Tuesday, July 12, 2022

$500 Million Spent CA on Woke DEI Instead For Pressing Problems Like Homelessness


In California with its homeless and high home prices, crippling taxes, Banana Republic government , and anti-business bent
Companies and residents fed up have to lower tax states like Texas, Nevada and Florida went
There is one business in this woke state that is on an off the charts growth curve
If not stifled and soon will cripple our efforts to a thriving economy preserve
The business is the DEI scam that the wizards in Sacramento forked over 500 million bucks
The pursuit of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion our tax dollars have been plucked
Sadly the diversity is only skin color and not diversity of thought
Only CRT, Cancel Culture and PC ideas can be promoted or taught
Equity is not equal opportunities regardless of color of skin
But equal outcomes to because of perceived universal racism color will win
Inclusion involves only thoughts that toe the woke line
God forbid if conservative thought is not censored or otherwise confined
Meritocracy and work ethic have been relegated to racist traits
While in countries that wish to surpass us are practiced pedal to the metal with little or no abate

© July 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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