Sunday, July 24, 2022

Slight Lead to Trump Over De Santis But With January 6 Baggage, Trump Should Not Run In 2024


In 2020 with the help of COVID and the MSM Biden was able to hunker down in his basement
Avoided the campaign trail so exposure of his failing cognitive abilities to prevent
Despite vaccines and booster shots he has come down with COVID once more
With better drugs a great chance to complete recovery he will be restored
Assuming he runs again in 2024 he will be left with a dwindling MSM band to cover his growing mental miscues
Like schools of piranha lured by the scent of fresh blood he will be set upon by a number of covetous Blues
Without COVID to shelter him in his bunker basement
A parade of Blues will be running to be his replacement
His insurance policy for the 25th his identity policy VP
Like 2016 will once again exposed to the public drop out very quickly
Saner Blues in the party know an 82 year old growing on 95
Will not a campaign against the Red nominee survive
With the January 6th Show Trial still plodding along
For the good of the party many hope for a rerun attempt Trump does not belong
If he announces he will run before the midterms
A good chance the Red Wave will be only a trickle or worse crash and burn

© 7/24/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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