Wednesday, August 31, 2022

CA's ISO Due to Coming Heat Wave Ordering Residents Not to Use Major Appliances and Charge EV's From 4-7--Revealing the EV's' Achilles Heel


As California’s overstretched power grid faces the onslaught of a heat wave
And its ISO is urging residents to from 4-9 not use large appliances or charge EV’s and raise AC settings to electric consumption save
Newsom has just signed an executive order to increase electricity production
By bringing back on line fossil fueled generation in the era of trying to have carbon emission reduction?
Fortunately in California EV’s constitute only 1.7% of the 30 million vehicles on the road
So charging them would make little demand on the electric power grid load
But the warning to not charge them reveals the New Green Deal’s Achilles Heel
Where are we going to get the power to charge those millions of EV’s on wheels?
And as more and more EV’s consumers will be forced to buy
What means on handling the discarded EV batteries will we rely?
Newsom has his pedal to the metal on EV sales far too soon
Ignoring to the middle class the expected financial ruin
We are struggling already to increase battery range, charging speed
and the number of charging stations all of which for more EV sales we need
Newsom will be out of office when the charging crisis comes home to roost
Rolling blackouts will mean EV’s idle in garages and Red political chances with a major boost
© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Two Months After African American Justine Jones Was Unanimously Hired As City Manager and One Month After the Five Person Police Department and Two Town Clerks Resigned Citing Hostile Workplace Ms Jones Is Fired by a Vote of 3-2


In June the City Council of Kenly, North Carolina a town of 2400 souls
Unanimously hired Justine Jones over 3O candidates to fill Kenly’s City Manager role
Ms Jones is an African American with prior city public service jobs for 16 years
In her last job she was fired and sued for gender and racial discrimination that at her workplace she claimed had appeared
In late July the town’s 5 person police force and 2 town clerks resigned
Citing a hostile workplace and Ms. Jones they maligned
Now after an investigation by a vote of 3-2 the Kenly City Council let Ms. Jones go
The Kenly Mayor sad the investigation did not a toxic workplace show
But it was time to pursue a different direction and to a new City Manager hire
The former cops and town clerks will not be able to their former jobs aspire
The population of Kenly is 36% white, 20% Hispanic and 36% black
Wonder after being so quickly fired how easy it will be for another City Manager to attract
Also, with 2 black members of the City Council what racial tensions may be under a calm façade
Waiting for a spark to ignite the divisive forces to the peace and wellbeing run roughshod

© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

In an Oops Moment North Carolina NAACP Loses Tax-Exempt Status For Failing to File Tax Returns For Three Years


The NAACP formed in 1909 has been a leader in the Civil Rights Movement
Most would agree that donations to it have been well spent
The North Carolina branch of the NAACP was founded some 83 years ago
Like the national a fearless fighter for civil rights we came to know
But today it was revealed the North Carolina branch in May will have some severe problems for a while
The IRS ended its tax-exempt status then due to not having for the last three years its tax returns filed
Until the returns are filed donors to the organization cannot their donations deduct
Seeking corporate and high income donations it may be returning empty handed out of luck
Whatever funds still on hand could be drained by taxes on donations and failure to file fines
Once again the national NAACP is having to act to the trying to the damage confine
What should be troubling is that the national NAACP intervened in 2019 to impose controls on staffing and spending
Which must not have worked as North Carolina’s problems are now really beginning not ending
A statewide audit of funding and spending is now underway, and Da’Quan Love has been appointed as Executive Director to supervise the audit and get the returns filed with the IRS
Given the good work and goals of the organization we hope he quickly moves to clean up this mess
In the meantime, the national NAACP will contribute funds to ensure the organization’s civil rights work is not curtailed
A lesson expensively learned that in being a tax-exempt in filing tax returns on time, an organization can’t fail

© 8/31/2022 The Alaskanpoet


CBP After Listening to Jean-Pierre Believes She Is Either Dumb or a Liar Which this Poet Believes She Is Both


The Border Patrol Agents listening to Karine Jean-Pierre are howling that she is either really dumb
Or in order to keep her job forced by Biden and his minions to the need to lie succumb
Watching her perform her job it is not really hard to tell
With her head buried in her briefing book trying to a nonresponsive answer there trying to sell
She might try to claim that wading across the Rio Grande does not count as walking
Ignoring that feet are on the riverbed leads our response as one of her mocking
Grading the performance of Karine Jean-Pierre
The only thing between her ears is the empty space of air
With just enough neurons to the truth be able to totally defy
But dumb enough to believe listeners won’t realize she lies
Not a one trick pony but only two
Dumb and a liar which typifies too many Blues
She is probably safe in her job as any reports to Biden on her performance a nanosecond will last
Before in Biden’s cognitively impaired memory bank are erased so fast

© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


First Report Since 2004 from Department of Education Shows in 2022 Through June 30, 181 Educators Arrested For Sex Crimes Against Minors


From the history of this nation and its one room schools
We as parents and students looked up to our teachers as they plied their teaching tools
Apples to a teacher and supplies like wood and farm products to their income augment
But today it seems more and more to wonder why that former praise and admiration went
Urban schools have more and more students performing below grade
More and more dropping out or graduating almost illiterate to join the into jail soon parade
The teachers’ unions have expanded beyond the need to better working conditions and more income strive
To fight to keep the schools open but education viral and in classroom teaching not revive
To wage a woke war on students and parents by teaching gender equality and CRT
No wonder Catholic and charter schools are growing in number and student quantities
Now we learn of news that should outrage us all Blue or Red
6 months of 2022 181 educators K-12 have been arrested for a life of sex crimes against minors led
Schools that accept federal cash
Now must have systems in place to prevent passing trash
No longer could a principal cover a teacher’s sexual abuse
To allow transfer to another district to on other students that teacher’s reptilian brain let loose
Maybe it is high time for teachers’ unions to spend less on electing Blues
But more on preventing sexual misconduct that all of us with a passion rue
© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden in Pennsylvania Can't Name Who and What Offices He Is Campaigning For as He Pivots to Be the Newest "Tough on Crime President"


Somehow our cognitive impaired president’s handlers may have discovered some pills
That seemed to have restored to him some of his long lost campaigning skills
In Pennsylvania Biden made a stop to campaign for Blues  in two races
The governor’s and the senate but pills wearing off could not link names to faces
Shamelessly he used the Marine Corps Band to contribute in kind to his campaign
So much for forcing this stellar unit of our premier service to the Hatch Act flush down the drain
Seeing the writing on the wall
That voters are worried about crime this fall
He is trying to pivot Blues from the party that wanted to defund the police
To the party that now wants their budgets to be increased
Slams Reds who voted against the $1.9 trillion American Recovery Plan
That is one of the major contributing factors for the inflation plaguing the land
To ape Pelosi’s castigating Trump’s tax cut as giving only “crumbs” to the middle class
If the American Recovery Plan were measured in 1.9 trillion gallons the amount to police would more like the size of far less than 10 billion shot glasses
If the small portion of the money for police would have been voted on as a separate bill
Every Red would have voted to put that money in the police budgets tills
Fortunately we have Blue after Blue in 2021 and 2020 on TV clips
Intoning that the size of police budgets should be snipped
© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Castro Merchants in SFO Being Short Changed By Paying Taxes and Getting Very Little Service to Stay in Business in Return


Businesses in San Francisco who pay taxes to the city
Are plagued with sidewalks clogged with tents, used needles and feces in a sight not pretty
8,000 people in the once beautiful City by the Bay living on the streets
Addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill and some victims of economic loss and defeat
The 125 member Castro Merchants Association frustrated beyond belief
By the psychotic episodes, crime, trash, feces, urine, and drug use are demanding relief
The payment of taxes is supposed to be a two way street taxpayers expect in return
Basic municipal services like safety, sanitation, and clear sidewalks their taxes should earn
Suffering from the homeless over 100 criminal/psychotic events and damages over 170 grand
With customers unwilling to step over passed out addicts or feces or assaults by the mentally ill withstand
The Association has in a letter to the city made 3 minor first step demands
35 shelter beds for mentally ill, alcoholics and abusers of drugs banned
Monthly metrics of the services the city provides to the homeless
For those homeless who refuse services a plan to such refusals address
The Association is also demanding more police presence to crime abort
Which may be difficult as the SFPD is now 600 officers short
Many who, demoralized by the catch and release Boudin D.A. and Defund the Police trend have moved or retired
In this leftist war on the Thin Blue Line, to no one’s surprise it is more difficult to new officers hire
The only clear ray of hope
To the demoralization cope
Is that the voters came to their senses and Boudin was recalled
Along with his push for felons first, victims last be forever stalled

© August 31, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Bail Fund in Minneapolis Harris Raised $35 Million For Recently Bailed Out a Serial Indecent Exposure Felon Who 3 Weeks Later Shot and Killed Someone With Whom He Had a Beef


In 2020 as Minneapolis was to the ground nearly burned down
The same looting and damage destruction also in many of the nation’s cities and towns
Kamala Harris maybe feeling guilt as the SFO D.A. racking up almost 2000  marijuana convictions
Was tweeting to urged donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund for bail to rioters that merited the “protestors” description
Thanks to her $35 million quickly raised but not sure if to the Fund she still donates
But not all is well with those the Fund bails out to their trial await
Shawn Michael Tillman who had been arrested for indecent exposure and not released on cashless bail
Had his bail posted by the Fund and lasted three weeks before his bail conditions failed
Rap sheet of numerous indecent exposures and three felonies one with a gun and another for to a minor indecent exposure
Doubt if the Fund examined his prior record to have confidence while on bail no violent crimes would be insured
With a gun he could not legally possess he ran into someone with whom he had had a “beef”
Sees him at a transit station and what follows shows this felon has not turned over a new leaf
Shoots him and at him twice more as he falls to the ground curled up with arms to up to protect as Tillman walks up and shoots him in the head
Transit first responders arrive to pronounce him dead
Thanks to his rap sheet he is identified by surveillance cams and now in jail
Sadly for him but good news to the citizens of Minneapolis the Fund will not be posting bail
And from Harris not a peep
Too busy with the new Blue line “Fund the Police” image she wants to keep

