Thursday, July 28, 2022

LA County Not To Enforce Planned Mask Mandates


Omicron is still with us and giving rise to new variants to us infect
Raising concern our vaccines even with boosters will not us from the disease protect
Latest high profile case to be infected was Biden who was fully vaccinated and subject to double boost
Yet on July 20, 2022 his COVID-19 tests showed that in his body the virus had come to roost
Biden who when the cameras are running even outdoors a mask he wore
Either was for moments maskless or worse their protection is hyped and mandates we should ignore
Slight symptoms like sore throat, slight cough and fever and some languor
Very little difference in terms of briefings, work schedule or public appearance than he had before
His 79 year old body aided by drugs like Paxlovid and after a week a negative test
His bout with COVID-19 showed his body so helped did the virus best
If someone so protected by people wearing masks and vaccines
No wonder that more revolts against mask mandates are now being seen
More and more the data in terms of protecting against infections show masks don’t work
Explains why from mask mandates proponents are starting to delay or compliance enforcement shirk
Masks for elementary schools have been an educational disaster
Setting back progress in educational and social skills the young must master
Blues may like masks and closures to aid in their ability to the population control
But we must learn to accept COVID-19 like the common cold and flu as our goal

7/7/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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