Saturday, July 9, 2022

New York Has No Recall But Governor Can Replace Soft on Crime D.A. Bragg: Another Great Reason To Vote Zeldin To Oust Hochul


If you live in NYC you for your safety must daily fear
On or waiting for the subway, walking on the side, never knowing when death will appear
New Yorkers live under the perfect storm
Why violent crime for too many has become the violent norm
The bookends of defund and police on one hand and the other a soft on crime D.A.
NYPD members retiring or leaving en mass and criminals not prosecuted or out the same day
Alvin Bragg is a Gascon or Boudin Big Apple clone
Why New Yorkers feel unsafe when they are forced to leave their homes
Bragg is so progressive when it comes to crime
His arm has to be really twisted when it comes to having felons do time
Classic case caught on surveillance camera of a 61 year old bodega clerk assaulted by a 31 year old black felon brute
Who was angered that Jose Alba wouldn’t let his girlfriend a bag of potato chips loot
Outweighed and facing severe bodily injury was able to reach for on the counter a knife
And in self-defense snuffed out the brute’s life
Bragg who is black charged Alba who is white with murder and demanded $500,000 bail
Alba should never have been charged and for him justice has failed
Zeldin facing Hochul in the fall should use this slogan “If you live in New York City and want to be safe on the subway
I will replace soft on crime D.A Bragg on my very first day!”
© 7/9/22 The Alaskanpoet

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