© August 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Ex-boyfriend Caught on Door Cam Trying to Break Down the Door Shot and Killed by Father and Saved by Cam From Prosecution and Very Likely From Civil Wrongful Death Suit


In Sydney, Ohio the 2nd Amendment and common sense self-defense rule
And a potential felon who ignores that may find a response which is deadly cruel
22 year old James Rayl who was a boyfriend of Allyson Dukro
But she ended the relationship some 18 months ago
He left a message on her voice mail the night before not reported what he said
But as we will see it filled her with great dead
At 11:00 A.M. he appeared at the family residence and rang the doorbell
No answer so he left and returned to ring again as the start of his death knell
He opened the screen door then pulled at the handle of the door which was locked
His entrance to the home was clearly blocked
Told by Mitchell Dukro, her father, that Allyson would not see him and to depart  
He instead started slamming his body into the door to try to  break it apart
Mitchell warned him to leave and that he had a gun
But Rayl did not stop and the dead bolt started to detach to the have his prying the door open begun
No way with the door now open two inches some one that strong Mitchell was going to allow in his home
He aimed his gun and shot Rayl three times turning the scene into a killing zone
Rayl retreated to the driveway then collapsed and died
Fortunately for Durko he had a doorbell cam with audio to show on self- defense he relied
On the 911 call Allyson was heard telling him he had her life saved
The grand jury heard the voicemail and  the 911 call and the doorbell cam saw to send any idea of a crime to a round file grave
No indictment, no prosecution to be able to in your castle stand your ground
And with the video unlikely a lawyer for a wrongful death case will be found
© August 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Ghislaine Maxwell Has Newfound Friend in Prison Double Murderer Narcy Novak


Ghislaine Maxwell from a life of wealth as the lover/pimp for Epstein
Has now ended that life and started her 20 year sentence at the FCI Tallahassee prison scene
Maybe not as dangerous as male prison with its yoga and Pilate lessons but just the same
A new environment for her and with abuse of minor females added to her name
Smart enough to reach out to newfound friends to protect your back
Which she has in the form of the murderer of her husband and mother-in-law a former stripper Narcy Novak
Convicted and sentenced to life for hiring thugs to beat them both to death--husband after eyes gouged out with dumbbells
And her ex Salvador Dali model mother-in-law with a plumbers wrench but was caught when she tried to bribe a prostitute her husband was seeing not to tell
Two people dead because she thought he was having with a porn actress  an affair
And in a divorce the prenuptial agreement would not let her to his extensive wealth share
Her newfound friend can commiserate with her over the life of Riley now too soon past
Two ex-wealthy white female felons who most likely in prison their breath will be their last

© August 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Heavily Armed Masked and Black Clad Antifa Appear at Roanoke, Texas "Kid Friendly" Drag Queen Event With "Keep Roanoke Gay"


Texas is an open carry state
But many lawmakers at Antifas carrying are irate
At a Roanoke, Texas gay pride event
With the oxymoron label of “kid friendly” so kids to it could be sent
A drag queen performance was held at the Anderson Distillery and Grill
Where drag queen dancers performed to the crowd including some 20 kids collecting dollar bills
At least 10 masked clad in all black heavily armed Antifa appeared
To protect the drag queens from kids or to their parents intimidate and strike fear?
Should not come to parents as too much of a surprise
As the left is hell bent on pushing the binary gender demise
One of the Antifa guards had a sign “Keep Roanoke Gay”
Chilling threat to straight males and their families not to get in their way
The venue was swamped and exceeded most likely occupancy limits by fire department imposed
Wonder if the gun carrying Antifas intimidated the few cops to not the event close
There is legislation pending in Texas to prevent drag queen events from being attended by kids
Makes sense as from bars and strip shows we insure that from them minors are rid

© August 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tiffany Cross Guest Slams People of Texas and Arizona As Racists For Supporting Busing illegals to NYC and Washington, D.C.Tguestpan


The charge leveled against someone for being a racist is the most overused and abused
Of any charge in the English language and is the one almost without fail the left will use
From our road system according to Buttigieg to statutes of Jefferson at the university he founded UVA
Without a doubt in any discussion in which a speaker disagrees with the left the charge is automatically in play
As certain as the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west
There will always be guest panelists on Tiffany Cross’ show to our racism attest
Latest example is a lowly Fordham Associate Professor Christina Greer
Who slammed people in Texas and Arizona as racists for busing illegals to in NYC appear
This woman is so biased her eyes cannot see and her ears cannot hear
Can only pivot the discussion away from an invasion of illegals to a charge of racism steer
It might behoove these academic elites to before they open the mouths and racist charges toss
And go to the border states to measure in terms of human trafficking, drugs, crime and safety net burdens cost
The real racists are the leftists who project the myth it is legal to come here
Touting that the cartel costs, rape and sexual abuse, trafficking, drownings and death you should not fear
If the Reds cannot win the House and Senate to force Biden to our border to illegals seal
By 2024 we will have another 5 million illegals with whom we will have to deal
Total unmitigated disaster that like at sea will our social safety net lifeboats flounder
Because Biden has refused to return to Trump’s immigration policies that were on illegals much sounder

©  August 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Americans Daily See Thousands of Illegals Walking Into this Nation and Karine Jean-Pierre Lies That It's Not Occuring


Listening to the pronouncements of W.H. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre
One is left with the impression there is nothing between her ears but air
Or more likely on immigration questions on waves of illegals told to only lies share
Claimed banning Djokovic from flying in to U.S. Open to illegals you can’t compare
While unvaccinated illegals not flying in but wading across the river are not banned
With their false amnesty claims, given a notice to appear and then sent into the interior of this land
Over two million illegals most likely vast majorities of which unvaccinated  released
But a COVID vigilant Biden Administration stands guard to Djokovic’s U.S. Open cease
How can this lying women look herself in the mirror
Knowing watching TV by the thousands daily illegals are walking here
She must be so desperate for an income it is easy for her to lie
Cheapens anything that comes out of her mouth so on it we can’t rely
Thank God for true journalists like Doocy of Fox
Whose probing questions exposing lies are to the Biden Administration feared as much as small or monkey pox
© August 30, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, August 29, 2022

Harris No Longer Uses Word Salad to Answer Questions Now Refuses to Answer and Pivots to Trump Supporters Attack


Our VP Kamala Harris when she speaks is the queen of the word salad
Hard to believe she a stroke beat away from a mental semi-invalid
Ridiculed by the media even some from the left of nonsensical words rambling from her lips
Like a person who on the ability to rationally speak or respond has lost her grip
So now when it comes to questions from the press she has a new tact
Simply doesn’t answer and pivots to a platitude to avoid the ensuing attack
On Biden’s vote buying plan also known as the 10-20 grand forgiveness of student debt
We are all awaiting a response on how he can legally do this and how it is to be paid yet
From the word salad queen no answer only on Trump’s tax cut a blistering attack
She must have forgot it was passed by Congress not like Biden’s Executive Order track
How dare the people who benefited from the tax cut even those who received only Pelosi crumbs
Could attack student debt relief Biden campaigned on and be so dumb
To criticize forgiveness that will help students buy a house and a family start
Total non-response on an illegal act that inflation will raise off the charts
We are not mushrooms and don’t deserved to be fed BS and kept in the dark
We need answers not the word salad gibberish that is this V.P.’s hallmark
At minimum we should learn the cost and the average loan balance that still is outstanding
If less than ten grand the forgiveness is clearly only vote buying grandstanding
Worse it incentivizes colleges to raise tuition faster
So in 5 or so years we will be facing the same taxpayer bailout disaster

© August 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Jeremy Bash who Signed with 50 Former Intel Officials in October Surprise Hunter's Lap Was Russian Propaganda Receive a Quid Pro Quo Appointment to National Intelligence Review Board?


