Friday, July 22, 2022

Is Biden's COVID For Real or Only a Sympathy Ploy


During the pandemic people were urged to frequently wash their hands
And when greeting someone, urge need for a handshake to withstand
To send the COVID-19 the dump
People were urged to use the fist bump
Before the pandemic a fist bump was akin to a high five
A sign of respect and acknowledgement of common goals to strive
Biden having called Saudi Arabia a pariah nation
His fist bump of its Crown Prince was met with condemnation
Biden’s fist bump if meant as a COVID-19 shield it failed
He has tested positive raising concerns for a victim so old and frail
With a White House desperate to grasp straws halt his approval ratings falling like a rock
With the announcement of COVID-19 infections, will infection sympathy further drops block?
Reds may be leery due to Reagan’s upward tick in approval after by Hinckley was shot
But there on TV we saw the shooting and the reports from the OR that the farm Reagan almost bought
In politics the Blue mantra is “the end justifies the means” so Biden’s infection we take with a grain of salt?
His mild symptoms of a cough a sign of a true infection or bogus designed to drop in approval halt?

© July 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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