Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Liz Cheney Removed from Office by Margins of Almost 38%


Liz Cheney who had previously won her district with votes totaling 70 percent
Was sent packing in the Red primary by the voters by a margin of almost 38%
Immediate blamed her loss for standing up to Trump and her service on the 1/6 Committee
Which had nothing to do with investigating the cause of the events but instead a Stalinesque show trial to see
Became fixated with an obsession to abolish Trump forever from the political scene
From acting in the best interests of her District was quickly weaned
Quickly infected with a case of Hillaryitis and could not to herself assign blame
Claimed she was the defender of the Constitution in her acts and in name
A trial balloon of a presidential run in a new party to be formed
Seems a forlorn rant of delusional mind deformed
Comparing herself to Lincoln who lost a Congressional race
Who went to become one of the best presidents we have ever had in place
Eva could have a Broadway hit and sing “Do not cry for me Argentina, my promises were kept”
For Liz a dirge “Cry for me Wyoming, my promises were made for me easy to forget”

© August 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Mar-a-Lago Raid Is an "October Suprise" Several Weeks Too Soon


It is fair to believe that the Mar-a-Lago warrant execution raid
So close to the midterms and Trump’s notice he will run will not many Americans dissuade
That it was a politically premature “October surprise”
To deal the Reds seeking to regain the Congress an unwelcome demise
And worse the equivalent of a Banana “Republic” dictator lining his opponent against a wall
Instead of bullets the myth of misuse of classified information to Trump’s reelection in its tracks stall
This nation’s survival as a democracy is now sliding down a very slippery slope
With the DOJ and FBI politicized to act against a presumed candidate like a hangman’s rope
Box after box in over nine hours taken away
Including privileged attorney client communications our feds chose not to obey
The DOJ is digging in its heels
Refuses to release the affidavits needed to probable cause reveal
A minor point but icing on this unprecedented judicial overreach cake
Is that either in error or belief of flight risk Trump’s passports they did take
To Trump’s credit he is urging calm and turning the anger
While the Blues and MSM ranting about “white suprematcists” are looking like clowns

© August 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

FBI Demand the Surveillance Cameras Be Turned Off Which Demand Was Refused

“Democracy Dies in Darkness” the masthead of the NYT proclaims
Without light so hard to the forces of tyranny see and tame
But democracy also faces death when filming the acts of the FBI
The agents demand the cameras be turned off so illegal behavior easier to deny
The warrant execution in Mar-a-Lago was like a smash and grab
Without the smash but everything in sight nabbed
And anything behind locked doors opened with keys
Along with a cracked open safe to be quickly seized
Trump supporters on turning off the surveillance refused to comply
The public will be able to see in action their once respected FBI
Swalwell ranting that if tapes not released of something Trump guilty be
Seeing the agents rummaging through Melania’s nightgowns hopefully not sniffing will be something to see
What Reds like to call a raid will be a lightning rod for Blues and Reds
As we head down a path where all civility and compromise has been shed

© August 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, August 15, 2022

3 Trump Passports, 1 Expired, Seized Raising Question Will the DOJ Try To Keep Claiming Trump About To Be Arrested Is Flight Risk?


We now find that among the boxes and items from the raid carted away
Were three Trump passports, one expired, which if not returned Trump in the U.S. will have to stay
A judge after an arrested person has posted bail will require as a condition the person turns over his passport
To a potential flight from the country to escape trial abort
Doubt if the FBI has that power since possessing a passport in not a crime
If the FBI slow walks Trump’s demand for return an indication that forthcoming criminal charges are only a question of time
The fact that the DOJ is refusing to release the affidavits used to prove probable cause
Is another indication that the DOJ may be under pressure by Biden to find a provable violation of the law
We are treading down a very slippery path looking more and more it is strewn with banana peels
Instead of being a true Banana Republic that deposed leaders face a firing squad here we only a chance to run again repeal
We should be frightened for our republic to its very core
As Blues not satisfied with Biden’s being just an Obama third term  want at least 1 more

© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Gascom Dodges the Recall Bullet Again as almost 200,000 Signatures Are Thrown Out


The felons, soon to be felons, and minor criminals in L.A. County are jumping for joy
The backers for a recall of George Gascon evidently failed to get enough valid signatures for a recall election to employ
The backers needed 566,877 valid signatures of L.A. County voters but to their dismay
Only 520,050 of those submitted were valid and the other 195,783 were not okay
Gascon turned the justice system into a failed revolving door
Criminals are either not prosecuted or set free without bail to commit crimes some more
L.A. is beginning to ape Chicago, New York and Philadelphia in deadly crime waves
With growing number of innocents being sent too early to urns or graves
Residents and visitors to L.A. County will have to wait until November 2024
Until they will have a chance to vote him out and try to their safety restore
Having dodged the recall bullet twice
Gascon will be emboldened to push his soft on crime vice
Until December 1, 2024 how many will pay the ultimate price?
How many will rush to arm themselves so safety in their homes, businesses and in public they will not have to sacrifice?
A third recall attempt may be the charm
But recall effort burnout will mean Gascon will not face any recall harm

© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Restaurant Owner Tackles Thug Who Robbed a Senior Patron Of Wallet and Phone and Tried to Flee


We all know that a good man with a gun
Can stop an evil man with one
And a restaurant owner when an elderly patron is robbed
Quickly ads the title of Good Samaritan to his job
An senior patron at Tim Ratcliff’s restaurant was suckered punched
By a thug while he with his small dog was having lunch
His phone and wallet taken and the thug tried to flee
Made it to the sidewalk before tackled by Tim who on his back would not let him get free
One of his servers joined in to recover the wallet and phone
Then helped Tim by standing on the thug’s ankle bones
All caught on camera showing not a moment of delay
Before Tim Ratcliff jumped into the fray
Since this occurred in Gascon’s Hollywood in L.A.
We hoped this thug is not released later or the next day
With cashless bail to on more victims to prey
Another example why this inept D.A.
And in the recall needs to from his office be sent away
© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Nothing Like a Close Election to Bring Some Sanity to Blue Governor Murphy's Acts

 Governor Murphy became the first Blue in 4 decades to win reelection for a second term
With a razor thin margin, the folly of some Blue positions he must have learned
Ran on a pledge not to raise taxes in one of the highest taxed states
Wise move as high income resident tired of taxing authorities they cannot sate|
Are voting with their feet and moving out
Where tax rates do an income earners ability to save not rout
Even wiser was his executive order ending vaccine mandates
For government contractors, teachers, students, state workers and  nonpublic health care  workers in the state
In a bow to the teachers unions powers to state government control
School districts may adopt vaccine  mandates for those who work there or are enrolled
The nation is suffering from a decreasing worker participation rate
Impacting the amount of goods we produce and causing prices to inflate
Great first steps for a Blue Governor in a deep Blue state
The next one should be for him to the teaching of CRT and gender identity abate

©  August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wray's FBI Gulfstream 550 Flight to His Vacation Home Trumps Need to Stay 21 More Minutes For Oversight and Cost Thousands More to Operate


With federal spending in the trillions in addition to waste and fraud
Too many of our executive public servants think the government pick up the tab for personal expenses is allowed
Case in point is the use of agency jets
When the existence of commercial travel is available they are prone to forget
Christopher Wray was flying the FBI’s Gulfstream 550 to his vacation home site
Abruptly terminated his appearance before the Senate to not miss his flight
Since he was probably the only one on the plane could have easily another 21 minutes stayed
But now as the director of the FBI vacation time trumped oversight and could not be delayed
Government planes for other than official business are not to be for personal use
Unless no commercial flights are available or would cost more or the perk would subject to abuse
And in a weak attempt to diminish raids on the federal purse
The user is supposed to the cost of the flight the Treasury reimburse
Past FBI directors have paid back the costs of a commercial flight which would be a fraction of the cost
Of a Gulfstream 550 which does not include the chance to cut back on carbon emissions lost
Time to tell us Director Wray
For your vacation jaunts how much to the Treasury did you pay?
© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

