Sunday, July 10, 2022

Woman Suing Oregon School District For Waste Of Funds For Requiring Tampons In Boys' Restrooms


Oregon has gone off its leftist rocker
You will agree when you learn this shocker
School districts in the state already required to have tampons in girls’ bathrooms
A requirement to also staff boys’ bathrooms the same way soon looms
No matter how much a boy identifies as a transgender female
No matter how hard he tries to have a period with blood he fails
$5.6 million is the cost to tampons for boys provide
But before you such tampon placement deride
Listen to these uses conjured by the left after your scorn subsides
To stop a nose bleed stick it up until the blood flow has dried
Use it to clean a wound or make a cat toy
Or as its cotton as tinder to start a fire to enjoy
Or if you like to your toe nails paint insert them between your toes
Just a few examples of how far the left to justify its idiocy will try to go

© July 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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