divorce his wife of 25 years
Second Melinda Gates appalled at rumors of Bill’s trips on the Lolita Express that began to appear
Called their long marriage quits adding another casualty to the reptilian brain’s grip
Freedom from the reptilian brain if learned is too soon forgot to into divorce court Hell slip
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