School Boards Continue to Wage War Against Parents Protesting Mask Mandates, Viral Learning and Teaching CRT


The Rochester School Board in Michigan must be oblivious to the growing parental rage
That is growing across the nation as school boards a war on classroom learning wage
Coupled with mask mandates in elementary schools
That are not an effective COVID fighting tool
Emboldened by the DOJ’s pronouncements that parents are domestic terrorists for protesting the teaching of CRT
It retaliated against a parent who argued mask mandates should be history
By having a deputy district superintendent call the parent’s employer to complain
That the parent’s comments were dangerous from making them she did not refrain
The employer then quickly discharged her lying to her that her position was no longer to be filled
Only to then post on social media that the employer needed to hire someone with the discharged parent’s duties and skills
The discharged mom sued the district and the district settled for 190 grand
A shame the number was not ten times more to bring an end to the assault of concerned parents’ free speech waged across this land
The settlement evidently did not teach a lesson to the school board
As the deputy received a 3 year renewal of her contract as a reward
The only way tyrants waging war against parents will proper behavior learn
Is for concerned parents to run against them so to their tyranny they are not returned
© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

No Transparency Affidavits Used to Validate Search Warrant of Mar-a-Lago Not Released As Attorney Client Privilege May Have Been Shreddedpr


Merrick Garland has probably the straightest face in town
Touting that all are equal in the eyes of the law after the raid on Mar-a-Lago went down
A summary of what was seized, and a copy of the warrant was released to the press
But the release of the affidavits justifying probable cause have been suppressed
The agents seized boxes of what probably are privileged attorney client communications
If so the raid represents a breach of our cherished and vital rule of law foundations
The DOJ appears to be resisting any attempt to have a special master to rule whether the documents fall within the privilege
Which is the normal and cherished procedure when the attorney client protection is alleged
With the lies upon the FISA Court based of the false Steele dossier to surveillance obtain
Many believe that the former reputation for integrity of the FBI and the DOJ has been flushed down the drain
A compelling reason why the affidavits should be released
And any objections of the DOJ to the appointment of a special master should cease
If the narrative that is growing that the raid was really a fishing expedition for the 1/6 Committee to prevent Trump from running in 2024
Is not met with credible facts that it was designed only to protect classified information the DOJ and FBI will find it next to impossible to any shred of credibility to restore

© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Rookie Matt Azaiza Punting from His 5 Yard Line Kicks the Ball Into the End Zone For a Net 62 Yard Touchback


Preseason football has started with in the early games the starter stars are on the sidelines on the benches
While the rookies and draft picks are fighting to see whom a spot on the rooster clenches
A lot of penalties, missed holes, dropped passes, missed blocks and broken plays
All part of the difficulties in transferring from the college game to the pro game complexities to display
Occasionally but rarely the fans see a play that totally will amaze
Leave the fans almost in a total daze
Buffalo Bills rookie Matt Araiza is competing with veteran Matt Haack for the punter’s position on the team
A Bills’ drive stalled on their 18 and Bills were forced to punt giving their opponents great field position it would seem
Araiza launched rocket from his five
That force of gravity would defy
95 yards into the endzone and more for a touchback
For an incredible net 62 yards distance
Forcing their opponent to achieve a touchdown face 80 yards of resistance
The veteran had to also punt once and he achieved a paltry 38 yards
The coaches decision as to whom is the starting punter should not be very hard

© August 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Merrick Garland to End Speculation Must Produce the Affidavits Justifying the Raid and Return Immediately Attorney Client Material Also Taken


Merrick Garland evidently is still in payback mode once more
Outraged that a Republican controlled Senate wouldn’t bring his nomination to SCOTUS to the Senate floor
Now against Reds and especially against Trump he can inflict as AG his wrath
Dragging Lady Justice from her Justice is blind traditionally honored path
He authorized the raid to the warrant execute on Mar-a-Lago on Monday
Swore he would not tolerate attacks on integrity of FBI and the DOJ
We know the number of boxes taken and that Trump’s lawyers were not allowed to observe the raid
But we are still waiting to see the affidavits filed with the court to see if the magistrate was improperly swayed
And wonder if the material supposedly found was so much of a threat to national security that the DOJ waited so long
And why a different standard than faced by HRC and the classified material on her private server probably hacked is not wrong
Trump has stated there was no classified material in Mar-a-Lago in boxes under lock and key
And claims the raid was for the sole purpose of trying to prevent him in 2024 from being the Republican nominee
Garland now has no qualms on approving the raid
Though he must know the reputation for integrity and objectivity of the FBI and DOJ it would degrade
A far different Garland when as an DOJ lawyer he was heading up the Unabomber case
And refused to recommend the search warrant that led to into prison for life him place
Maybe he matured in his views on how to domestic terrorism fight
Or maybe still seeking revenge for his SCOTUS nomination slight
© August 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Jax, a K-9 in Marion County, Florida Takes a Bite Out Of Crime


For many Americans the wheels of justice seem to move too slow
But in Marion County, Florida they move as fast as a K-9 can go
Felon on probation in a stolen car
Sped away from a traffic stop like an INDY 500 star
Pursued by a deputy he came to a stop
Jumped from the car thinking he could outrun the cop
Probably this speed demon thought he could, save for one fact
In the patrol car there was a K-9 named Jax
Released from the car he was quick to chase
And very quickly ended the felon’s freedom race
Knocked the felon down and clamped down on his back with his jaws
Begging the panting deputy to call off Jax as he stopped resisting K-9 law
We all know canines are man’s best friends
Now we know they are great tools in the fight against a rising crime trend
The felon is in jail
Held without bail
Lucky to be bitten by a K-9 during his arrest
Who most likely will pass a negative rabies test

©  August 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Underfunded and Overworked CPD Now Providing Protection For Film Crews Filming in Chicago


Chicago is suffering from the biggest violent crime wave yet
But the safest place to be thanks to Mayor Lightweight is near a movie set
Shooting movies as opposed to innocent victims brings the city needed cash
No director in his right mind will want to film if nearby the bullets crash
Office duty police swamped with overtime have run out of gas
Unwilling to make their work week with set protection off duties longer last
Residents of color are without grease to oil the squeaky wheel
But the City of Chicago is happy to protect the cameramen and their reels
The thin Blue Line thanks to Lightweight and a Gascon, Boudin and Bragg Kim Fox
Is getting thinner all the time as too many thugs are not prosecuted or while waiting from jail their release unblocked
The city needs more cops with their hands in fighting crime not tied
To see thugs they have arrested for good cause released to have more crimes tried
Movies have become unreal where criminals are caught, tried and sent to prison away
But the reality off the set is that too often not caught and if so back home the next day

© August 13, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, August 12, 2022

Tlaib Believes in Rent for Me But None For Thee


If you are looking for words to describe the Squad
In addition to “idiotic” the best word might be “fraud”
Rashid Tlaib has pushed legislation pushing for zero rent during the pandemic
Yet her do as I say opposed to not as I do is epidemic
From an examination of her financial disclosure forms
She affirms that hypocrisy is her political norm
Financial disclosure forms disclose income not in an amount not exact
But in a range that makes the figure harder to attack
In 2020 Tlaib collected $15,001 to $50,000 in rent
In 2021 she reported the same range her tenants spent
Such an outrage for her to collect and other property owners collections prevent
This leftist needs to have her constituents vote to have her from her office be sent
But so typical for Blues to expect mere mortals to bear economic pain
When they are not experiencing the same

© August 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Gas Prices May Falling But Food Prices Going Through the Roof


