Monday, July 18, 2022

Reich May Not Be the First But For Sure Will Not Be the Last To Claim Biden Too Old To Run For a Second Term


The leaks in the Biden campaign dam are starting to appear
The growing claims that Biden is too old will increase as 2024 nears
Old is a euphemism for cognitive mental decline
More and more on his gaffes and lapses will be viewed as proof positive that he has lost his mind
Robert Reich, Labor Secretary under Clinton, does not mince words
To him the idea that a 79 year old  Biden can run at age 81 and take office at age 82 is absurd
And the idea that he could endure the stress of office until it ending at age 86 is a forlorn hope
When today simple mental tasks seem to defy his ability with them to be able to cope
Most likely we will not have COVID scourging the land in 1984
So he will not be able to isolate from the people and campaign from the basement bunker once more
Every public appearance will reveal him to be frail with a brain like an empty shell
Promising to be president for a full term will be to the public an impossible sell
If the Red Wave is as strong as people are predicting it to be look for a parade of remaining Blues to on the Oval Office descend
Telling in no uncertain terms it is time for his presidency to come to an end
If on January 20, 2025 a Blue has any chance to put his hand on a Bible on the Inauguration stand
And you can spend the rest of your days hand in hand with Jill walk along the Delaware beach sands
© July 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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