Saturday, July 16, 2022

Newsom In Snit Fit That He Was Not Notified of UCLA's Move to the Big Ten From the Pac 12


UCLA and USC in football will move from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten in 2024
Newsom is in a snit fit as advance notice to the Board of Regents he was ignored
As the head of the Board of Regents he was thorough peeved
Not sure what if anything he can in terms of blocking the move achieve
California has had companies and residents leaving the state in droves
To escape the high taxes and prosperity now more than ever hard to achieve troves
Here the business headquarters or facilities are not fleeing the state
Only to no longer confined to lower prestige and revenue games on the Pac-12 slate
Could this be an omen that Stanford might open a branch in Austin to add to the replication of Silicon Valley there
Incubating growing new technology based companies that will prosper with revenues through taxes California will not share
Would be a blessing if our aloof and egotistical governor who to the Oval Office in 2024 wishes aspires
Might move to border security, lower taxes and regulation, energy production and crime and homelessness that is dire

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