With gas prices coming down but still higher that when Biden was sworn in
His administration is boasting over what it has called a true win
But before Biden starts handing out high fives
Food prices unlike gas prices are not taking a dive
In July food prices soared by 13.1 percent over July of last year
1.4% higher than a month ago with the producer price index up 1% adding to inflation fears
Fortunately, in this dismal inflation cloud there is a silver lining
That may reduce the pain of paying more and more for dining
We a nation where too many of us are overweight or worse obese
With higher food costs we may eat less to slow the rise in Type II diabetes
The normal answer to inflation is to produce more
Which means the calls of the green new deal to produce less fertilizer we must ignore
And maybe more weapons to Ukraine to raise the costs to the Russians they must endure
To force them to end their invasion to increases in food from Ukraine the world insure
Rising costs may force us to eat less beef which would reduce the amount of methane emissions from cows
And reduce cholesterol and coronary disease if more plant based protein was in our chow

© August 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

MSNBC Commentator Suggests Trump Should Be Executed For Having Classified Information at Mar-a-Lago


The raid on Mar-a-Lago becomes stranger by the day
As a report in WAPO from an undisclosed source is on display
Supposedly the FBI agents were looking for information classified
On our nuclear weapons that we would want our foes’ access to deny
Coming from a leftist rag and an unnamed source one would want to take the report with a grain of salt
True to form the outcry from the biased MSM media was quick to pounce and did not halt
MSNBC commentator Michael Beschloss was quick to suggest Trump should be executed
Not clear whether it should happen only if found guilty after being prosecuted
Comparing Trump to the Rosenberg’s who were the first Americans to be executed for espionage during peacetime
Seems to be a major stretch when if true mere possession of classified information is not an espionage crime
So typical for the MSM to ignore HRC’s unsecure email server on which classified material was found to exist
And more likely than not be subject to hacking that China or Russia could not resist
Sadly so typical of MSM’s anti-Trump rhetoric that is over the top
And fearing he will run and win in 24/7, will not abate or stop

© August 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Was Mar-a-Lago Raid Designed to Find Confidential Information That Would Bar Trump From Running In 2024?


Merrick Garland came out of isolation not to respond to questions from the press
But to give a speech to any thoughts of improper conduct for the raid suppress
Acknowledged that he gave the authorization to conduct the raid
And warned that he would not tolerate any attempt to the integrity of the FBI degrade
Announced that the DOJ had filed a motion to the search warrant  and search results release
If the supporting affidavits are held back the question of impropriety will increase
The lying of the FBI to obtain the FISA warrants has not by Reds been forgotten
Its once stellar reputation now corrupted and at the higher levels now rotten
Sadly on the raid the MSM will not call a spade a spade
Pundit after pundit would not call the 30 heavily armed agents conducting a raid
Conservatives rightly believe a Deep State exists
Worse it will go to any lengths to the loss of its power resist
Since Trump came down the Trump Tower escalator stairs
e has been a target of those who with their power do not wish to share
If Trump removed material from the White House to take with him
A federal statute almost never used could give the Deep State a great win
If found guilty Trump would be forever from federal office barred
Their fallback ace in the hole if 1/6 show trial can’t find that Trump’s 1/6 acts went too far

© 8/12/2022 The Alaskanpoet


Liz Cheney Toward Certain Primary Defeat Heading Plays Role of Martyr for MSNBC Commentator Job


Liz Cheney looks like she is heading toward certain defeat to a Trump backed primary opponent
Proving in a deep Red state it is hard to win as an anti-Trump proponent
As the most senior Red Representative who voted to Trump impeach
In a career salvaging mode ala Claire McCaskill being hired by MSNBC martyrdom status she is trying to reach
Still doggedly campaigning in a clearly lost cause she argued that Trump was the most dangerous threat
To our democracy this nation has ever seen yet
Like a true martyr to be she averred if she had to choose between her election and preserving the Constitution
Knowing full well for her voting record and her role in the 1/6 Committee  Show Trial she will be a target for voter retribution
After next Tuesday she can step down from her cross
A questionable gain for MSNBC but for the Reds nowhere near any loss

© August 12, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Beto O'Rourke Losses It and Drops an F* Bomb on a Heckler


Politicians are too often like chameleons who to adapt to the environment to change the color of their skin
Alter or change positions or say anything in order to the office they are seeking at election time win
Or they are like Potemkin buildings all new and flawless on the outside but an empty shell on the inside
No integrity or principles ready and eager to the nearest fad get aboard for a winning ride
Beto O’Rourke or Bozo as known to Texas Reds is the epitome of the politician who flip flops
On the issue of defunding the police or cutting their budgets the ambiguity does not stop|
On the ownership of “assault” guns he has gone from confiscation to buy backs and more backgrounds checks
The issue for him is somewhat emotional and his temperamental outbursts hard to reject
At a campaign stop he was railing on the weakness of the system that permitted the Uvalde shooter to buy 2 AR-15’s
And shortly thereafter turn Robb Elementary School into a deadly crime scene
Someone in the audience may have laughed which set Bozo off
Who rather than belittle and dismiss the laugh with a short scoff
Dropped a F* Bomb on the heckler whom he called a Mother F***er to audience gasps and applause
Laughter was inappropriate, but loss of temperament is a character flaw
Have not seen any polls to see how the race stands
But if Bozo loses it should be the last we have to endure his campaigning in this land.

© August 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

When the Misnamed Inflation Reduction Act Is Passed Membership in NTEU May More Than Double Along With PAC Campaign Contributions That Are 97 to 99% to Bluespwi


We all know that the Teachers’ Unions act like adjuncts of the DNC
Donating large sums of money almost exclusively to Blues’ election candidacies
No surprise as the Blues are in almost lock step with opposition to charter schools
Opposition to parents having more school choice as a failing urban school improvement tool
To no surprise there is another union that will be almost doubling its member numbers
The National Treasury Employees Union whose PAC contributions to Reds it usually cumbers
In 2020 of the over $600,000 of its PAC contributions less than 3 % went to Reds
So far in 2022 the NTEU’s PAC’s contributions of over $200,000 only 1.3% and the rest to Blues instead
If the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act is passed NTEU’s members will from 70,000 to 157,000 more than double
Which means parents wanting school choice, charter schools, in class learning  and end to woke learning are in trouble
The real victims in this near monopoly of contributions to the Blues are course the kids
Trapped in failing schools that no amount of more money seems to fix and poor teachers who are impossible to rid
Instead of gateways and springboards to opportunities they are doomed to fail
On a conveyor belt leading them to a life on welfare or a prison cell after spending several trips to jail

© August 11, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

L.A. City Council Votes $216,000 For More Police in Hollywood But Should Pass Vote of No Confidence on George Gascon


Finally, and belatedly the light bulbs have in the L.A. City Council been turned on
The fact that violent crime is out of control on the members has finally dawned
Hollywood has seen a 75 percent increase in homicides
Shootings up 35 percent and no sign they will subside
Robbery and theft up 20 and 25 percent
It was clear to the City Council that more cops to the streets must be sent
By a rarity in the era of defunding the cops a unanimous vote
$216,000 for more police to Hollywood devote
Not sure how many more hours that buys
Probably only three or four at most officers on whom Hollywood can rely
A drop in the bucket but a least a start
Here's a suggestion that will make the City Council look really smart
It’s not only the number of cops needed on the streets
It's also how quickly they are released pending trial so their crimes they can repeat
Under George Gascon and his no cash bail even for the most heinous crimes
Too many felons are arrested during the day and released before or just after dinner time
The City Council should support the Gascon recall
A Vote of No Confidence would help to insure this failure is history this fall
Might also be a warning to Rep Bass who leads in the polls to become mayor
That a policy of cashless bail and no strike enhancements it does not share

© 8/10/2022 The Alaskanpoet

How Many of the New 87,000 Agents Will Be Packing During the Expanded Audits of Middle Income Taxpayers Earning Less Than $75,000t


