Saturday, August 6, 2022

6 Killed Including Child and 8 Month Pregnant Woman When Nurse in a Mercedes Runs a Red Light At 80+ Mph


In the City of Angels, on Thursday the angels had left their halos at home
As a nurse in her 40’s in a speeding Mercedes turned an intersection into a flaming combat zone
At speeds near or over 80 she ran a redlight and into cars crashed
Several burst into flames as if bombs had the intersection thoroughly bashed
6 people were killed including a baby who was ejected from the car
Including also a pregnant lady 8 months pregnant whose fetus to this death had no bar
8 people including the driver hospitalized conditions unknown
All due to a speeding Mercedes driven by a nurse through a red light blown
Mercedes are well built to a crash even at high speeds to withstand
The nurse survived and if she underwent surgery she will have a handcuff on wrist of one hand
The other firmly attached to the bed rail
Her calling to save lives sadly on that day failed
For her own sake facing many years
And the deaths and injuries to innocents in her conscience seared
We  hope that her accelerator suddenly jammed or a seizure caused her foot to press to the floor
And also hope that the idea of not driving after drinking she did not ignore
Whatever her reason she will be in a world of emotional hurt
Doubt while in prison to atone for her crimes she’ll be able in the prison med ward be able to her nursing skills assert
© August 6, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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