Monday, July 18, 2022

On Use of "Good Samaritan" to Describe the Armed Citizen Who Kiled the Greenwood Park Mall Shooter The Left Should Be MockedA


The Greenwood Park Mall’s policy on guns is that in the mall they are banned
Fortunately for shoppers this Sunday Elisjsha Dicken dismissed the policy out of hand
This 22 year old Indianan had a conceal carry permit
And with his girlfriend carrying his pistol to the mall he was admitted
When Jonathan Spireman exited from a mall bathroom with his Sig Sauer M400 and into a food court began to fire
Dicken drew his pistol and before Spireman had fired more than 15 shots Dicken was shooting back with an aim to admire
Range was more than a few yards and against a rifle a pistol shooter has long odds
But his shooting was on target not in any way flawed
!4 shots fired by Spireman which hit 5 in the food court, 2 of whom dead at the scene, 1 at the ER and 2 with wounds slight
Before the police  responding to the 911 calls even arrived, Spireman had died ending the gunfight
Dicken was hailed by the police and mayor as a heroic Good Samaritan which among the left caused an uproar
Since Christ opposed killed for any reason including self-defense, wrong to imply Dicken’s killing we should not adore
In the cause of their perceived proper use of a PC name
These warriors would rather the act of saving lives disclaim
The gun control left’s rants on this make them look like fools
With them idiocy as opposed to reason and common rules
© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet  

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