Thursday, July 14, 2022

While Chicago Remains the Wild West Shooting Gallery Lightweight Is in London Promoting Chicago at Fintech As Great For Business

 Lori Lightweight has escaped the Wild West Shooting Gallery in the Windy City
Gangs in turf wars to sell their drugs daily are shooting down innocents with no pity
In London at a Fintech Conference trying with a straight face
To tout to the attendees that for doing business Chicago is a safe place
Even as giants like Boeing and Caterpillar have joined the headquarter exodus race
If gun violence now concentrated in 4% of the city expands look for an accelerating exit pace
Blue run cities like Chicago for a wakeup call on safety are in a great need
If a city does not the safety of customers and employees heed
Businesses will pack up and leave for places where shootings are rare
Where gun shots are not daily heard and pro-business cities want more companies to snare
No matter how much Lightweight touts Chicago’s location for FinTech
Headlines of gun violence should cause most companies on the idea of moving to Chicago reject
Chicago has an active BLM but an active VLM in justice system in Chicago seems not to exist
60 felons in Chicago are on bail release and could not awaiting trial committing another crime resist
As life and limb in Chicago are daily shattered
Lightweight needs to learn that Victims Lives Matter

© July 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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