Wednesday, July 20, 2022

In Addition to Being a Good Samaritan Elis Dicken Is an Incredible Shot


Jonathan Sapirman must have thought as he exited the restroom at the mall to begin his shooting spree
With no security guards in sight he was home
As soon as he started shooting Eli Dicken moved toward the sounds
In 15 seconds at the gunman he fired ten rounds
Not from a shooters’ stance but while quickly moving toward the gunshot sounds
8 of 10 shots taken hit home
Sapirman’s chances for further fatal harm were blown
It takes a brave man with a pistol to go toe to toe with a semi-automatic rifle
To risk his life to save others and to his fears of being shot dead stifle
Dicken was praised by the Mayor and Police Chief as a hero and Good Samaritan
Labels gun control advocates have a hard time swallowing and wanted to dismiss out of hand
Like the debate over pro-choice and pro-life on gun control neither side is willing to an inch concede
Which are attitudes in the debate that this nation absolutely does not need

© 7/20/22 The Alaskanpoet

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