Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Blue Solution On Recession Is Not To Address Causes But Change the Definition


The Blue Rule is that if you don’t like the results on the economy in the U.S.
It is far better to change definitions than trying to the issues causing the problems address
Economists have for some time defined a “recession” as two consecutive quarters of negative growth of the GNP
The first quarter tanked at 1.6 % and the second quarter results this week we will see
The Biden Administration fears the results will confirm what most Americans already feel
We are in a recession going into the midterms which no amount of spin can conceal
You have to hand it to the Biden Blues as the masters of spin
Change the definition so the anticipated Red Wave does not come in
Biden wants us to look at a whole parameter list
To prove that a recession does not exist
We must look at the growth in jobs and the unemployment rate
Which he claims mean recession has not been served on the American plate
Biden’s policies not Putin’s War have sent us into energy dependence and inflation Hell
Convincing us otherwise we are not in a recession will be a very tough sell

© 7/27/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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