Monday, July 18, 2022

Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong Rants Due to Dobbs He'll Renounce His Citizenship--Be My Guest!


In 2016 after Trump was elected a score or more celebrities swore the U.S. they would leave
Must have thought people marching in the streets protesting the election they would achieve
And their fans would beg them to reconsider and stay
Did the mere mortal mope and express their dismay?
No instead many could care less or they cheered
In 2020 the same celebrities to the mortals’ disappointment were still here
In a déjà vu moment after the Dobbs decision the stuck record started again
Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong ranted he was renouncing his citizenship but didn’t say when
Safe bet is this fool is crying wolf and we will have to put up with his rants
Too bad a public announcement does not enable us to his wish grant
Unless another country was dumb enough to let him in and stay
Like a man without a country he would move on after each gig he played

© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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