Thursday, July 14, 2022

As Recall Signatures Are Being Counted, Gascon Forbids Deputies from Notifying Victims of Parole Hearings


George Gascon is either so egotistical that rejection he cannot cope
Or so stupid to not realize he will soon be facing a recall vote
Voters in L.A. County, outraged over his  procriminal anti-victim stands started a petition to him recall
But after some 200,000 signatures the efforts started to peter out and finally stalled
Gascon must have thought he was now bullet proof
And from the voters disgust remain aloof
But another recall effort soon commenced
As violent crime increased voters became more incensed
Signatures were being collected
And two events occurred to incur a greater chance of his being rejected
A mother with a child in a stroller almost killed by a hit and run teen
Gascon believed because of his youth his sentence should be lean
5 months in a camp as opposed to juvenile hall
Lied that L.A. Sheriff had agreed when he was appalled
2 police in Monterey Park were killed by ex-felon on probation with a gun to carry
But under Gascon his prior strike was not charged so on the streets and 2 cops were buried
With victims after a crime fearful of a parolee’s revenge for being sent to jail
His deputies wanting to attend a parole board hearing are doomed to fail
Assuming the signatures for recall are valid this could be the last straw
Voters will go to the ballot box for not vigorously prosecuting violations of the law.

© July 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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