Despite his cognitive weakness that grows more each day
Biden still retains skill to the game of quid pro quo play
With Hunter Biden’s laptop stories starting to surface that Biden’s involvement with Hunter’s CCP investments were real
As the bombshell NY Post headlined story revealed
The MSM and social media fearing disclosures would hurt Biden quickly moved to conceal
Almost to a one the talking heads at the MSM stated the laptop was Russian propaganda design to sway the election
50 former intel officials including that icon of lies James Clapper signed a letter vowing it was Russian propaganda and deserved rejection
Social Media trumped the MSM’s intent to conceal and either banned out right the article or severely limited its distribution
Their concealment was critical and Biden won but finally even the leftist rag New York Times admitted they were wrong so was there any retribution?
In Quid Pro Quo land the answer is no and one of letter signers and MSNBC contributor Jeremy Bash
From day one to anyone who would put him on the air aped his name and lap top as Russian propaganda to influence the election bashed
Was Bash so brilliant that he was needed to be on this board?
Or was it Biden payback to Bash’s attempt to the Hunter Lap story be gored
So wrong on Hunter Biden’s lap top so what has he learned to give truthful advice?
We can only pray he is qualified to advise and not a reward for Biden’s quid pro quo vice
Suspect the pay is less than $100k but the title will open panelist on the air doors
Encouragement to those potential whistleblowers keeping silent on Biden miscues that Biden has enough neurons left to their contributions not ignore

© August 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Hochul's One Two Idiotic Displays One on Bui Van Phu Two on Reds to Florida Must Move Away


Kathy Hochul owes her position as governor due only to the Cuomo’s reptilian brain
She is incapable of displaying idiotic comments from which she cannot refrain
First she jumped off the soft on crime cashless bail bandwagon she helped create
While silent on the damage to our safety D.A.’s  Bragg and Clark are heaping on the state
When Bui Van Phu sucker punched Jesus Cortez so hard it broke his skull and put him into a coma
Still there with doctors not knowing what lasting damages he will suffer from his cranial hematoma
Hochul after Phu’s charges were almost instantaneously reduced to 3rd degree assault to walk free
Seeing a photo op moment to as a tough on crime governor safety worried New Yorkers want to see
Announced she had instructed the parole board to arrest and confine him to jail before a parole violation hearing would take place
Trying to from the voters memories that her policies put Bui Van Phu, a lifetime sexual criminal and gang member, out on the streets to attack Cortez erase
Hochul’s  latest rant that affirms she is more like  a total yokel
That New Yorkers are suffering as they get to know her too well
All Reds especially like her opponent Zeldin don’t in New York belong
They need to move to Florida where the economy is thriving and strong
Taxes are so much lower and the schools are not cursed but free
Of the damaging and divisive teachings of a misguided philosophy CRT
Another Blue divisive rant when we need unity which is so wrong
For the sake of suffering New Yorkers seeing residents and jobs flee they should vote to make her rant her swansong
© August 29, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Lizzo at VNA Urges Her Fans to Vote Out Those Who Are Oppressing Us When To Live She Needs To Be Oppressed By Nurtisytem


The rapper Lizzo is making over a million each year and has a  net worth of 15 million bucks
On The VMA Awards she ranted and politicized by urging fans to people that are oppressing us out of office chuck
She’s tilts heterosexual but supports LBGTQ+
Why would anyone watch the show when she’s making such a fuss
This woman is a poster child
For Gluttony gone wild
A vegan yet morbidly obese
With so much weight one has to wonder when will her heart cease
Once again the world of sports, entertainment and academia from politicization cannot escape
Nor in Lizzo’s world the heavily obese and sickening shape
She has never felt oppression of the fork or spoon laden with food to touch her face
Maybe some oppression from the likes of Nutrisystem will allow her to remain a part of the human race

© August 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Clark the America Eagle Thrills Passengers Going Through a TSA Screening Line


It seems every time we turn around,we see a symbol or name of our history under PC attack
Regardless of their contributions to the nation any respect for them we are supposed to lack
If they owned slaves or fought for the South any memory of them the left thinks should be erased
Sadly with no one or nothing of comparable merit and fame to be put in their place
According to the left our history starts in 1619
When the stain of slavery on our shores was first seen
Jefferson and Madison whose brilliance gave us the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
Their contribution to the nation once honored now demanded by the left to be mere lilliputian
At the University of Virginia a small leftist band of students are demanding any statutes of him be removed
Without any coherent reason of why the majority of students and alums will than have nonexistent anxiety will be soothed
In this incessant attack on our symbols a most refreshing event at an airport was seen
At a TSA checkpoint to board a flight Clark was ready to go through the scanning screens
Not the Clark of Superman famed but an Aquila who also flies
A symbol of American might ready to pounce on any foe who to damage our security tries
An American eagle who goes across the nation on shows
Like America a firm belief that our defeats we will never know

© August 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Fighting Inflation With Only Monetary Policy and Not Also Fiscal Is Like Fighting With One Hand Tied Behind Your Back

The Fed is concerned over inflation and regardless of cost
Will fight it no holds barred to sure the battle is not lost
The speeches and fine wine are flowing freely at Jackson Hole
But a study released there raises questions if the Fed can achieve its goals
There is a saying that only a fool is armed only with a knife at a gun fight

Likewise in economics fighting inflation only with monetary policies is a plan not right

Raising interest to slow demand
While government spending is completely out of hand
Only dilutes the effect but raises the unemployment pain
No matter what the Fed how high the Fed pushes interest rate inflation will not be contained
If Biden and his Blues keep flooding the nation with dollars
Trying to not enough goods trying to collar
Day 5 since Biden announced his $10k to 20k vote purchase labeled forgiveness of student debt
And total silence on how the forgiveness would be paid, assuming we would just forget
When the Inflation Reduction Act fails to implement its name
As middle class taxpayers are thrown of the pyre of increased audit flames
Wonder if more Americans will realize that have been sold a heap of rotten goods
As rising inflation destroys their savings and drugs and rising crime in Blue run cities destroys their neighborhoods

© August 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet 

Biden Focuses on a Longer Term Climate Change Threat Ignores Near Term Existential Chinese Threat


Every time we look at our world, we see a growing Chinese economic and military threat
We should be terrified that Biden has not risen from his cognitive slumber to recognize it yet
A U.S. Coast Guard Cutter in a regional deployment exercise on fishing in the seas
Was denied admission to enter a Solomon Islands port for provisions probably due to rejection by the Chinese
From building islands in International Waters to more and more military exercises to  Taiwan to up the ante on its invasion threats

Military exercise of landings, missiles launched and daily incursion into Taiwan air space by fighter jets
Biden on what we will do if China invades has been anything than forceful and clear
President XI probably certain that unlike Trump from Biden he has nothing to fear
Maybe because he is looking at a frail and demented senile weak old man
Or maybe he knows that in his, Hunter’s and the Biden family’s pockets there are entrenched Chinese hands
What should concern us is that we are looking at the wrong existential threat
There will come a time when the world led by us will have to oppose climate change but not yet
But the Chinese threat is here and it is now and our military and diplomats are to it asleep at the wheel
While around the world China is expanding its influence with trade and infrastructure deals
Human rights support may be a worthy goal but pursuing Chinese market too many sports and businesses have lost their soul
We immediately cease the focus on woke
That decline in military preparedness stokes

Start looking to building more ships, missiles and planes
Looking to expanding bases and alliances in the Pacific to China try to contain
Americans will need to hold on to their seats
The next 2 years will be E-tickets especially if the Blues do not go down in defeat

© August 28, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Student Debt Forgiveness Will Cost Billions to Taxpayers But Universities Will Have No Skin In the Game


Once again the Biden Administration is like the three monkeys
Who see no evil, hear no evil or speak no evil of taxpayer cost now student debt forgiveness is on a path a bit bumpy
For 4 days the Biden Administration is being asked what to the taxpayers will be the cost
How much of the vaunted debt reduction due to the Inflation Reduction Act will be lost
Only the sounds of silence or nonsensical remarks that we can’t the cost compute
Because we do not know how many the debt forgiveness will refute
Some estimates are already in and the cost is looking like more to $300-450+ billion cost
So much for the Biden rants of the Inflation Reduction Act deficit reduction that will be lost
Worse the forgiveness will be like kicking the can down the road
Even if all the student debt were forgiven in 5 years we would be facing the same debt load
Colleges will be encouraged to tuition, fees and room and board above inflation raise

Charging more for many degrees worth less in earning a living merits no praise
Given the size of universities endowment built up over the years
Voices urging that on debt forgiveness universities should have skin in the game are starting to appear
We must reduce the costs of college growing faster than the rate of inflation
Or face from future students and their parents just condemnation

© August 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Texas Is Busing a Mere Drop in the Bucket of Number of Illegals Daily Crossing Into the Nation and NYC and Washington, D.C. Are Apoplexic


NYC and Washington, D.C. are both sanctuary cities where illegals can feel
That ICE will never appear after being released from jail since the jailers cannot reveal
The welcome mat is open to all illegals vetted or not
Regardless of the crimes for which they have served or are being sought
That is until now as Texas fed up with Biden’s open border
Creating all manner of human trafficking, drugs, crime and waves of false illegal asylum seekers disorder
Is now loading buses and telling those mayors to put your money where your policies are
And accept a mere drop in the bucket of illegals we have had to cope with this far
1500 and the two majors are begging for National Guard help and blaming Texas but not a peep
Of outrage over Biden’s policy of a wide open “you are welcome here as illegals” with no remorse wanting to keep
In NYC Adams is in a tizzy and uproar that 14 hotels have had to take illegals in
While the MSM ignores the crisis and it’s the border states’ fault spin
The governors of Texas and Arizona have been pleading for the feds to help the border secure
So far only Mayorkas’ false assertion of no problems since “the border is closed” sinecure
NPR another leftist member funded by taxpayers is ranting illegals are being bused with no plans on what should happen next
Ignoring demands to reinstate Trump era plans including completion of the border wall that had illegals’ crossings largely in check
© August 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Newsom Puts the Cart Before the EVs' Batteries Horses to Ban Sale of Fossil Fuel Powered Cars in 2035


In the Banana Republic once golden and now known as the Iron Pyrite State
Residents the sale of new fossil fuel powered cars in 2035 now await
Addressing climate change is a worthy ideal
Even if sadly the U.S. is less than 15% of the carbon emissions deal
The Blue politicians and Silicon Valley elite are pleased that new fossil fueled cars will no longer grace our roads and streets
They can easily afford the $60,000 + price tag of an EV that the middle class now being audited to death by 87k new IRS agents cannot meet
Newsom is ignoring hybrids and putting the cart before the EV batteries horse
Hell bent for election as he sheds market forces to embark on this ill guided course
Doubt that the wizards of Sacrament with eyes clouded with New Green Deal cataracts
Have given a thought to how our fragile grid is going to recharge the millions of EV batteries without going black
After 2035 California will start to resemble Havana in the 60’s and beyond when the U.S. trade embargo kicked in
Aging cars with fewer gas stations to fuel for work or a rare Sunday spin
China the growing monopolist of needed solar and wind power generating parts will be licking its chops
As a once energy independent rival will see its economy sputter for lack of energy then drop

