Monday, July 18, 2022

If You Believe That Nancy Does Not Share House Agenda Information With Spouse You Believe Bidden Never Discussed With Hunter His Business Dealings

 Pelosi and her DUI husband Paul are an incredibly wealthy couple from stock investments made by Paul

He just exercised on semiconductor company Nvidia 20,000 calls
Days before Congress will vote on a $52 billion subsidy and tax incentive program for makers of chips
Wonder if he bought the calls based on information on the House’s agenda that Nancy let slip
Pelosi when the appearance of insider information with her husband was raised
She bristled at the question and inference and seemed amazed
Responded that she on Paul’s securities purchases is not aware
But on the issue of insider information the concern is what House agenda business with him she shares
Anyone can read the Federal Register and the status of legislation track
Pelosi would most likely know whether passage of a bill would move forward lacking votes fall back
To believe that she and her husband do not discuss the status of legislation Paul choses to follow
Like Biden intoning he never discussed with Hunter his business dealings is very hard to swallow
The fact there is an app that tracks Paul’s transactions belies the likely fact
That based on knowledge of pending government funding or regulatory legislation Paul is on the insider track 

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