Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Halt All Asylum Until Immigration Court Backlog Is Reduced To Number of Illegals CBP Can Hold At the Border


Our border is wide open awash in a wave of economic “asylum” seekers
Side by side with a wave of deadly drugs like cartel fentanyl and meth for tweekers
Our immigration courts have backlogs of mostly false claims that stretch into years
With far too many illegals despite notices fail to appear
Biden has totally handicapped ICE’s ability to find and illlegals deport
Only the most heinous run the risk of having their illegal stay here cut short
The message across the world is simple step foot on U.S. land, claim asylum and you win
There is next to zero chance that you will ever be forced to leave the land you are now in
You will be able to find a sanctuary city to find work under the table, health care, food, shelter, and assistance even a license to drive
Will be easy for you pay back the cartels the money owed and even send money back home to help parents and family survive
Follow the law and from your homeland apply and wait many, many years
No guarantee that the issuance of a visa on your doorstep will appear
Only a fool would follow the law until the border is secure and ICE sweeps would occur each day
A suggestion to enable Reds and Blues try to bring compromise into play
Halt all asylum until the backlog is reduced to the number the CBP can at the border confine
Complete the wall with all due haste and bring more CBP agents to the border line
Every illegal caught crossing is sent back across the Rio Grande
Authorize especially in sanctuary cities ICE sweeps across the land
When the word gets out an illegal’s stay here will be very short
Will we be able to the tidal wave of illegals try to abort

© August 17, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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