Thursday, August 4, 2022

De Santis Bombshell Is That He Fired Leftist State Attorney Andrew Warren For Failing to Enforce Child Sex Change and Abortion Restrictions

De Santis’ Office had tweeted yesterday he would make an announcement that would cause leftist meltdown
Many had speculated that he would be announcing his intention to run for the Oval Office in Swamp town
Florida has a provision for recall of elected officials but rarely used
But the governor can if he feels an elected state attorney his prosecutorial discretion has abused
State attorney Andrew Warren, a progressive in the likes of Gascon backed by George Soros, has refused to enforce child sex change and abortion restriction laws
His attempts in essence to by failing to prosecute violations of such laws assuming a governor’s veto power was the last straw
Consistent with Florida law De Santis removed him today
Like a true leftist caught ignoring laws as not meant for him do not be surprised if he refuses to obey
If so, he should be forcibly from his office removed
Right thing to do but the coming over the top leftist anger will not be soothed
Soros is on a mission to our system of justice change to meet his ideals
To focus less on punishment and incarceration and more on rehabilitation to the felon heal
The victims’ safety and suffering are not taken into account
Little surprise in cities with Soros backed D.A.’s crime continues to mount

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