Tuesday, August 9, 2022

First Fears Putin's Invasion Would Impact Barley Supplies For Beer Now Shortage of CO2 To Raise the Costs of Suds


We seemed to be awash in far too much stress
Each day our lives face more never less
From the COVID-19 virus and its variants that remain unwarranted guests
Despite vaccines and boosters still with us but the deaths somewhat in arrest
Like a hole in the head a new epidemic known as Monkey pox has appeared
Not as contagious as COVID but mayor pox marks that one should fear
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has put at risk a large amount of the world’s barley and wheat
Raising fears that in poorer countries in Africa there will not be enough food to eat
Closer at home barley is a crucial ingredient in the brewing of beer
A shortage of which to drink should cause great fear
In the U.S. brewers have suffered another hit to their brewing supplies
Hard to believe but there is a shortage of CO2 on which to remove the air and create the foam they rely
Without it the keg beer goes flat and loses some of its flavor
Depriving those who eschew the bottle and prefer the tap to savor
Prices for CO2 are going off the charts
Leaving beer consumers fearing higher prices and bars from happy hours having to depart

© August 9, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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