© August 27, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, August 26, 2022

Niki Haley Unleashes a Cease and Desist After Axios Publishes Her Stand With America Donor List


Lois Lerner found in contempt by Congress and in the center of the IRS’s attack on Tea Party 501(c) (3)’s
Has resigned in disgrace from the IRS and in the public eye we rarely see
But her ideas of repression survive as the acts of the leftist rag Axios has shown
A person’s federal tax returns are supposed to be secret until by Axios they were blown
Niki Haley has recently formed a PAC Stand for America, Inc.
To support the election of Red candidates and contest leftist policies that stink
Somehow a watch dog group Documented got a copy of its donor list
And leaking it the leftist rag Axios could not resist
Axios published the list of anonymous donors on Friday and Haley was quick to react
Her instinct was to like the left no more Nice Guy and fight back
Hit them with a cease and desist letter
Demanding release of information of IRS filings be fettered
Axios defended its actions as being in the public interest
When in reality is not that but rather one the most simplest
Expose the identity of conservative donors to make them more likely to not contribute
To make it easier for the left to silence voices that that their dangerous ideas refute

© August 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Grand Jury Will If Asked By a D.A. Will Indict a Ham Sandwich and From the DOJ Transparency Is Something You Never Get


The corollary to the adage that a D.A. an indictment of a ham sandwich from a Grand Jury can get
Is that from the DOJ questioned on its bias and procedures transparency is something you can forget
The affidavits justifying the subpoena were so heavily redacted that the basis for the warrant seems hard to justify
20 out of 38 pages heavily or almost completely redacted make it somewhat impossible for the public to come to a conclusion Trump the law refused to comply
One lesson from this potential political witch hunt that future presidents must learn
By clear and convince evidence he or she must declassification affirm
Witnesses to criminal behavior must be protected from threats and abuse
The dog whistles of revenge and violence must never be blown to potential violence be let loose
Understand why the names and identifying characteristics were redacted but why what they wrote or said
Without being able to determine the accusations the affidavits are mostly worthless to have read
Save maybe the letter from Trump’s counsel stating the president can classify or declassify in his absolute discretion
His failure to record in written form sounds more like a not a crime but thoughtless indiscretion
The letter cited that the statues cited in the affidavit as to conduct of officers may not apply
Officers of the U.S. are only those appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate or by Department head who on their services want to rely
Clearly a cloud over the midterms and a distraction from critical issues we face
That sadly will continue after the midterms regardless of the outcomes of those races

© August 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

No Way Are MAGA Reds a Threat To Democracy


This highly educated and intelligent poet for Trump his vote cast
Solely for his policies not personality which made me aghast
To me MAGA meant American leading from the front and not from behind
It meant energy independence not reliance on foreign sources to produce more energy we could domestically find
It meant an end to the Obama crony capitalism to pick winners to move the country green
To avoid the Solyndra disasters that littered the crony capitalism scene
It meant a secure border where illegals were caught and deported
And asylum claims based on economic hardship were aborted
It meant that the Thin Blue Line was respected and backed
And excessive use of force and discrimination was attacked
It meant that criminals arrested were not released on cashless bail the same day
To on innocent victims then quickly again and again violently prey
It meant not tearing down statutes because some had owned slaves
To obliterate and erase the contribution to our creation those men gave
It meant the highest increase in employment and incomes among all genders and races
Not just white males, but blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women with increases in steady paces
Low inflation, cuts in taxes, respect and fear in foreign places
The major failure the inability to with a suitable substitute for Obamacare to replace
The positive list goes on but even if I am a train-o-phile who wants Amtrak to run on time
That does not make me a closet Mussolini guilty of fascist ideology crimes

© August 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

74 Million Trump Supporters in Biden's Cognitively Impaired Mind Have Graduated From Mere "Deplorables" To "Semi-fascists"fomillionTrump


It’s clear How To Win Friends and Influence People Biden has never read
Or if he had from his cognitively destroyed brain memories of passages have fled
From on Inauguration Day calling on unity as his goal
He quickly to the intolerant and rabid progressives has sold his soul
Somehow with bolstering injections of some kind
That give him energy and conceal the destruction of his mind
He is back on the campaign trail
Not for unity but to against MAGA Reds rail
No longer are they the over used to point of tone deaf “racists”
But a new curse worse than “deplorables” they are “semi-fascists”
Does this mean they are only fascists half the time
Able to work with Biden for half the day and the other committing fascists’ crimes?
74 million Americans voted for Trump and had the FBI not helped to the NY Post Hunter Biden story quash
How many more Americans reading about his emails and “10% to the Big Guy” would have voted to Biden’s chances squash?
We will never ever be able to find out and know
Only to accept that the grave threat to democracy is to allow Social Media and MSM censorship to grow

© August 26, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Increasing Numbers of Bulls Joining the Cry That Discharge of Student Debt Is a Bad Idea


You can always count on a politician to put party after seat preservation
Growing number of Blues in tight races are balking at the student debt cancellation
When large numbers of borrowers have difficulty in their loans being repaid
What’s the first thing a smart lender will do to a collection action evade
And result in the asset into junk bond status be its grade
Enter into a loan modification agreement to increase the term
Which will lower the payments and the money a debtor has to earn
And change the interest rate that will make it easier to pay
Loan modifications for worthy borrowers have been a tool used by lenders every day
But to throw up your hands and discharge 10 to 20 grand as your first words at the bargaining table
Merits assigning the lender an idiocy label
But for Biden and his minions it’s not their money so they don’t care
Unable to look at another source of who should the pain of discharge share
How many students took on inflated tuition and room and board debt?
Led to believe by the colleges that a degree to a high paying job was an easy step
Worthless degrees that did not enhance job procurement skills
Woke ideology as opposed to thinking and communicating abilities to instill
Might not be a bad idea for colleges based on the value of what was taught
A credit reduction for the some of the tuition to give the relief they now have sought

© August 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Zuckerberg on Joe Rogan's Podcast Details FBI Efforts to Have Facebook Ban the NY Post Bombshell on Hunter Biden Laptop


The stench for the bias of the FBI gets stronger each day
Another revelation that the bias is not going away
Zuckerberg who has been castigated for restricting the revelations about Hunter’s laptop
Unlike Twitter that completely banned the New York Post’s exposé Facebook filtered the news so number of viewers of it dropped
He asserted the FBI approached him to warn the laptop story was Russian propaganda that should be banned
Clearly keeping or restricting access to steer the election to Biden must have been what the FBI planned
The story that Hunter’s laptop was a Russian plant was clearly false
But the top levels of the FBI were dancing to the tunes of the anti-Trump waltz
We will never know how many Biden votes would have been changed
But clearly the FBI intended the results of the election to rearrange
Wray has completely failed to end the perception of biased slant
With zero credibility in dealings with Trump look for allegations damning papers were a FBI plant
We are facing a sad and dangerous state of affairs
If the DOJ and FBI are no longer blind, objective and fair

© August 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Politicians Need to Be More Like Evergreens Not Changing or Shedding Their Needles of Principle


Politicians are a lot like deciduous trees
When fall comes their principles are like leaves changing colors and to the ground leave
For fall is the time for elections and the need to shift gears
To change the narrative if necessary so the voters to your side appear
Regardless of what you or your lobbyists believe
You may have to become a Potemkin village to reelection achieve
Especially in the urban inner cities and after harvesting black votes you can quit
Your “principles” quickly forgotten and as valued as a warm bucket of spit
Politics would much more refreshing if the political trees were like evergreens
Such that the needle principles would be free of the changing colors and shedding routine
What you see is what you would get and the principles would remain
Free from the lobbyists’ PAC contributions washing them down the drain
Sadly politicians are human beings and by power and wealth too easy to corrupt
So from the cries for help from constituents their ears are firmly closed shut
One would have thought that close margins would foster the art of compromise
Instead the lust for power and control is leading to its complete demise

© August 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

With Elections a Little Over Two Months Away Pelosi and Biden on Student Debt Forgiveness Reverse to Claim Bogus Authority


In America in politics the desire is not to seek what for America is best
But rather to have your side prevail over the opponents across the aisle you detest
If someone is brave enough to on principle stand
As elections near principles become castles of sand
The incoming tide of the need to win politicians cannot withstand
Explains why Biden and Pelosi both reneged to find authority to forgive student debt across the land
A majority of student debt has been paid down below 10 grand
Monthly payments unless jobless not a stretch and payments should continue should be the demand
If jobless, payments on student debt should be deferred as long as person actively looks for a job
But to wipe the slate clean of such minor amounts one’s dignity is robbed
Close to the election student debt forgiveness you cannot sugar coat
It is being done for the sole purpose of buying some youth votes
You can look across this nation far and wide
You won’t find a national emergency no matter how hard you tried

As death and hospitalization rates in 2020 and 2021 during the pandemic continue to subside
Biden’s forgiveness by the courts should be denied
© August 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

DOJ Has Submitted Redacted Warrant Affidavits


People suffering from dementia face a terrible curse
Their minds are like low tide sand castles that in six hours are reversed
The slender silver cloud in the disease is that memory loss gives one a plausible denial  Delivered forcibly with a straight face or a trustworthy smile
Biden when asked if had warning or knowledge of the Mar-a-Lago raid
Absolutely none as any short term memory would be subject to a total fade
It may be that while Garland has his mind fogged with SCOTUS no vote rage
But high levels at the DOJ fearful of the outrage chose not to Biden engage
The DOJ met its Thursday deadline to provide the redactions to the affidavits it proposes
Given the DOJ’s at the highest levels its anti-Trump bias expect to see line and line black redactions show
While the DOJ was fighting tooth and nail to keep the affidavit sealed
Another evidence of bias a whistle blower has just revealed
Hunter Biden’s laptop which is a road map of corruption that may even include “the Big Guy”
The DOJ chose to sit on its investigation until after 2020’s Election Day

