Friday, July 8, 2022

Musk Looks Like He Is Backing Out of Twitter Buyout Deal Over Misrepresentation of Number of Actual Real Twitter Users


When the Twitter Board accepted Musk’s buy out deal for Twitter
The left and Twitter employees were outraged more than just bitter
The social media giant was a thorn in conservatives’ side
Banning and censoring conservative thought with the left and DNC too allied
Conservatives were jumping for joy that true free speech rules on Twitter would be employed
That the censorship that reigned for too many years would be destroyed
New algorithms that would be created to only silence threats of violence or hate speech
The left’s Iron Curtain of censorship would finally be breached
Employees used to working at home to the offices never appear
Were fuming that Musk would demand for attendance to mean looking for a new career
Must now be popping the corks of the best champagne
As Musk’s bid to buy may be going down the drain
Musk is now claiming that the number of tweets daily is inflated by spam and bots
Reducing the value far below the $44 billion in inking the agreement Musk had sought
The deal now looks like it may not occur and the parties will soon be in court
Twitter is a money loser and the search for a replacement for Musk will come up short
If so free speech will be buried once again
Conservative ideas the old  algorithms will not send
© July 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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