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to believe the DOJ has weaponized the FBI
To not only do its job of fighting crime but also on those who on conservative ideas want to apply
Any doubt you had on this look only to 30 heavily armed FBI agents who raided Trump’s home
Turned it into for Trump’s lawyers who wanted to monitor their behavior an exclusion zone
The basis for the warrant signed by an Obama donor magistrate concealed
Wray and Garland MIA in explaining why records were seized not subpoenaed for delivery to FBI
Why did the DOJ and FBI feel that they must not follow procedures and precedence deny?
If the House passes the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act 87,000 new agents will be hired
In a job posting that has been posted since February of this year and has not expired
The IRS is looking for agents fit and able to carry
Firearms that if used will the targeted person be ready to bury
Not clear what type of agent has duties that would require him to be armed
If auditors in the new 87,000 will be carrying it should sound the alarm
Auditing someone to extract more revenue because of fraud or mistake is one thing
But a firearm to an audit is something that no IRS agent should be allowed to bring
Reds believe that thousands more audits will occur and they are sure
That 60% of the audits will be of people earning less than $75 grand to meeting the $124 million collections insure
We are entering a new era of potential IRS near extortion and suppression
Too often be aimed not at criminal fraud but those political animals imbued with conservative thought and expression
“We’re from the IRS we are here to help you”
Will be a revenue scam that law abiding unable to afford lawyers and CPA’s will the Act’s passage rue

© August 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Middle Class Facing Audits in the 1000's Thanks to 87,000 New IRS Agents


The American taxpayer will be soon facing 87,000 more agents from the IRS
Increasing the number of audits for middle income taxpayers with a lot more stress
Anyone who thought Biden’s pronouncement that only those over $400,000 would see taxes higher
They should have realized the warnings given to anyone in the role of a buyer
Caveat Emptor—Buyer Beware as the IRS with its increased staff is expected to rake in $124 billion more
Do not be surprised if thousands of income earners less than $400,000 will see audit notices at their front door
The idea that the increased number of agents will be confined in their offices waiting to answer the phone we should ignore
$80 billion spent to hire the agents means $124 billion to the Treasury restore
We will quickly to our detriment learn the IRS will quickly run out of the 2.8 million who more than $400 grand earned
Which means to meet or exceed their targets
Not going below the $400 grand threshold the IRS will have to forget
Billions of spending to fritter away to make us on China more dependent
All the while destroying our fossil fuels to make us less energy independent
Return us to dark days of Carter and long fuel lines
An energy policy that gasless no fill up days defined
Made even worse by the number of EV’s on highways and streets
Overpowering the overworked power grid so blackouts and brownouts we will greet
What everyone here in America should really fear
That the Green New Deal Bridge will become a go nowhere pier

© August 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

China Beating the War Drums While Biden Sits Idly By


The disaster of having a weak and cognitively impaired president is coming home to roost
As China emboldened continues to its warlike games and moves continues to boost
Live fire exercises near Taiwan’s shores aping a preinvasion stance
Trying to cower Taiwan to fold so the invasion forces across the Taiwan Strait do not advance
Trying to by Taiwan a hostile act provoke
So the Chinese can the justification of a military response invoke
Since China in the Security Council of the UN has a veto
That debating society would be powerless to invasion halt or even slow
On supplying Taiwan with U.S. weapons Biden is aping his Ukraine Day Late and Dollar Short
China wants its breakaway province back and no sanctions will cause it to abort
Only if the mountainous nation with few beaches on which to an invasion force land
Has enough advanced jets, surface to air and land to ship missile to an invasion force withstand
Will China not with an invasion that would be a bloodbath show its military hand
If it threatens to turn Taiwan into a devasted wasteland
Probably will stiffen Taiwan’s independence resolve
Will have to infiltrate and corrupt Taiwan and its institution to a force for unification evolve
They would have to use the financial and freedom carrot rather than the military stick
The question is whether they could pull it off after Hong Kong revealing the Treaty with the U.K. was a trick
If a majority of Taiwan’s population vote or are seduced to vote to unify
Our hands will be tied and Biden will be sighing relief and not the unification defy

© August 10, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Inflation Still at Record Heights But Slight Decrease to 8.5%


Inflation in July had been forecast at an 8.7% increase a slight decline from June
And in a pleasant surprise the actual numbers were 8.5%, still to popping the corks too soon
Look for the Fed to again raise interest rates in an effort to inflation slow
But with the House expected to pass the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act how high will inflation go?
With manufacturers struggling to produce goods to meet demand
Still great backlogs of chips across the land
Taiwan a leader in producing semiconductor chips needed in many products from phones to cars
Is facing a belligerent China rattling plane, missile and warship sabers a weak Biden seems hopeless to bar
We are still in a recession that we cannot spend or tax our way out of it
A truism that almost all economists save the most leftist will admit
Biden promised only those over $400,000 in income will see their taxes increase
But inflation on lower incomes is the cruelest tax that savings and retirement cushions decrease
And the corporations that will now pay a minimum of 15% where because of credits will have to cut spending
Reducing the goods and services that produced the credits and a hit to those vending
Attempting to reduce payroll with layoffs or automation and/or reducing dividends that on which retirees rely
The excise tax on stock buy backs of 1 % may reduce the practice used to increase the P/E ratio that raises the price of a stock
Making it easier to raise capital when needed and fund employee stock purchase plans
Enable employees to have an ownership stake in the companies they work for across the land
The proof is in the pudding but on inflation reduction the Inflation Reduction Act will leave a bitter taste
And the audits by the 87,000 new IRS agents will migraines and high blood pressure put in place

© 8/10/2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

January 6 Committee Stalin Show Trials Going Nowhere Fast So Mar-a-Lago Raid To Bring Barring Trump From 2024 Back on Trackra


30 heavily armed FBI agents descended to serve search warrants on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate
That has unleashed a firestorm of criticism that will show no signs of beginning to abate
Pelosi chimed in that there had to be grounds to get a warrant, and no one is above the law
She must have forgotten the FISA Warrant scam obtained by the Steele Dossier that was flawed
And forgot to include the noted exception to the rule on above the law
“Unless the culprit is Hillary Rodham Clinton” icon queen of hutzpah
The January 6 Committee formed and structured to Trump for insurrection indict
Looking after months more and more like a Stalin show trial is losing that fight
In private it is believed that Biden wants the DOJ to find a way to keep Trump from running in 2024
May explain the new line of attack as the Committee sputters and the FBI is pounding at Mar-a-Lago’s door
If the DOJ can establish that Trump took classified information with him in 2021
A federal statute says his right to run again for any federal office is done
So far the DOJ has not uttered a peep
On what documents Trump knowingly took with him to keep
When someone disgraced as Andrew Cuomo rants that the FBI needs to the raid justify
Or have the January 6 Committee lose any credibility on which the public might rely
There may be some feeling in Blue circles that Biden’s marching orders to Garland may blow up in their faces
Energizing Reds to the max for the Midterms and turning out in droves to support Trump in his 2024 race

© August 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

First Fears Putin's Invasion Would Impact Barley Supplies For Beer Now Shortage of CO2 To Raise the Costs of Suds


We seemed to be awash in far too much stress
Each day our lives face more never less
From the COVID-19 virus and its variants that remain unwarranted guests
Despite vaccines and boosters still with us but the deaths somewhat in arrest
Like a hole in the head a new epidemic known as Monkey pox has appeared
Not as contagious as COVID but mayor pox marks that one should fear
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has put at risk a large amount of the world’s barley and wheat
Raising fears that in poorer countries in Africa there will not be enough food to eat
Closer at home barley is a crucial ingredient in the brewing of beer
A shortage of which to drink should cause great fear
In the U.S. brewers have suffered another hit to their brewing supplies
Hard to believe but there is a shortage of CO2 on which to remove the air and create the foam they rely
Without it the keg beer goes flat and loses some of its flavor
Depriving those who eschew the bottle and prefer the tap to savor
Prices for CO2 are going off the charts
Leaving beer consumers fearing higher prices and bars from happy hours having to depart

© August 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, August 8, 2022

Unprecedented Raid On Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home to Prevent Him From Running For President


