Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Inflation Increase More Than Expected to 9.1% Adding To Size of Red November Wave


Inflation is called the hidden tax that is not paid to the cities, states or feds
No returns to be filed only higher prices when one buys fuel, housing, milk and bread
Too much money chasing goods that are in number too few
June numbers out at historic highs at 9.1% portending in November disaster for the Blues
The wealthy have more annual income than they can consume
Inflation a mere speed bump but for poor and middle class financial doom
Already the White House is trying to the 9.1% numbers cast in a favorable spin
But with wallets assaulted at the pump, supermarket, retail outlets or internet  they will not win
Self- inflicted wounds by Biden in his all-out fossil fuels war
Cutting the supply of domestic oil while to the Middle East begging for more
Inflation was first “transitory” so not to worry then target Putin to blame
Adverse impact on fuel supplies due to his invasion of Ukraine
Finally, the Fed was aroused from its low inflation sleep
Started to raise rates in steps historically steep
Interest rate raises like fighting with one hand tied behind one’s back
Need to increase supply especially oil to give consumers some needed slack
Biden can only spend
Increase the inflation trend
In November angry voters a message will send
Congressional Blues your misruling time has come to an end

© July 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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