© August 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Biden's Illegal Student Debt Forgiveness to Win Voters Will Add to Inflation and Wipe Out Any Deficit Reduction


It’s the new fiscal dance craze
The Biden two step that will taxpayers faze
1 step forward with Inflation Reduction Act
That will raise billions to put large corporations and the $400+k earners on the “pay your fair share track”
Followed by 2 steps backward as $300 billion in student debt forgiveness for those earning less than $125k
But may well end up costing more than $600 billion at the end of the day
Instead of loan modifications to reduce monthly payment by lowering the rate or increase the term
Biden chose to the law on debt by executive action crash and burn
The misnamed Inflation Reduction Act that on inflation will do squat
If the courts do not strike down his $300 billion giveaway the deficit reduction will go for naught
One can argue the merits of why the tax code allowed corporations with large deductions for business expenditures the payment of taxes evade
But to when the pandemic is over to seek votes for 10 grand the smell test receives a failing grade
And an alumnus’ sense of self-worth and standing on 2 feet
For a paltry sum has by the illegal action met defeat

© August 25, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Dobbs and Abortion Narrative May Be the Blues Silver Bullet That Will Crush the Red Wave


The hardest thing a Red candidate has to do is to narrow down the Blue failings
So the campaign message is too diluted and confused and becomes unavailing
From Afghanistan to COVID to immigration to crime to Fentanyl to inflation to woke and CRT in our schools
No matter where you look the Blues’ stand on issues makes them look like total fools
 Captured by the progressive wing known as the Squad
Drifting further and further away from the center with ideas flawed
Yet in states that Reds should win hands down
Like Pennsylvania where Oz is trailing the hooded Fetterman clown
Hardly recovered from his stroke barely able to coherently speak
Hiding from the public to conceal he is very mentally and physically weak
Or in Wisconsin where Ron Johnson is trailing a truly leftist Blue  by 5 to 7 points
In upstate New York in a special House election to fill the seat due to Zeldin running for governor of the Empire State
A Blue running on the need to abortion protect by a slim margin beat a Red running on inflation and Biden that lost in the debate
The Blues thanks to the Dobbs decision may have halted the Red wave in its tracks
The House and Senate majority they may not take back
Reds must frame the debate on abortion on issues and time frames most people support
Only in rape and incest and save the life of the mother after 2nd or 3rd trimester ok to abort
Up to the moment the fetus begins a trip down the birthing canal too close to a human kill
That Blue position advocated by Blues wanting no restrictions for abortion on demand is a too bitter to swallow pill

© August 24, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Biden Proposes to Forgive $10,000 of Student Debt for Those Making Less than $125,000 Which Will Cost the Taxpayers $300 Billion


The Romans used free bread and gladiatorial conquests to the death to win citizens’ favors
Biden less violent will announce for any one earning less than 125 grand up to 10 grand student debt waiver
Total cost the taxpayers will suffer is believed to be north of 300 billion bucks
All those students who in the past have paid off their loans must feel like a bunch of smucks
Something is when it comes to personal responsibility in Biden’s universe does not belong
You borrowed the money to get a degree and now you don’t have to repay is just wrong
In urban cities voters would be driven to the polls
Some petty cash to vote the Blue way to them would be doled
To the students burdened by debt the Blue message is that for nonpayment you are not to blame
You did not cause the pandemic and recession and degrees for landing jobs evaporated
You bought a bunch of classes that any chance of getting a decent job negated
Rather than a write off that more dependence on the feds enhances
A better route would have been lowering the rate and extending the term to enable a debtor to a debt free state advance
© August 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Mayor Adams May Be Enjoying Being Wined and Dined at Expensive NYC Hangouts in Violation of Conflict of Interest Rules


Whereas Mayor Di Blasio was clearly just inept and a fool
Mayor Adams a former cop seems to flout NYC’s conflict of interest rules
NYC to avoid even the hint or appearance of quid pro quo
Bans gifts disguised as bribes to influence votes or to fix potholes or plow the snow
If the gift is valued at more than 50 bucks
The idea of accepting it has to be chucked
According to the New York Times the good mayor is living the Life of Riley at high priced hangouts
Where his wallet and credit cards remain in his pocket and the conflict of interest rules he may flout
An Adams’ favorite is the  Osteria La Baia where in a private room he holds court
Restaurant is owned by ex-felons Robert and Zhan Petrosyants when paying taxes come up  short
He is known to party hearty at a private night club called Club Bond that costs five grand to join
Plus another four grand a year in food and drinks while he spends nary a coin
Like Blues like Newsom and his French Laundry scandal by lobbyists paid
When asked to provide receipts he attacked the reporters for a “silly” story he proceeded to them degrade
He refused to evidence of his own payments reveal
His behavior stinks with the inference quid pro quo he is trying to conceal
© August 23, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Monday, August 22, 2022

3 Wild Greg Saloons in Texas and Florida Doing Land Office Business While the 1 Minneapolis Shut Down Last Night Due to 2 Years of Red Ink Due to Crime and COVID Restrictions


Greg Urban was a successful restauranteur with 4 sites
The one in Minneapolis after 2 years of being in the red closed last night
We should feel sad for the 30 employees of Greg’s Wild Saloon who are now out of work
Victims of a Blue run city which suffered massive damage from riots and crime and COVID restrictions gone berserk
But not for Greg who was smart enough to open 3 in Texas and the Sunshine State
Business is going gang busters in all 3 and getting a table is usually subject to a long wait
His experience is not unique; across the nation the result is the same
In Blue run cities many of which suffered from the 2020 lootings and flames
Violent crime is running amok and eating out puts one’s life at risk
And the slow relaxing of COVID restrictions means that restaurant recovery is anything but brisk
Maybe the mayors’ and city councils’ motives in Blue run cities have noble goals
And see their COVID related restrictions police budget cuts as necessary in life saving roles
More likely it is a typical Blue need to control the residents’ lives
To validate they know what’s best for us to prosper and survive

© August 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Fauci Fearing a Red Majority in Congress Announced He Is Getting Out Of Dodge To Resign in December


Flip Flop Fauci who flipped and flopped like salmon brailed into a boat’s hold
Finally his time has come and his resignation in December he has us told
Still firing off canons at those who fight mask and vaccine mandates
In Fauci’s mind such forced mandates are the only reason the COVID-19 hospitalization rate
Has subsided as people vaccinated who despite Fauci’s assurances still come down with the disease
And their ability to transmit and infect others near them with or without masks does not cease
Fauci despite his denials strenuously and vehemently made
That he was not funding at the Wuhan Lab gain of function research and anyone who suggested otherwise was a target for his tirade
Watching the debates between Senator Paul and Fauci were great theater to us entertain
While any facts supporting the leak from the Wuhan Lab as opposed to a wet market were by China flushed down the drain
In addition to the chaos of lockdowns and closures of schools
Fauci’s image as an anti-Trumpsters caused MSM and social media to dismiss any who opposed him as dangerous bannable fools
Sadly, the Reds’ may be incapable of staying on a winnable message of crime, inflation and open border and fentanyl
Their once Red tidal wave running up against the Dobbs decision wall may be killed
So Fauci may never have to before Congress justify his acts
As a retained Blue majority will without any doubt protect his back

© August 22, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, August 21, 2022

False Asylum Seekers Know That If They Can Cross Into the U.S. and Claim Asylum They Are Here For Good


One thing we have learned from the wave of illegals surging past record heights

Is that when learning how to scam our immigration system they learn fast and are quite bright
They have been taught the few words that mean they asylum seek
And once those words to a CBP agent they speak
They are here in this nation to stay
Until a hearing in a backlogged courtroom many, many years away
If they like so many of their fellow false asylum seekers fail to appear
The heavy hand of ICE searching for them or conducting sweeps they need not fear
Sanctuary cities and states will shower them with aid and gifts
Even while their own urban city residents are suffering and in short shrift
The DHS has in essence ignored and rewritten the law a power Congress is supposed to own
To provide that being an illegal in this nation does give us the right to deport and send them back to their home
The Red Wave that seems to be slipping away must be restored at all costs
If the Senate is not retaken and more leftist justices are confirmed this nation is lost
© August 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sanity in Kettle Moraine School District's Banning of BLM and Gay Pride and Other Political Slogans in Classrooms


School used to be a place where students first learned Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Today the 3 R’s pushed aside for Gender Identity, CRT and all manner of PC political rhetoric
Pledge of Alliance becoming a rarity and Project 1619 rewriting the our history books
Money spent not to teach but reveal our founders’ racist past so schools renamed and founders’ contributions overlooked
The Star Spangled Banner still flies but no longer alone
Gay Pride and Black Lives Matter flutter in the breeze to make us for our racism and intolerance atone
Finally in this wave of history rewrite and CRT
A school board in Wisconsin restores a bit of needed sanity
The Kettle Moraine School Board serving Waukesha County in Wisconsin
Has ruled Gay Pride, Black Lives Matter and political signs like Badge Support in classrooms don’t belong in
Watch the firestorm from the left quickly erupt
Banning anti racist messages or CRT is completely corrupt
Schools are the upcoming battleground where conservative parents need to put in skin
Attend school board meetings and enter in school board elections conservative candidate that will win
© August 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Robber of Jade Chocolates Teahouse and Café Beware Employees May Be Kung Fu Fighters


