Thursday, August 18, 2022

Much Less Cack at Cack News Network as Brian Stelter and "Reliable Sources" Fired Effective This Sunday


Finally the stench emanating from CNN today was a lot less
Humpty-Dumpty or Tater along with his “Reliable Sources” mess
This Sunday, August 21st will the last time Brian Stelter is on the air
No longer will the scant number of viewers be able to his anti-Trump rants share
This leftist “journalist” came from the leftist New York Times
To become Zucker’s lap dog and guilty of all manner of “Fake News” crimes
The master of “Fake News” by omission
Anything favorable to Reds victim to the cutting floor mission
Anything pro Blue embellished and moved to the top
With effusive praise and accolades that would not stop
Anything unfavorable to Reds to be enhanced and airtime plastered
Why he was a total “Fake News” master
His leftist base must have love his dog whistles of for conservatives vicious hate
His base for the anti-Trump ad hominem attacks he seemed unable to sate
His protector Zucker with the impending Warner merger was forced to retire
With Stelter’s ratings falling off the charts it would be when not if he would be fired
Suspense now over and after Sunday and from CNN obligatory merit accolades
He and sadly his “Reliable Sources” staff will join the unemployment parade
This damaged goods advocacy journalist in News Nation might find a home to Reds continue to bash
Assuming after signing up disgraced Chris Cuomo to a multi-million dollar deal, they are left with any cash

© August 18, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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