Wednesday, August 10, 2022

L.A. City Council Votes $216,000 For More Police in Hollywood But Should Pass Vote of No Confidence on George Gascon


Finally, and belatedly the light bulbs have in the L.A. City Council been turned on
The fact that violent crime is out of control on the members has finally dawned
Hollywood has seen a 75 percent increase in homicides
Shootings up 35 percent and no sign they will subside
Robbery and theft up 20 and 25 percent
It was clear to the City Council that more cops to the streets must be sent
By a rarity in the era of defunding the cops a unanimous vote
$216,000 for more police to Hollywood devote
Not sure how many more hours that buys
Probably only three or four at most officers on whom Hollywood can rely
A drop in the bucket but a least a start
Here's a suggestion that will make the City Council look really smart
It’s not only the number of cops needed on the streets
It's also how quickly they are released pending trial so their crimes they can repeat
Under George Gascon and his no cash bail even for the most heinous crimes
Too many felons are arrested during the day and released before or just after dinner time
The City Council should support the Gascon recall
A Vote of No Confidence would help to insure this failure is history this fall
Might also be a warning to Rep Bass who leads in the polls to become mayor
That a policy of cashless bail and no strike enhancements it does not share

© 8/10/2022 The Alaskanpoet

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