As violent crime surges in Blue run cities and defund the cops ideas still remain
Residents are coming to realization than a 911 call will not their safety maintain
Too many soft headed D.A.’s like Gascon and Bragg are letting thugs back onto the streets
Where to no one’s surprise they ignore probation restrictions and violent crimes repeat
San Francisco awash in feces and spent needles is becoming and unsafe place or visit or to work
A violent crime wave that has gone berserk
And if one happens to be of Asian descent
Assaults against them have gone up almost 600 percent
Finally Mindy Wong the owner of Jade Chocolates Teahouse and Café
Has said enough and Kung Fu lessons to employees are being taught if cops are delayed
Not sure what belt degree might be obtained
Or how much deadly force against employees will be restrained
By a surprise kick to the head or chest or chop to the throat or the nose
Unless carrying a gun or knife a wise robber or assaulter would not into this café go
A more effective response would be end of cashless bail
Quicker trials but violent criminals until trial stay in jail
Otherwise like the saloons of the Old West a scatter gun under every bar
With a chance an armed robbery will meet a 12 gauge blast only the most foolish thug would go that far
Citizen safety is a nonnegotiable government requirement
Any official and public employee not in accord out of office or work force be sent
© August 21, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Mom Leaving Kids in Locked Car on Hot Day To Shop in Walmart For 35 Minutes Lucky Good Sam Crawled Through Sun Roof To Remove Them Before They Died


As we appear to be in the midst of climate change with much hotter days
The rule against leaving pets and children in locked cars really needs to be obeyed
Parked in the sunlight even with windows partially open and the sunroof open too
The temperature inside the car will quickly become more like a barbecue
In Oklahoma City at a Walmart a woman parked her car in the Sun and went inside
Leaving 2 2 year olds strapped in car seats that she had with her for her ride
A heat wave day and the temperature inside quickly soared to deadly heights
Walmart security guard tried the door and burned his hand this scenario was not going to turn out right
The owner of the car was paged to return to her car but she dallied to check out
The tots now nonresponsive would soon lose their trying to stay alive in the heat bout
An unnamed Good Samaritan woman managed to crawl through the sun roof and remove the kids
Quickly put into an airconditioned security car with air on full cooling blast to heat prostration rid
Police were called and the mom lied she had been in the store for only minutes  5
Instead of getting down on her knees and thanking God her kids were still alive
35 minutes of time in Walmart the surveillance cameras confirmed
Don’t know if she was arrested but we hope the lesson of not leaving kids in a car has by her forever learned

© August 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Kitson, a Boutique Clothing Store in Beverly Hills Also Plagued by Smash and Grab, Will Not Let You Enter Wearing Even a COVID MaskI


Across the country the outrage over mask mandates increases with no hint it will subside
Much larger percentage of the population vaccinated and COVID-19 hospitalizations are receding like an outgoing tide
In the schools finally the Teachers’ Unions mask mandate iron grip
Is weakening and showing signs it is starting to slip
As more and more evidence surfaces that mask wearing is detrimental to a child’s growth of developmental mental skills
It should come as no surprise despite the need to hold on to power mask mandates are being killed
In the retail business sector awash in the wave of smash and grab lootings
Looters wearing masks identification by surveillance cameras is subject to refuting
In swank Beverly Hills where wealth to smash and grab has not been able to prevent
Kitson, a boutique clothing store there, the owner will not your entering wearing a mask consent
Unless you have made a prior appointment
To come and empty your wallet on the high prices you will have spent
© August 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

DHS Illegally Rewrites Immigration Law So Being Only Here illegally Is Not Grounds for Deportation--Impeach Mayorkas!


Our Southern Border is being swamped by a titanic tidal wave

Of illegals while our Blue Administration sits on its hands and does nothing to our safety save
Over a record number of encounters of over 2 million and the fiscal year is not yet through
If we are going to continue as a nation we must impeach Mayorkas and start severely reducing the number of reelected Blues
While we are facing record number of illegals ICE is facing the perfect storm
Arresting very few illegals and deporting only the smallest fraction of illegals is now the norm
A national emergency caused by Biden’s open border welcome mat
And edicts that reduce ICE to like a person playing baseball without a glove or bat
With liberal cities like Washington, D.C. and New York City receiving busloads of illegals from the Lone Star State
We hope the NIMBY’s there now feeling the pain of border communities will for securing the border no longer wait
May want to do the right thing and halt all asylum petitions until the wall is finished, more ICE and CBP agents are hired and trained and deportations in larger numbers resume
Illegals must get the message if you come here you will be turned back and if you evade capture and slip in we will find you and to deportation you will be doomed

Maybe just maybe if the border is truly secured and closed we can begin the process of determining how many immigrants with what skills we need
Who can support themselves for shelter, clothing, transportation and food to without assistance feed
And for those millions living in the shadows of deportation risks be granted work visas and fulfill however long it takes the steps legal migrants have to take
To be on a path to citizenship to have as citizens skin in the game of security and prosperity having a stake
© August 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


Tiffany Cross of MSNBC So Full Of Hate and Bias She Blows Dog Whistles of Violence Against Trump and Melania


At Tiffany’s only the best and most expensive jewelry is sold
Cheap inexpensive costume jewelry their show cases do not hold
But from the lips of MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross
For inflammatory and over the top rhetoric she’s never at a loss
She rails on Trump as being “Mango Mussolini” and “Velveeta Voldemort”
When it comes to decency and propriety hers comes up completely short
Mussolini and his mistress near the end of World War II in Northern Italy trying to Switzerland flee
Were caught, shot and hung up by their feet and bodies desecrated in Milan for all to see
 Easy to ignore the Velveeta Mortemort nickname
As only a fictional character with no real earthly shame
But Mussolini and Petacci were each a real live human person
Blowing the dog whistles of hate they like Trump and Melania deserved death our divisive national crisis only worsens
Cross is even worse than her fellow MSNBC leftist stooge Michael Beschloss
Who thinks Trump should be executed but the rule of law not tossed
Cross must be so full of hate or so stupid that she does not realize
You unleash the dogs of deadly violence against those you so viciously demonize
© August 20, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Friday, August 19, 2022

Woman Wiggles Out of Cuffs in Back of Deputy's SUV Gets Hands on AR-15 and Shoots and Wounds Deputy and a Civilian


In Grady County, Oklahoma sheriff’s deputies were sent to see if residents were well
Having no idea what their presence at the door knocking would foretell
Not sure what caused a ruckus that led to Rachel Zion Clay being cuffed and put in the back of their SUV
While on the dash cam Clay aped a Houdini and slipped out of the cuffs behind her back to go free
If it ended there it would be a lesson to make sure the cuffs were tight
So the person in them could not squirm out and take flight or try to fight
But the failed police procedures to spin into deadly disaster
Hands free Clay was somehow able to get her hands on an AR-15 to quickly learn how to load it and then shoot it master
Shot out of the window to hit a civilian in the chest and graze a deputy’s head
Fortunately the civilian and the deputy will not end up dead
Why an AR-15 was reachable by a prisoner in the back or a police SUV
Leading to a situation of an armed escapee
Boggles the mind
Calling for procedures that would make this event one of a kind
Not in New York City
To benefit from Bragg’s pity
Clay charged with attempted murder now in jail
Until trial due to 1 million dollar bail
©  August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Hailey Davidson Trying to Become First Transgender LPGA Playing Member


Hailey Davidson a biological male after hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery
Designed for her to now appear as a female and pass as such even by examination less than cursory
Is now playing in the first round qualification tournament to begin the process to obtain a LPGA playing card
She shot a 70 in the first round and 76 in the second and must score less than 88 which should not be too hard
She would then qualify for the Epson Tour
The top 100 females would qualify for stage 2 enroute to leaving the ranks of the golfing poor
No guarantee she will do well enough to be able to in the LPGA
To be able to join the ranks of some 1600 women who for $86 million in purses play LPGA before its time held that in 2010 a female not born as a woman can still compete
But requiring gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment
To avoid males that merely identify as woman but their male tools still present
Which should avoid the Lia Thomas circus repeat
Surgery is no easy deal
Her status as a woman she must adhere to with great zeal
© August 19, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Parents and Alums Outrage Caused Harpeth Hall to Pause Its Proposed Admissions Change to Have Allowed Males Who Identify As Females ApplywsueDu


Harpeth Hall a pricey elite all-girls school in Tennessee was in the news
When to further its “diversity goals” it announced a change it would quickly rue
Now admission would be open to any male who identifies as a female
The criticism was almost immediate with the force of a huge storm hail
The proposal was not shelved only paused
Which unless alums and parents remain vigilant despite its flaws
It may be reinstated despite all manner of parental objection
Parents are stepping up the ante and demanding those who proposed should be subject to employment rejection
Schools like so many of our institutions once cherished and revered
Have a never ending onslaught of Woke policies and demands on their campuses appear
We are spending already so much money in our urban school for what our students will earn
Increasing percentage of dropouts and a degree despite lacking reading, writing and math skills they failed to learn
Instead of listening to the teachers’ union tyrants pushing a Woke agenda while more money demanded
We should be allowing school choice, school vouchers and charter schools to be expanded
The unions with shutdown mandates have 2 years of education of our kids killed
And yet they blind believe parents and students should accede to their demands still
© August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

52 Year Old in NYC Sucker Punched Suffering Broken Skull and Jaw and Brain Bleed by a Homeless Felon Whose Murder Charge Dropped to Assault and Freed on Cashless Bail dwhoFelon, bring ye