Merrick Garland has remained locked in a snit fit
For a Red Senate who would not allow a vote that could have allowed him to on SOTUS sit
Now as AG he is hell bent to deploy payback time
From accusing parents protesting the teaching of CRT to being domestic terrorists committing crimes
To authorizing through like false application for search warrants Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home raids
An Ex-president is not above the law but a morning raid of 30 armed agents the rule of law degrades
A bogus claim that Trump took with him from the White House documents that were classified
And therefore is guilty of the Federal Records Retention Act having blatantly defied
Staggers the imagination that the raid was not politicly motivated to a Trump reelection bid prevent
Trump to the Swamp rulers is a clear and present danger if to the Oval Office once again he went
Explains why the January 6 Committee has only Blues and RINOs to Trump’s reelection prevent
We may have thought the Russian Collusion Delusion was a hoax by a few agents who were rogue
This raid proves the corruption of the FBI and DOJ is definitely in vogue
Thanks to the likes of Garland and Wray we are losing the rule of law
Lady Justice is no longer blind and the idea of pursuing Reds for being Reds is totally flawed
The only way to put the ship of state on the course that is right
Is to win the House and Senate and put these leftists to flight
© August 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Gabby Petito's Parents File Wrongful Death Suit Against Moab PD and 4 of Its Members


We all know that being a police officer is with danger fraught
Even if in a seemingly normal traffic stop there is a chance of being shot
If a suspect is resisting arrest and fighting to avoid being put in cuffs
Even if after being tased in danger of crossing the line into excessive force from not enough
Laundrie and Petito were stopped by the police in Moab, Utah
Despite a 911 call about his striking her and bruise marks officers felt he had not broken the law
They did not arrest him and let them both go free
Soon after her life was ended at the hands of Brian Laundrie
Had they made an arrest Gabby might have realized the danger that was present
And left him in Utah and back to the safety of her home quickly went
So today it probably came as no surprise the her parents filed a wrongful death suit
Against the Moab PD, its former police chief, his then assistants and two cops who made the stop for $50 million in lootThe two officers must already be awash in guilt and shame
Even before the suit filed probably feeling for her death they were to blame
Moab is a small town on less than 5000 souls and suspect its liability insurance will not cover a $50 million claim
Hopefully  a settlement is reached with a large amount of any proceeds going to proceeds going to the PD to recognize domestic abuse train

© August 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

31 Times Convicted Criminal 8 Times As a Felon Arrested For Stealing Truck and Ramming Cop's Car When He Should Still Have Been Behind Barsand in shcotla anl t#1


Our criminal justice system seems infected with a death wish to let felons go free
If prosecuted which is not always by Soros financed D.A.’s guaranteed
Then convicted they are either not put behind bars or quickly released back into the community
Where even on supervised parole or probation they continue their crime sprees
Another classic case a failed criminal justice in terms of safety to enhance
In the 6th largest city in Washington Kent faced the failure to against crime a firm stance
Cop tried to pull over a truck during a traffic stop but failed when he sped away
Cop was handcuffed by restrictions to chase but later that day
Learned the truck was stolen and he followed it to a cul-de-sac
Tried to block him from leaving on his way back
The driver slammed into the police car that freed the cop to chase
The driver escaped by driving through several yards before into another cul-de-sac to end his escape race
This 31 time convicted 8 times as a felon tried to flee on foot but failed
With a rap sheet like this a citizen might wonder why he not in prison or jail
With a higher than the national crime average in Kent
Another example where the results of the insanity on lack of incarceration went

© August 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

AOC and Almost All Blues Especially the Ones in New York Are MIA in the Fight Against Crime and Push For Citizens' Safety


Here’s for AOC is a much needed news flash
As safety of her constituents from violent crimes is bashed
While she is in the Swamp hogging the airwaves
Pushing her latest leftist cause her constituents are heading to their graves
Her defund and reimagine the police are causing NYPD members from the force to flee
A thin Blue Line demoralized by the arrest and release felons in shooting sprees
When members of the NYPD are walking away from their pensions
A sign that in the criminal justice system all sanity is in suspension
Sadly in terms of idiocy and MIA in the crime fight AOC is not alone
he is joined by D.A. Bragg whose charging policies make us groan
Charge a senior Bodegas clerk in self-defense with homicide
Yet too often giving violent and deadly felons to freedom a ride
And last but not least are the Albany Blues led by Governor Hochul
Who is near the top of the leftist list of soft on crime Albany yokels
Where is the outrage of the New York Blues for the violent crimes being waged?
What does it take to abandon their cashless bail and get on a realistic safety page?
Crime is severe problem that effects the well-being and safety of us all
Far more than the abortion debate that the Blues are pushing to win in the fall
© August 8, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Rhodes College Band of Alumni Petition to Remove Justice Barrett From Its Hall of Fame For Honor Code Violations


“Pro Choice” advocates’ wheel no matter how small a minority squeaks the loudest in search of the most grease
In a latest example of this well used adage, we look the Rhodes College Alumni Reproductive Rights group that demand Justice Barrett’s name on its Hall of Fame cease
This band of “concerned” alumni has made the outrageous claim
In her testimony to the Senate the Rhodes College Honor Code with her violation shamed
The Code commands that one should not lie
Which in her discussion of Roe v Wade her belief on its constitutionality she defied
Rhodes also has a Diversity code that prohibits discrimination and harassment based on a host of characteristics like race
But silent like most of academia on discrimination based on conservative thought which the left strives to erase
Doubt if any of this small band of squeakers were outraged over the stealing and leaking of Alioto’s draft opinion
Overturning Roe and blowing the dog whistles of hate to summon the zealots prochoice minions
It may be admirable that Rhodes Alumni want to do their part that the Honor Code after graduation is still observed
But is to be condemned when applied to the political arena and only against those who vote to support those platforms that conserve
© August 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sinema Lulled by Private Equity and Venture Capital Contributions Ends Opposition When End of Carried Interest Is Removed


Politicians adhere to the Unruh Rule that money is the mothers’ milk of politics
Campaign contributions are popular sought crucifixes
The need for donors with deep pockets crosses the aisles
As necessary for nourishment as the annual flooding of the Nile
When on any bill, the lobbyists and PACS stalk
Principles and integrity in the other direction quickly walk
Kirsten Sinema was the only Horatio after Manchin after a promise of a pipeline to his state chose to fold
Now on the misnamed Inflation Reduction Bill will vote as by Schumer he is told
Sinema who is a favorite donee target of venture capital and private equity funds in opposition caved
When the ban of the costly loophole of the carried interest converting ordinary income to capital gains was sent to the grave
In the early days of venture capital when funds were 10 to 20 million in size
Management fees of less than 500 grand to run an office meant need for capital gain inducement to the right team comprise
Now with fund sizes in the multi millions a very wealthy salary for the VC’s to earn
Regardless of whether their funding limited partners earn a decent rate of return
Should have kept the loophole death sentence in
And thrown the idea of 80,000 more IRS agents into trash bin
For Manchin his payback of a pipeline to his state
With Red animosity and no reconciliation he will have a long time to wait
© August 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

6 Killed Including Child and 8 Month Pregnant Woman When Nurse in a Mercedes Runs a Red Light At 80+ Mph


In the City of Angels, on Thursday the angels had left their halos at home
As a nurse in her 40’s in a speeding Mercedes turned an intersection into a flaming combat zone
At speeds near or over 80 she ran a redlight and into cars crashed
Several burst into flames as if bombs had the intersection thoroughly bashed
6 people were killed including a baby who was ejected from the car
Including also a pregnant lady 8 months pregnant whose fetus to this death had no bar
8 people including the driver hospitalized conditions unknown
All due to a speeding Mercedes driven by a nurse through a red light blown
Mercedes are well built to a crash even at high speeds to withstand
The nurse survived and if she underwent surgery she will have a handcuff on wrist of one hand
The other firmly attached to the bed rail
Her calling to save lives sadly on that day failed
For her own sake facing many years
And the deaths and injuries to innocents in her conscience seared
We  hope that her accelerator suddenly jammed or a seizure caused her foot to press to the floor
And also hope that the idea of not driving after drinking she did not ignore
Whatever her reason she will be in a world of emotional hurt
Doubt while in prison to atone for her crimes she’ll be able in the prison med ward be able to her nursing skills assert
© August 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, August 5, 2022

