Sunday, August 14, 2022

Merrick Garland to End Speculation Must Produce the Affidavits Justifying the Raid and Return Immediately Attorney Client Material Also Taken


Merrick Garland evidently is still in payback mode once more
Outraged that a Republican controlled Senate wouldn’t bring his nomination to SCOTUS to the Senate floor
Now against Reds and especially against Trump he can inflict as AG his wrath
Dragging Lady Justice from her Justice is blind traditionally honored path
He authorized the raid to the warrant execute on Mar-a-Lago on Monday
Swore he would not tolerate attacks on integrity of FBI and the DOJ
We know the number of boxes taken and that Trump’s lawyers were not allowed to observe the raid
But we are still waiting to see the affidavits filed with the court to see if the magistrate was improperly swayed
And wonder if the material supposedly found was so much of a threat to national security that the DOJ waited so long
And why a different standard than faced by HRC and the classified material on her private server probably hacked is not wrong
Trump has stated there was no classified material in Mar-a-Lago in boxes under lock and key
And claims the raid was for the sole purpose of trying to prevent him in 2024 from being the Republican nominee
Garland now has no qualms on approving the raid
Though he must know the reputation for integrity and objectivity of the FBI and DOJ it would degrade
A far different Garland when as an DOJ lawyer he was heading up the Unabomber case
And refused to recommend the search warrant that led to into prison for life him place
Maybe he matured in his views on how to domestic terrorism fight
Or maybe still seeking revenge for his SCOTUS nomination slight
© August 14, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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