Concern for victims safety in the Big Apple clearly lags
In another example of why New Yorkers must rid the city of D.A. Alvin Bragg
A homeless man Bui Van Phu without warning from behind knocked a 56 year old to the pavement
With a broken skull and jaw and brain bleed to the hospital sent
Phu was arrested and off to jail charged with attempted murder he went
Only to be quickly released without bail when the D.A.’s of the murder charge chose to relent
Downgraded this brutal attack to assault in the third degree
Why this felon with an extensive criminal record walked free
On supervised probation which further criminal activity most likely prevent
Which is why voters in NYV suffering from crime must vote to have Lee Zeldin to Albany sent
He is campaigning to replace Governor Hochul who was elevated to the office when Cuomo resigned in disgrace
Zeldin has made it crystal clear on his first day in office D.A. he will replace
No matter how good and how thick the NYPD Thin Blue Line becomes
Crime will thrive and citizen safety dive if D.A.’s like Bragg are not of out of office drummed

© August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Magistrate Rules Affidavits Justifying Warrants to Be Released Subject to a Hearing on What Redactions If Any Will Be Permittedwig i


The magistrate who issued the warrant authorizing the search of Trump’s Mar-a Lago estate
Has ruled that the DOJ has failed to in its motion to sealing the affidavits seeking the warrant validate
It will have to produce the redactions by August 25 it proposes to make
In the interests of transparency and the threat to a fair midterms for our sake
The redactions the magistrate will allow should be very few and very limited
As more and more our once vaunted objective FBI has politicization permitted
Our democracy warned long ago by our founding fathers to be a condition frail
Will come to an end if preventing a politicization of our FBI and DOJ we fail
It is already under assault by the months long show trial masquerading as an investigation
When more and more with Pelosi picking all its members looks like its only mission to send Trump and Reds into political damnation
An October surprise early to help Blues retain control
Especially in the Senate so a senile Biden can add to liberal judges roll
Magistrate Reinhart in ruling what should be redacted must carefully tread
To ensure any hint of anti-Trump bias in ruling is clearly shed
Despite however the warrant was a breach of normal subpoena path
We hope that the affidavits justified probable cause finding to tone down any wrath

© August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Much Less Cack at Cack News Network as Brian Stelter and "Reliable Sources" Fired Effective This Sunday


Finally the stench emanating from CNN today was a lot less
Humpty-Dumpty or Tater along with his “Reliable Sources” mess
This Sunday, August 21st will the last time Brian Stelter is on the air
No longer will the scant number of viewers be able to his anti-Trump rants share
This leftist “journalist” came from the leftist New York Times
To become Zucker’s lap dog and guilty of all manner of “Fake News” crimes
The master of “Fake News” by omission
Anything favorable to Reds victim to the cutting floor mission
Anything pro Blue embellished and moved to the top
With effusive praise and accolades that would not stop
Anything unfavorable to Reds to be enhanced and airtime plastered
Why he was a total “Fake News” master
His leftist base must have love his dog whistles of for conservatives vicious hate
His base for the anti-Trump ad hominem attacks he seemed unable to sate
His protector Zucker with the impending Warner merger was forced to retire
With Stelter’s ratings falling off the charts it would be when not if he would be fired
Suspense now over and after Sunday and from CNN obligatory merit accolades
He and sadly his “Reliable Sources” staff will join the unemployment parade
This damaged goods advocacy journalist in News Nation might find a home to Reds continue to bash
Assuming after signing up disgraced Chris Cuomo to a multi-million dollar deal, they are left with any cash

© August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

A Vengeful Chaney Vowing to Prevent Trump By Any Means From Being Reelected Cannot Remain on the 1/6 Committee


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
May be replaced by Hell hath no fury like a Liz Chaney by a landslide from her seat shorn
Before her rabid anti-Trump campaign band wagon she jumped on to choose
Should have listened to dad-“ Principle is OK up to a certain point, but principle doesn't do any good if you lose."
Now Liz has thrown out the martyr claim
She would have won if she the stolen 2020 election had maintained
Instead she vowed she put the Constitution above party and voted to impeach
Willingly accepted Pelosi’s appointment to 1/6 Committee supposedly to investigate the protestors’ Capitol breach
A show trial not an investigation from the very start
When Pelosi stripped the Minority Leader’s rights to pick serving Reds to impart
Following her landslide loss Liz has made this solemn vow
She will avenge her loss by any means to Trump being re-elected not allow
The thirst for vengeance will any objectivity  and rationality totally shred
Will gut her emotions and make her a very unliked and miserable person instead
With her solemn vow on the 1/6 Committee she should no longer be permitted to serve
If Pelosi had any integrity a vengeful Liz Chaney she would remove as her staying would it greatly disserve
Sadly integrity Pelosi has naught
Losing any chance of objectivity the Committee should have sought
© August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Fetterman In His Hoodie Looks Like One of the Felons He Was To Release Early


Fetterman recovering from a stroke for PA Senator looks like he needs to recover more
Speech and movement seems like they need more time to completely restore
Campaigning in a hoodie with a tattooed numbered arm
He looks like one of the felons he wants release and bring us harm
Cities like Philadelphia are awash in violent crime
To often arrested in the morning but not prosecuted or released on cashless bail before same day dinner time
What member of an Pennsylvania urban city Blue Line will want to risk his life to see the convicted due to Fetterman to early go free
Not to try out the benefits of old age on a rocker but be back action to see the same person better prison trained to commit a crime spree
A resurfaced tape that represents the dangers of past inanities candidates cannot escape
Shows Fetterman arguing for the release of the mythical nonviolent ones instead of the majority who will assault, murder and rape
Until rehabilitation works to become more than a feel good social myth
We need to reject candidates who will not early release do away with
© August 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Halt All Asylum Until Immigration Court Backlog Is Reduced To Number of Illegals CBP Can Hold At the Border


Our border is wide open awash in a wave of economic “asylum” seekers
Side by side with a wave of deadly drugs like cartel fentanyl and meth for tweekers
Our immigration courts have backlogs of mostly false claims that stretch into years
With far too many illegals despite notices fail to appear
Biden has totally handicapped ICE’s ability to find and illlegals deport
Only the most heinous run the risk of having their illegal stay here cut short
The message across the world is simple step foot on U.S. land, claim asylum and you win
There is next to zero chance that you will ever be forced to leave the land you are now in
You will be able to find a sanctuary city to find work under the table, health care, food, shelter, and assistance even a license to drive
Will be easy for you pay back the cartels the money owed and even send money back home to help parents and family survive
Follow the law and from your homeland apply and wait many, many years
No guarantee that the issuance of a visa on your doorstep will appear
Only a fool would follow the law until the border is secure and ICE sweeps would occur each day
A suggestion to enable Reds and Blues try to bring compromise into play
Halt all asylum until the backlog is reduced to the number the CBP can at the border confine
Complete the wall with all due haste and bring more CBP agents to the border line
Every illegal caught crossing is sent back across the Rio Grande
Authorize especially in sanctuary cities ICE sweeps across the land
When the word gets out an illegal’s stay here will be very short
Will we be able to the tidal wave of illegals try to abort

© August 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Finally Some Sanity In the Swamp To Correct A Major Mistake in Cancelling Massive Amounts of Oil and Gas Leases


Biden may be cognitively shot
But some of his puppeteers are not
With large swaths of oil and gas leasing on federal lands facing regulatory demise
The misnamed Inflation Reduction Act needed compromise
Picked up Manchin after earlier having picked up Sinema to crawl across the finish line
To revert to the past where compromise not suicidal ideology politics was defined
Leases for oil and gas cancelled and in regulatory and litigation limbo land
81 million acres now back online to be explored and fossil fuel shortages to withstand
Going forward new renewable energy leases are to go hand in hand with leases for fossil fuels
Finally some sanity in the Green New Dealers that for a bridge to zero carbon we need those tools
Without we will be stranded on a blackout and brown out pier
Awash in waves of depression and famine that we should fear
Picking off Sinema was easier as it only involved scrapping taxing the carried interest provisions in the bill
Too complicated for the Green New Dealers who chose not to charge up that hill
Climate change warriors are silent over the fossil fuel leases as they should be
Some $350 billion is not chump change for their climate change goody bag spending spree

© August 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Liz Cheney Removed from Office by Margins of Almost 38%


Liz Cheney who had previously won her district with votes totaling 70 percent
Was sent packing in the Red primary by the voters by a margin of almost 38%
Immediate blamed her loss for standing up to Trump and her service on the 1/6 Committee
Which had nothing to do with investigating the cause of the events but instead a Stalinesque show trial to see
Became fixated with an obsession to abolish Trump forever from the political scene
From acting in the best interests of her District was quickly weaned
Quickly infected with a case of Hillaryitis and could not to herself assign blame
Claimed she was the defender of the Constitution in her acts and in name
A trial balloon of a presidential run in a new party to be formed
Seems a forlorn rant of delusional mind deformed
Comparing herself to Lincoln who lost a Congressional race
Who went to become one of the best presidents we have ever had in place
Eva could have a Broadway hit and sing “Do not cry for me Argentina, my promises were kept”
For Liz a dirge “Cry for me Wyoming, my promises were made for me easy to forget”

© August 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Mar-a-Lago Raid Is an "October Suprise" Several Weeks Too Soon


It is fair to believe that the Mar-a-Lago warrant execution raid
So close to the midterms and Trump’s notice he will run will not many Americans dissuade
That it was a politically premature “October surprise”
To deal the Reds seeking to regain the Congress an unwelcome demise
And worse the equivalent of a Banana “Republic” dictator lining his opponent against a wall
Instead of bullets the myth of misuse of classified information to Trump’s reelection in its tracks stall
This nation’s survival as a democracy is now sliding down a very slippery slope
With the DOJ and FBI politicized to act against a presumed candidate like a hangman’s rope
Box after box in over nine hours taken away
Including privileged attorney client communications our feds chose not to obey
The DOJ is digging in its heels
Refuses to release the affidavits needed to probable cause reveal
A minor point but icing on this unprecedented judicial overreach cake
Is that either in error or belief of flight risk Trump’s passports they did take
To Trump’s credit he is urging calm and turning the anger
While the Blues and MSM ranting about “white suprematcists” are looking like clowns

© August 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

FBI Demand the Surveillance Cameras Be Turned Off Which Demand Was Refused

“Democracy Dies in Darkness” the masthead of the NYT proclaims
Without light so hard to the forces of tyranny see and tame
But democracy also faces death when filming the acts of the FBI
The agents demand the cameras be turned off so illegal behavior easier to deny
The warrant execution in Mar-a-Lago was like a smash and grab
Without the smash but everything in sight nabbed
And anything behind locked doors opened with keys
Along with a cracked open safe to be quickly seized
Trump supporters on turning off the surveillance refused to comply
The public will be able to see in action their once respected FBI
Swalwell ranting that if tapes not released of something Trump guilty be
Seeing the agents rummaging through Melania’s nightgowns hopefully not sniffing will be something to see
What Reds like to call a raid will be a lightning rod for Blues and Reds
As we head down a path where all civility and compromise has been shed

© August 16, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Monday, August 15, 2022

3 Trump Passports, 1 Expired, Seized Raising Question Will the DOJ Try To Keep Claiming Trump About To Be Arrested Is Flight Risk?