Biden Continues to Test Positive as Poster Child For the Limitations on the Vaccine


If we ever had any doubt that Fauci and the CDC on vaccines were blowing smoke
Biden’s latest infection of COVID those doubts would revoke
Joe and Jill were the poster couple walking down the beach side by side
Wearing masks when  on camera but even when on bike rides
Fauci swore the vaccines would slow and prevent the COVID-19 spread
Yet Biden is proof positive that it lessens the symptoms and mortality rates instead
In the inane push to compel every adult to take the needle what have we achieved
Thousands of soldiers, first responders, medical personnel and pilots put on leave
Thousands of school age children stuck in virtual learning to fall behind
A whole generation of elementary school kids with devastated minds
Those left working overtimes to their health impair
Their skills run down with little if any room left for error
The visible signs of collapse are most likely see
In the growing number of cancelled or delayed flights at crowded passenger terminal scenes
Blues and Teachers’ unions want to continue to the masses control
Mask mandates, shutdowns with viral meetings, limited church service and meetings to achieve their goals
© August 5, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Moscow Judge Hits Griner with 9 Year Sentence End of Career Without Prisoner Swap


A Moscow judge has handed down his sentence on Brittany Griner today
At nine years in prison if served full time never again will a game of basketball will she play

Her only chance for freedom would be a prison exchange
Which with the swap of deadly terrorist arms dealer Viktor Bout the Biden Administration trying to arrange
Most Americans are outraged over the sentence and the conditions in Russian jails
And the danger of more swaps generated more seizures of Americans by Putin’s thugs entail
As much as releasing Bout would be like swap of Bergdahl for 5 Taliban
Who not much longer after their release they were back in business in Afghanistan
It is the right thing to do
But this time be prepared to Hellfire him if he shows killing Americans he’s not through
Sadly leave it to the MSM in the form of CNN’s Dana Bash
Who blames the arrest on the fact WNBA players are not paid enough cash
The NBA men are paid many, many more dollars than women in the WNBA
Which is why so many go to Europe including Russia during the off season
Griner the highest paid woman in the WNBA was by the Russians paid more
The fans there are willing to pay premium to the rare woman who often dunks when she scores
Advertising revenue not ticket prices are the big salary driver

The WNBA lacks the fans to rack in the ad dollars so its players are hanging on survivors
Thanks to the plight of Griner that poverty may end
The head of the WNBA announced a $75 million infusion to capitalize on the growing interest in women’s sports trend
A huge gap due to the NBA’ expanding global reach
The WNBA better posed to adopt what the NBA marketing wizards can them teach
© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

De Santis Bombshell Is That He Fired Leftist State Attorney Andrew Warren For Failing to Enforce Child Sex Change and Abortion Restrictions

De Santis’ Office had tweeted yesterday he would make an announcement that would cause leftist meltdown
Many had speculated that he would be announcing his intention to run for the Oval Office in Swamp town
Florida has a provision for recall of elected officials but rarely used
But the governor can if he feels an elected state attorney his prosecutorial discretion has abused
State attorney Andrew Warren, a progressive in the likes of Gascon backed by George Soros, has refused to enforce child sex change and abortion restriction laws
His attempts in essence to by failing to prosecute violations of such laws assuming a governor’s veto power was the last straw
Consistent with Florida law De Santis removed him today
Like a true leftist caught ignoring laws as not meant for him do not be surprised if he refuses to obey
If so, he should be forcibly from his office removed
Right thing to do but the coming over the top leftist anger will not be soothed
Soros is on a mission to our system of justice change to meet his ideals
To focus less on punishment and incarceration and more on rehabilitation to the felon heal
The victims’ safety and suffering are not taken into account
Little surprise in cities with Soros backed D.A.’s crime continues to mount

© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet



West Virginia Bans State from Doing Business With Banks That Seek High EGS Levels by Restricting Loans to Fossil Fuel Companies


Woke is a pervasive cancer that through almost all segments of our society has spread
From politics, education, the military, academia, sports and business being fought by the Reds
A recent woke in the banking industry has recently reared its prosperity killing head
Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) standards designed to prevent fossil fuel consumption move ahead
Five large banks have announced that to better raised their EGS level will lower fossil fuel lending exposure
Which will in West Virginia lead to many tax paying coal mine closures
Taking a cue from the PLO’s creation of the BDS movement against Israel decades ago
And the boycotts and sanctions against South Africa which dealt apartheid a mortal blow
West Virginia will no longer do business with those five banks
That are biting the hand that feeds them and driving fossil fuel companies into the tank
Fortunately West Virginia is not alone and the State Financial Officers Foundation is attacking the weaponization of capital by woke
To insure states run by Reds move to dealings with banks and financial institution that promote and follow woke ESG standards revoke
Sadly California, New York, and Illinois more like Blue run banana republics than two party states
Will most likely not join but increase in all sectors their pushing of falsely imagined woke mandates

© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

McDonald's Server in Argument Customer Over Whether Fries Were Soggy and Not Hot By Customer's Son Server Was Shot


As violence in our cities continues to soar
A new battlefield has appeared the “French fries” war
Wendy’s has claimed its fries are fresh and hot
Compared to wet and soggy McDonald’s which are not
And to back up that claim with this guarantee
If the fries are not, they will be replaced for free
In Brooklyn at a McDonald’s the Wendy’s claim may have hit home
A dispute over whether fries were soggy turned into a shooting gallery zone
A woman complained that her French fries to her  by McDonalds sold
Were not hot and fresh but more like soggy and cold
Somehow the dispute over the fries spilled out into the street
Where the server and the woman her 20 year old son would meet
The son ended the argument by pulling out a gun and shooting the employee in the neck
Why the argument went into the street and the adage the customer is always right server did reject
Is a sad commentary on why gun violence has run amok
The son charged with attempted murder and the server in critical condition hoping he has not run out of luck

© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Pelosi Has No Excuses For Not Taking Lyft or Uber To Avoid Injuring Another Driver and Getting a DUI


We may all like to party and sometimes partake of too much booze
But ignoring the dangers of drinking and driving we cannot excuse
There was a time when relying on a cab in many areas or at many times was too problematic
High fares, long wait times, suspect drivers and having to find a way back to a left car made it not pragmatic
Couple that with refusal to accept the fact one’s driving ability was impaired
Or a belief that such a short distance to home prevented one from the dangers bewared
Those two excuses may still exist
But today with Uber and Lyft so easy to a DUI resist
Paul Pelosi has lots of dough due to his purported stock trading due to pillow talk
That shelling out a few dollars for Lyft or Uber he should not balk
And legal fees, bail fees and higher insurance rates for up to 10 years
Will cause no hits to his balance sheet or life style to appear
Charged with a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony due to lack of serious injuries of the other driver incurred
Chances he will be sentenced to any jail time other than a few days is likely absurd
Other than the loss of the ability to drive until completion of DUI classes
His lifestyle would not be impacted in the same adverse way of those less fortunate masses

© August 4, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Record Gun Sales Even In Blue States


We all know that when you mix the colors green and blue yellow is the result
And politics red and blue mixed purple is the symbol to partisanship insult
What happens when defend the police and Soros funded D.A.’s like Gascon clash
With surges of violent crime in Blue run cities to residents’ safety clash
The answer should not surprise anyone
You get record levels of purchases of guns
Not because of a surge in interest in hunting to the price of meat on the increase
But number of armed robberies, smash and grabs, home invasions, assaults and homicides that do not cease
People are sacred that they in their homes, on the streets, in their cars and in public places
Will a felon  or severely mentally ill person with a gun armed will have to face
Unless in public they have a permit to conceal and carry
By the time a 911 call is responded to their body will be ready to bury
Same in their homes that have ceased to castles be
Unless in moat like gated communities
Even in Blue states like Massachusetts sales of handguns are off the charts
People want a sense of security that only a loaded gun will impart

© August 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden Has Tested Positive and To Isolation Back Though It Seems Nothing Has Changed


The bad news is that Biden has tested positive for COVID once more
Back into isolation once again his non virtual meetings not able to restore
But Biden even when not testing positive for COVID was in the Oval Office much less than 9 to 5
Much later to rise and early to bed to his tired near 80 year old body needing lots of sleep to it revive
Being in isolation when it comes to public speaking appearances nothing has changed
The staff does not have press conferences or public events to rearrange
Given his failing memories and depending on who are pulling the presidential strings
Probably better he is absent to prevent his signing what leftist idiocies the Progressive Wing wants to us bring.

