Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Senator Manchin's Anti Build Back Better Stance Praised by Joe Scarboroough


The White House is seething that Manchin kyboshed Biden’s grandiose Build Back Better deal
To his rational mind with inflation raging and the debt soaring spending trillions more had no appeal

The progressives in the Democratic Party when it comes to economics are total fools
With little private sector experience and either didn’t take or slept through econ in school
They felt that the trillions already spent was not enough
Trillions more were needed on non-COVID related fighting stuff
Biden is keeping his anger against Manchin under control
Oblivious to the fact by not spending trillions the Fed nay achieve its inflation goal
Important to reduce the size of the Red Wave
But not enough to Blue majorities in Congress save

Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe some vestigial traits of a former Red to show
Blues pushing Build Back Better lost in lure of more federal dollars into social spending go
Manchin’s fiscal restraint will weaken the recession we are sure to face
With Biden not running in 2024 more of a true presidential much closer horse race
Not sure who will be the standard bearer for Blues will be
Other than it will not be Chuckles who will have long since jumped into the sea.
© July 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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