Monday, July 18, 2022

Mayor Bowser Claims Illegals Tricked into getting on buses going to D.C. Where they are taking over homeless shelters


The border remains wide open but finally locales other than the swamped border states are feeling the pain
Even the misguided sanctuary cities about the flood of illegals are beginning to complain
Mayor Bowser of the Swamp is ranting that illegals are being tricked to buses board
Instead of being sent from Texas to the interior as part of the bogus “asylum” seekers horde
They are being sent to her city to swamp the homeless shelter to force Americans to remain in the streets
Raising the question of what will it take to this inane open border policy of the Blues defeat
Asylum should be limited to those fleeing political repression and wars
Not economic hardship which causes the numbers of “asylum” seekers to soar
If economic hardship is the test billions of world’s population would be allowed to be here
Our safety and standard of living along with our culture would simply disappear
Like the Titanic whose life boats rowed past the soon to die passengers in the seas
Without being swamped and killing all aboard all those in the water into the lifeboats they could not squeeze
The only place an asylum seeker should be allowed to a claim file is in the seeker’s home nation
If and only if the claim is granted may the seeker begin to commence his migration
Not filed or not granted and the seeker on crossing the border is immediately sent back
And any cayote who is caught trying to smuggle the seeker in is arrested, tried and if convicted a ten year prison track

Couple the apply in home nation with an examination of the skills we desperately must fill
And add those skills to any legal immigration bill
© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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