© August 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Why the Sounds of Silence from Biden on China's Threats on Pelosi's Visit


On Pelosi’s trip to Asia with a Taiwan stop
That when learned China demanded it be lopped
The visit to Taiwan was made known due to a White House leak
Did someone leak knowing it would outrage China and make Biden appear weak?
Or was Biden behind it knowing it was an opportunity with falling ratings to be strong?
Then belatedly realizing that China on Hunter’s business dealing would the conductor of any song
From Biden almost total silence on Pelosi’s right to be there as China sabers rattled
He seemed weak and left mouthing some wishy washy prattle
Did China have the goods on Hunter so embarrassing that Biden so close to a Red Wave is letting them pull his chain?  A Manchurian Candidate subject to Chinese control over his deteriorating portions of his brain
Do not want to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon that our president has been compromised
But Senator Grassley has raised the same question when criticism to China’s threat met a quick Biden demise
She is safe and will return in one piece to us back
With the only actual damage to Taiwan is that China has banned a host of Taiwanese snacks
At least once again we have been reminded that China is an existential threat
If we remain complacent the damage to our economy and standing, we will long regret

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

The View Reached Out Seeking to Have De Santis Appear To Be Smeared --He Declined


The View reached out to DeSantis to see if he wanted on the show to appear
To his ideas on politics and how to enhance the welfare of Floridians or to be by the co-hosts smeared?
Joyless Behar called him a “negligent, homicidal sociopath”
Unsunny Hostin called him a “fascist and a bigot”
Ana Navarro called his policies “anti-Black, anti-gay, anti LGBTQ+” and “anti-American”
No one in their right mind would consent to being subjected to such anti-hominem abuse
From a quartet of closed minds females whose leftist bias is far too abstruse
Having a rational mind with these closed mind females appearing on The View
Would enhance their ratings as finally a voice on their program on important issues would have a clue
Wisely he turned them down
Not wanting to be seen with such clowns
He may well be the Red candidate for the Oval Office in 2024
The co-hosts of The View will be the same leftist group so leftist they will be ignored

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Misnamed Inflation Reduction Act Does Nothing to Reduce Inflation But Will Increase It


Schumer and his Blues minions are the masters of deceptively naming bills
The Inflation Reduction Bill does nothing to inflation try to reduce or kill
It does take Biden’s oft repeated vows to increase taxes only for the very rich
And toss those vows into the nearest and deepest ditch
Spending billions on climate change will do squat to lower the cost of goods
What about the idea that billions of spending dollars chasing goods causes inflation cannot be understood?
Manchin who was once the fiscal spending reduction hero
Merits now on inflation fighting an absolute zero
Independent studies establish that 6 of 8 levels of income under $200,000 will pay more tax
And the $80 billion to hire legions of IRS agents is about as welcome as an overdose of Ex-Lax
Blues know that if you call a bill close to what it will do
The Inflation Reduction Act renamed would be through
The Tax Increase and Inflation Enhancement Act would have Senators locking their doors and desks under
Hiding from their angry constituents ringing the phones and pounding their desks like a storm of thunder
Like all bills that our leaders want to pass so they distort the name
Once the voters find out the impact they are without recourse and themselves to blame

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Resigned 911 Dispatcher Keith Thornton in Chicago Blames Lightfoot and Foxx for Never Ending crime surgewve


In addition to the police and fire first responders the 911 dispatchers are on the frontlines
In cities like Chicago 24/7 they are inundated with pleas for help from the waves of crime
Lori Lightfoot protected by her security detail is out of touch with what her residents have to face
Her ego knows no bounds and will never admit to a mistake and is poster child for a politician in disgrace
With police arrests for crimes at all-time lows
With a state prosecutor like Kim Foxx those few arrested back on the street quickly go
With deputy prosecutors frustrated by curbs of prosecutions resigning en masse
The Windy City’ safety and security has faded away far too fast
So refreshing in this chaos and abdication of responsibility by the mayor
To hear a 911 dispatcher Keith Thornton resign in total despair
Frustrated beyond belief of not being able to dispatch police to sites of criminal grief
If able to be sent in a timely manner could bring to the residents some needed relief
At the feet of Lightfoot and Kim Foxx he lays the blame
For the crime surge the city is clueless on how to tame
And for the droves of officers fed up with Foxx and the mayor
Are no longer willing to risk life and limb for the sake of politicians who for their wellbeing do not care

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

80 Year Old Liquor Store Clerk with a Shotgun Shoots a Rifle Armed Robber to Save Himself and End Robbery


The armed thugs who tried to rob a Norco liquor made two big mistakes
The attempted robbery was not in L.A. County where Gascon could give them a quick release break
Secondly the robber entered the store with a rifle to display
Seen by the 80 year old clerk who pulled a shotgun and blew a good part of his arm away
End of robbery attempt, bleeding out the door and into a car to flee the scene
To a hospital ER and physicians who would know what the wound at the time of night would mean
Or the police learning he had been shot would have notified hospitals in the area near
That a gunshot victim from a shotgun blast might appear
His accomplices would soon to an ER their wounded cohort present
To soon with him after his wound was treated off to jail be sent
Another case of why we need a robust 2nd Amendment
Armed law abiding citizens to crime and life threatening danger to themselves prevent
Another case of never being too old to be able to yourself protect
And Soros funded D.A.’s like Gascon and defund the police measures, voters must reject

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Focus On Pelosi's Taiwan Trip Distracts Us From Addressing China As an Existential Threat


Pelosi has landed in Malaysia and will head to Taiwan this night
The world anxiously waits to see whether the Chinese will move past saber rattling to down the flight
The brouhaha over Pelosi’s visit has spotlighted our slow to realize fact
China is our existential threat we are facing who on all fronts is trying to us attack
Militarily, economically, politically, technologically, and culturally on all fronts
They are in the struggle long term home run derby whereas we are in the quarter to quarter bunts
When China has engaged in intellectual property theft big time
Why we allow thousands upon thousands of Chinese graduate students into our schools boggles the mind?
Could it be we allow this IP theft breeding ground so the schools full tuition collect?
Like offshoring manufacturing jobs to China to the goal of short term profits select
In pursuit of achieving lower and lower costs near monopoly on critical drugs from China for us to obtain
As we phase out fossil fuels in which we are awash and pivot to solar and wind Chinese monopoly on panels and turbines will reign
If China wants to put us in a world of hurt on the issue of Taiwan no need to shed massive blood to invade
Far better to the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor chips, especially nano ones, its exports blockade
We are in a grave window of danger to try to deal with this existential threat
But our administration is the biggest ship of fools we have ever assembled yet
Distracted we are focused on Pelosi’s safe return
God help us if we don’t the extent of China’s threats learn

© August 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, August 1, 2022

Senator Manchin Denies Tax Increase on 6 Out of 8 Income Levels Under Inflation Reduction Act


