Saturday, July 16, 2022

Hunter Biden Is the Latest of Scandals by Relatives While in Office


Ever since John Adams son and future president John Quincy Adams was kicked out of Harvard for drinking
Presidents have had to cope with relatives’ scandals causing them to moan “what were they thinking?”
FDR’s son ran afoul for trying to offices in the administration sell
Jimmy Carter’s brother Jimmy had many drunkenness events Jimmy could not quell
Became a lobbyist for Libya and received a $200,000 fee
Investigated by a young Joe Biden on a Senate Judiciary Committee
For Joe priceless lesson learned
On how quid pro quo dollars could be earned
Aped by Hunter Biden takes the cake
For as a relative quid pro quo being able to take
Money from Ukraine, Russia and China while Biden was VP
Later with hookers and crack on a long excessive spending spree
His misdeeds documented on his abandoned PC
Which during the election and after we have not been able to see
Tax evasion under investigation by the FBI
While Biden continues to any knowledge of or involvement in his shady dealings deny
MSM still protecting Biden though not as rabid as his ratings fallOn Hunter’s corruption ignores on the slender hope investigation of his wrong doings will stall

© July 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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