Saturday, July 9, 2022

Thug Who Threatened To Kill Cruz and All Reds Released on Own Recognizance Fails To Appear


The divisions that exist in this county seem each day to widen
Not helped by the demonizing of SCOTUS and Red Senators and Reps by the “ex Unifier” Biden
Isaac Nformangum, a black male aged 22, was arrested for threatening to kill Senator Cruz
Because he thought due to him and his fellow Reds his right to vote he was going to lose
He would follow them home to their well-known home address
And then shoot them or with a brick to the head their life suppress
Kim Ogg, the former head of Crime Stoppers of Houston, is the Harris County D.A.
A Blue viewed as conservative has a policy at bail hearings for threat to public safety to come into play
At his arraignment Nformangum was released on his own recognizance to later appear
He failed to appear at his hearing and warrant for his arrest was obtained
Not sure who the judge was but Crime Stoppers against Blue judges for low bail or OR has campaigned
Until he is caught we can only hope his threats were merely rhetoric over the top
And any serious attempts to carry out his threats he has quickly stopped
It is a sad fact but in a 50/50 Senate as into greater division we drift
The death of one Blue or Red would cause a balance of power shift
© July 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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