We now find that among the boxes and items from the raid carted away
Were three Trump passports, one expired, which if not returned Trump in the U.S. will have to stay
A judge after an arrested person has posted bail will require as a condition the person turns over his passport
To a potential flight from the country to escape trial abort
Doubt if the FBI has that power since possessing a passport in not a crime
If the FBI slow walks Trump’s demand for return an indication that forthcoming criminal charges are only a question of time
The fact that the DOJ is refusing to release the affidavits used to prove probable cause
Is another indication that the DOJ may be under pressure by Biden to find a provable violation of the law
We are treading down a very slippery path looking more and more it is strewn with banana peels
Instead of being a true Banana Republic that deposed leaders face a firing squad here we only a chance to run again repeal
We should be frightened for our republic to its very core
As Blues not satisfied with Biden’s being just an Obama third term  want at least 1 more

© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Gascom Dodges the Recall Bullet Again as almost 200,000 Signatures Are Thrown Out


The felons, soon to be felons, and minor criminals in L.A. County are jumping for joy
The backers for a recall of George Gascon evidently failed to get enough valid signatures for a recall election to employ
The backers needed 566,877 valid signatures of L.A. County voters but to their dismay
Only 520,050 of those submitted were valid and the other 195,783 were not okay
Gascon turned the justice system into a failed revolving door
Criminals are either not prosecuted or set free without bail to commit crimes some more
L.A. is beginning to ape Chicago, New York and Philadelphia in deadly crime waves
With growing number of innocents being sent too early to urns or graves
Residents and visitors to L.A. County will have to wait until November 2024
Until they will have a chance to vote him out and try to their safety restore
Having dodged the recall bullet twice
Gascon will be emboldened to push his soft on crime vice
Until December 1, 2024 how many will pay the ultimate price?
How many will rush to arm themselves so safety in their homes, businesses and in public they will not have to sacrifice?
A third recall attempt may be the charm
But recall effort burnout will mean Gascon will not face any recall harm

© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Restaurant Owner Tackles Thug Who Robbed a Senior Patron Of Wallet and Phone and Tried to Flee


We all know that a good man with a gun
Can stop an evil man with one
And a restaurant owner when an elderly patron is robbed
Quickly ads the title of Good Samaritan to his job
An senior patron at Tim Ratcliff’s restaurant was suckered punched
By a thug while he with his small dog was having lunch
His phone and wallet taken and the thug tried to flee
Made it to the sidewalk before tackled by Tim who on his back would not let him get free
One of his servers joined in to recover the wallet and phone
Then helped Tim by standing on the thug’s ankle bones
All caught on camera showing not a moment of delay
Before Tim Ratcliff jumped into the fray
Since this occurred in Gascon’s Hollywood in L.A.
We hoped this thug is not released later or the next day
With cashless bail to on more victims to prey
Another example why this inept D.A.
And in the recall needs to from his office be sent away
© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Nothing Like a Close Election to Bring Some Sanity to Blue Governor Murphy's Acts

 Governor Murphy became the first Blue in 4 decades to win reelection for a second term
With a razor thin margin, the folly of some Blue positions he must have learned
Ran on a pledge not to raise taxes in one of the highest taxed states
Wise move as high income resident tired of taxing authorities they cannot sate|
Are voting with their feet and moving out
Where tax rates do an income earners ability to save not rout
Even wiser was his executive order ending vaccine mandates
For government contractors, teachers, students, state workers and  nonpublic health care  workers in the state
In a bow to the teachers unions powers to state government control
School districts may adopt vaccine  mandates for those who work there or are enrolled
The nation is suffering from a decreasing worker participation rate
Impacting the amount of goods we produce and causing prices to inflate
Great first steps for a Blue Governor in a deep Blue state
The next one should be for him to the teaching of CRT and gender identity abate

©  August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Wray's FBI Gulfstream 550 Flight to His Vacation Home Trumps Need to Stay 21 More Minutes For Oversight and Cost Thousands More to Operate


With federal spending in the trillions in addition to waste and fraud
Too many of our executive public servants think the government pick up the tab for personal expenses is allowed
Case in point is the use of agency jets
When the existence of commercial travel is available they are prone to forget
Christopher Wray was flying the FBI’s Gulfstream 550 to his vacation home site
Abruptly terminated his appearance before the Senate to not miss his flight
Since he was probably the only one on the plane could have easily another 21 minutes stayed
But now as the director of the FBI vacation time trumped oversight and could not be delayed
Government planes for other than official business are not to be for personal use
Unless no commercial flights are available or would cost more or the perk would subject to abuse
And in a weak attempt to diminish raids on the federal purse
The user is supposed to the cost of the flight the Treasury reimburse
Past FBI directors have paid back the costs of a commercial flight which would be a fraction of the cost
Of a Gulfstream 550 which does not include the chance to cut back on carbon emissions lost
Time to tell us Director Wray
For your vacation jaunts how much to the Treasury did you pay?
© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

School Boards Continue to Wage War Against Parents Protesting Mask Mandates, Viral Learning and Teaching CRT


The Rochester School Board in Michigan must be oblivious to the growing parental rage
That is growing across the nation as school boards a war on classroom learning wage
Coupled with mask mandates in elementary schools
That are not an effective COVID fighting tool
Emboldened by the DOJ’s pronouncements that parents are domestic terrorists for protesting the teaching of CRT
It retaliated against a parent who argued mask mandates should be history
By having a deputy district superintendent call the parent’s employer to complain
That the parent’s comments were dangerous from making them she did not refrain
The employer then quickly discharged her lying to her that her position was no longer to be filled
Only to then post on social media that the employer needed to hire someone with the discharged parent’s duties and skills
The discharged mom sued the district and the district settled for 190 grand
A shame the number was not ten times more to bring an end to the assault of concerned parents’ free speech waged across this land
The settlement evidently did not teach a lesson to the school board
As the deputy received a 3 year renewal of her contract as a reward
The only way tyrants waging war against parents will proper behavior learn
Is for concerned parents to run against them so to their tyranny they are not returned
© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

No Transparency Affidavits Used to Validate Search Warrant of Mar-a-Lago Not Released As Attorney Client Privilege May Have Been Shreddedpr


Merrick Garland has probably the straightest face in town
Touting that all are equal in the eyes of the law after the raid on Mar-a-Lago went down
A summary of what was seized, and a copy of the warrant was released to the press
But the release of the affidavits justifying probable cause have been suppressed
The agents seized boxes of what probably are privileged attorney client communications
If so the raid represents a breach of our cherished and vital rule of law foundations
The DOJ appears to be resisting any attempt to have a special master to rule whether the documents fall within the privilege
Which is the normal and cherished procedure when the attorney client protection is alleged
With the lies upon the FISA Court based of the false Steele dossier to surveillance obtain
Many believe that the former reputation for integrity of the FBI and the DOJ has been flushed down the drain
A compelling reason why the affidavits should be released
And any objections of the DOJ to the appointment of a special master should cease
If the narrative that is growing that the raid was really a fishing expedition for the 1/6 Committee to prevent Trump from running in 2024
Is not met with credible facts that it was designed only to protect classified information the DOJ and FBI will find it next to impossible to any shred of credibility to restore

© August 15, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Rookie Matt Azaiza Punting from His 5 Yard Line Kicks the Ball Into the End Zone For a Net 62 Yard Touchback


Preseason football has started with in the early games the starter stars are on the sidelines on the benches
While the rookies and draft picks are fighting to see whom a spot on the rooster clenches
A lot of penalties, missed holes, dropped passes, missed blocks and broken plays
All part of the difficulties in transferring from the college game to the pro game complexities to display
Occasionally but rarely the fans see a play that totally will amaze
Leave the fans almost in a total daze
Buffalo Bills rookie Matt Araiza is competing with veteran Matt Haack for the punter’s position on the team
A Bills’ drive stalled on their 18 and Bills were forced to punt giving their opponents great field position it would seem
Araiza launched rocket from his five
That force of gravity would defy
95 yards into the endzone and more for a touchback
For an incredible net 62 yards distance
Forcing their opponent to achieve a touchdown face 80 yards of resistance
The veteran had to also punt once and he achieved a paltry 38 yards
The coaches decision as to whom is the starting punter should not be very hard

© August 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet