Monday, July 25, 2022

Pelosi Is Visiting Taiwan and the Chinese Are Rattled


Pelosi with her hands moving like lips
And on the issues of the day like inflation or open borders on the solutions has no grip
Unlike Helen of ancient Troy has a face that would sink not launch a thousand ships
Her visit has rattled the Chinese warning of adverse consequences as its economy is in a downward slip
Why China should be rattled by Pelosi who is bringing no promise of weapons systems to Taiwan equip
As Biden on Taiwan’s request to buy more advanced weapons would the balance of Taiwan’s defense favor tip
Like in Ukraine where before Putin invaded but had sabers rattled
Where Biden threatened sanctions as opposed to armaments that might have deterred battle
Are still on hold and pending
Still all weak talk from Biden trending
We all hope that China does not call on the defense of Taiwan Biden’s bluff
The troops and material committed would never be enough
Even if we did not strike targets in China and restricted our attacks planes and ships bringing reinforcements after from China they had departed
The conflict could not be confined to conventional forces and to the use of nuclear weapons from bases in China and the U,S soon to have departed

© 7/25/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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