Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Biden Is jn Deep Trouble When NYT Opinion Demands He Immediately Announce He Will Not Run in 2024


Through thick and thin
The MSM has been an arm of the DNC to help Blues win
In darkness democracy dies
On the NYT the DNC could always rely
Finally as the Biden ship of state is wallowing in the failure seas
The NYT publishes an opinion that’s refreshing to see
Based on a litany of failures due to his being way too weak
The opinion demands that Biden announce another term he will not seek
We all owe the author Bret Stephens for his candor a great debt
But not running for reelection is only the first step lest we forget
His term still has 2 more years before it mercifully is done
With his dementia growing like a sprinter’s run
He should admit to the nation he is not mentally up to the task to continue to serve
For the good of the nation he should resign before two more years of increasing decline we will observe
Harris sadly may not be up to the job and should probably vow to serve only until 2025
With a competent replacement VP like a Gerald Ford we might have a chance to from the Biden disasters survive

© 7/27/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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