Senator Manchin has gone from a heroic Horatio creating an inflation moat
To being seduced by Schumer and becoming a taxing and spending goat
A nonpartisan group Joint Committee on Taxation claims The Inflation Reduction Act
Will put 6 of 8 income categories under $200,000 on an upward taxation track
Manchin of course disputes this claim what good if any the bill favors
When the spending increases also have an inflation increasing flavor
With Senator Sinema for inflation and fiscal stability’s last hope
We are on pins and needles wondering if she says yes how to increased inflation and taxes cope
Relying on the Senate Parliamentarian to reject the bill for Budge Conciliation Treatment
Is too much to pray for to damage to our economy prevent
Not a single Blue other than now possibly Sinema will from Schumer depart
To be remembered in October when the 3rd quarter continues its roaring inflation first 2 quarters start

© August 1. 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Reptilian Brain Strikes Again as 67 Year Old Dentist Larry Rudolph Found Guilty of Murdering His Wife of 34 Years for a Younger Mistress ohHisf year old


The reptilian brain can be found at any age and in any income level, in any profession
When the sexual urge is activated hard to find a defense against its obsession
A dentist Laurence Rudolph was charged with killing his wife of 34 years
She was shot in the heart in a safari in Zambia as he tried to the shooting as an  accident to appear
Claimed his wife dropped a loaded gun while trying to pack
But the evidence showed that was not the bullet’s track
His office assistant turned mistress Lori Milliron was found to an accessory after the fact
He was found guilty of murder and a life insurance fraud for claiming an accident to his crime distract
His $5 million life insurance payday has gone up in smoke
His dental license and freedom will be revoked
He will most likely given his age in prison die
But his reptilian brain will live on seeking more victims to its  urges comply                                            © August 1. 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Parkland School Shooting Points Out the Need For More Mental Illness Treatment of Our Youth


The Parkland School mass shooter Nicolas Cruz
Pled guilty and now is on trial to see if his life he will lose
He was listening to “Pumped Up Kicks” while in his Uber death ride
A dark song by Foster the People about troubled youth who turn to a gun at their side
The futility of trying to out run the gun and its ammo
That when it strikes flesh either wounds or delivers a death blow
Nicolas Cruz has stated it’s up to the families of the victims whether he lives or dies
None of them are on the jury as we wonder how much of their testimony of loss the jury will rely
Each time a mass shooting occurs the left focuses on the need for gun control
And not what causes the utter corruption  by mental illness of the shooters’ soul
In a world without guns of any kind
Those mentally ill would a knife or other weapon find
Be it an axe, club, shovel or even a car
Without treating mental illness so impossible to killings bar
Only a possible reduction in the numbers slain
Along with a reduction in the number on the lack of treatment who complain
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Sharks in Shallow Waters Time to Exit With All Speed

 If you thought it is safe to go into the shallow water near the edge of the shore

A video of sharks splashing in very shallow water will cause you to think that no more
At Neptune Beach in Jacksonville Florida near where a swimmer had been attacked
Several sharks were feeding on bait fish that had them attracted
Caught on camera splashing and looking to feed
The cameraman desperate to his shouts to get out of the water heed
An adult Great White which is the deadliest of eating machines
The most terrifying with his mouth wide open a swimmer has ever seen
Probably would not to on the sand run aground
And a wader could quickly exit in a few bounds
But smaller sharks just as deadly a wader would not want to meet
Could quickly knocker off their feet
And be bitten in a painful wound but likely to survive
As this summer fears of Jaws in the waters waiting to on humans dine have been revived
The fact that shark attacks like Powerball winners or lightning strikes are rare
Is little solace to a wader or swimmer into a charging open shark mouth forced to stare
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Ayman Al Zawahiri Successor to Bin Laden as Al Qaeda Leader Killed by a Hellfire Missile From a Drone


The world was reminded today
As a Hellfire missile from a drone its target would slay
That wheels of justice against jihadists may move slowly but they do move
No matter where the target is hiding not even the Taliban prevent him from being removed
Adman Al-Zawahiri the leader of Al-Qaeda was killed by a Hellfire missile from a drone
While thinking he was safe from harm in Kabul living in a Taliban leader’s home
Not sure who if anyone will claim the $25 million reward
For information leading to his death and brave or foolish enough to step forward
The world today is now a safer place with one less top jihadist
Who strayed from the Hippocratic oath as if it for Westerners did not exist
The problem is that jihadists are worse than the weeds
Always sprouting if we do not always their threat heed
Good chance anyone leading a jihadist cell is looking over his shoulder fearful of using his phone
With great chances of his calls being intercepted and his location hone in on waiting for the next missile carrying drone
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Schumer's "Inflation Fighting" Bill in the Hands of the Senate Parliamentarian and Senator Sinema Due to Manchin's Shift


Senator Manchin was for weeks being praised as Horatio on the bridge fighting the inflation hordes
To the surprise of many it was announced on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 he had come aboard
$700 Billion in new taxes along with $433 Billion in new spending including $80 Billion to the IRS
Just what this nation does not need are 1000’s of new agents adding to taxpayers’ tax collection stress
A 15% minimum on net income targeting those 55 corporations with billions in income but that paid no taxes
And to add insult to injury many received rebates to the loopholes enjoyed be axed
Another misnamed Blue bill that during inflation caused by a spending spree
That with billions in more spending an inflation increase we should see
With Manchin shedding his inflation shedding sword and shield
Senator Sinema from Arizona is our last hope to a spending less strategy to field
She and the Senate Parliamentarian who must rule whether it passes the budget conciliation test
If it does the Senate becomes like the House and the filibuster rules are put to rest
It the answer is yes the Senate should consider 2 changes in the bill to approve
If one earns more than a specified level of income the EV subsidy is removed
On the issue of carried interest being taxed as ordinary income as opposed capital gains rates
Have a means test that if income exceeds a given level the taxpayer opens the ordinary income gate
However the Senate Parliamentarian rules we hope Senator Sinema will vote no
Raising taxes and spending during a period of stagflation is not the way to go

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Pelosi Chinese Threats Notwithstanding to Visit Taiwan With Only Question of Whether She Will Spend the Night


Pelosi has landed in Singapore and the suspense on her Taiwan visit has come to an end
After leaving Singapore her plane carrying her and her delegation will to the island nation send
China’s rattling of its sabers has not diminished but increased
Including threats that missiles aimed at her plane should be released
Why once the trip was leaked supposedly by the White House did her office not confirm?
And why were there reports that Biden thought the visit was a bad idea affirm?
After Afghanistan and Ukraine invasion not deterred what did Biden not understand about seeming weak
Emboldening China to believe we would not respond to encourage the Chinese to a military solution seek
The invasion of Ukraine and the loss of Black Sea ports has raised the specter of global starvation
Taiwan is not the bread basket but in semiconductor manufacture is number one in domination
An invasion of Taiwan coupled with the destruction of its semiconductor plants would make for shortage of chips
That would most likely cause the global economy to in a worldwide depression not seen since the 30’s into slip
Just as worse would be Taiwan’s belief that Biden Family Chinese money would mean
That against a China invasion the U.S. would not intervene
And would cave to Chinese demands with their semiconductor capacity under the control of the CCP
And any sense of economic or military security never again would we see

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Shoot the Biden Message Not the Biden Messenger


At her White House Press Corps briefing it is painful to watch Karine Jean-Pierre
As she stumbles again and again in response to questions it seems she doesn’t want to be there
As the messenger of Biden’s failed policies she has to take the shots
As slowly the once DNC sycophantic press no longer will Biden’s policies without scrutiny be bought
She is forced to sugarcoat the failings and the indefensible defend
After being scathed by a resurging press corps this press secretary must look to a stiff drink at their end
One can argue that Psaki was a well prepared anti Biden foil
Who finally could no longer take the toil
Messages notwithstanding it seems Karine cannot euphemize that on which she is not prepared
If a betting man a safe wager would be that she is not long to continue in the press secretary’s chair

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